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Alteplase (t-PA) is a thrombolytic medication, used to treat acute ST elevation myocardial infarction (a type of heart attacks), pulmonary embolism associated with low blood pressure, acute ischemic stroke, and blocked central venous access devices (CVAD). It is given by injection into a vein or artery.Common side effects are bleeding including intracranial bleeding and GI bleeding. Other side eff


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Temporary Employee (Current Employee) says


Responsable d'équipe de production (Former Employee) says

"Belle entreprise de l'extérieur mais horrible de l'intérieur Cons: Rh, direction, conditions de travail"

Medical Sales Representative Respiratory und Diabetes (Former Employee) says

"In meiner 25 jährigen laufbahn einer der schlechtesten pharmafirmen auf dem markt. Bei boehringer weiss die linke hand nicht was die rechte macht und es werden aeltere leute ohne skrupell auf die strasse gestellt. Boehringer ist wirklich nicht zu empfehlen."

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"i did not enjoy my time at BI. It was a bad environment to work in. The customers were not the priority. The out of stock situation was difficult to manage. The culture was very poor."

Visitador medico (Former Employee) says

"Te utilizan hasta que no.les sirves Cons: Todos"

Quality (Former Employee) says

"Upper management, and HR are the reason the culture is so toxic. It's every man for themselves and if you want to succeed you must keep your head down, mouth shut and eyes wide open for the knife that's coming towards your back. Compensation and promotions are non existent unless you "play the game" because hard work is ignored. Fremont plant is literally the most disturbing culture you will ever experience. Avoid this company at all costs. They continue to burn employees over and over and over again while HR does absolutely nothing. Trust me, it's not worth the headache. Go somewhere else and go FAST!!!!"

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"BI did not own my company during my employment dates. I can not answer any questions regarding a new acquisition that I was not part of in regards to compensation, management, workplace culture etc"

Medical Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke. They do like it when you think outside the box - if you do you get punished. The company works in silos and you are not allowed to step outside yours. They refuse to give you a job description but expect you to know your job. They spend way too much time on spreadsheets and color coding them. Everything you do is scrutinized but you never hear about issues until long after you had them. Management takes themselves way too seriously and like to feel important by constantly picking on every little thing you do. If you don't do things exactly the way the manager wants them done, then you get written up. They are working on clinical trials that are not showing any promise and continue to pour money into them. Very poor business decisions - no one wants to hear that a drug isn't working. Don't waste your time because you'll do nothing right in the company's eyes. Cons: Everything else"

Pharmaceutical Representative (Former Employee) says

"backstabbing management....................Men's Club push people out and will not interview other people within!!! Cons: money"

Direction Médicale (Former Employee) says

"Tout d'abord il faut comprendre que Boehringer-Ingelheim au Maroc dépend du bureau Maghreb en Algérie, ce qui fait que toutes les fonctions support supérieurs se trouvent à Alger, RH, Direction Médicale, Direction Marketing, Finances etc... Cons: Climat très tendu au sein de l'entreprise, manque de coopération et de partage d'information, gestion des plannings catastrophique"

Temporary Position, Mindlance Agency (Former Employee) says

"No Comment, temp for year. Was treated like an outcast. Many layoffs no job security. Manager made issues personal did not respect privacy of her employees." maquina (contrato) says

"Trabalhava em rotina de produçao em controlar peso minimo medio maximo,verificaçao da data de fabricaçao e validade,aprendir a sempre obs:o prazo de validade de um remedio ou produto qualquer,a gerencia era bastate rigida,os colegas trabalhavamos em equipe,o dificil era o retrabalho,e a parte agradavel era quando terminava o lote e tinha atigido a meta do dia. Cons: por ser um contrato nao tinha convernio medico"

Primary care sales rep (Current Employee) says

"Worst pharma company ever!! Stay away, they are doomed when pradaxa gets pulled from the market!! Cons: everything"

Field Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Lowest paid in pharma- terrible management in place- unrealistic goals in place for sales reps. You never quite know how you are doing since the reports are terrible so when bonus time comes it's a guessing game. They are completely unaware of what the life of a rep entails and they fire people at the drop of a hat. They hire managers with very little experience and don't have checks and balances to monitor how they treat employees. HORRIBLE company!"

Representante de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Cuando era MERIAL DE MEXICO era muy bueno pero cuando se convirtió el BI del asco Malos líderes nunca se llegaba al objetivo por qué no había producto o por qué la cuota era muy alta y aparte eran puros productos de pulgas y garrapatas siempre lo mismo de todo pero con nombres diferentes mucha gente muy descortés con mucho ego , poca humildad, Y aparte no recibimos compasiones como por 8 meses algunos por un año no les recomiendo trabajar.pesimos gerentes"

Technicien de maintenance industrielle (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise où le savoir vivre n'existe pas, le travail est intéressant mais pas les 3/4 employés..."

Clinical Educator (Former Employee) says

"This company is lacking in so many ways. Since day 1 I have see. Unethical practice from reps and leadership and company lacks integrity from top to bottom. Cons: Unethical - lack of integrity"

Master lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"The organization is very well established. This is your typical corporate environment in which favoritism and politics determine advancement. I gave the company 8 years of my life only to be terminated unfairly. My skill set was never really embraced or was given an opportunity to advance. If you're looking for a dead end job then this is the right fit. A very unethical environment in the tissue culture department. Cons: Colleges, Hr and corporate HR. Pay"

Quality Assurance Technician (Former Employee) says

"After any holiday they tried to catch up by overtime and extra work days through the holidays. the bosses picked favorites and their favorites could do almost anything they wanted Cons: Management politics, HR would side with management and wouldn't listen to employees about harassment"

Primary Care Representative II, Washington, DC (Former Employee) says

"I’m the span of four years, I had three different managers. The last two managers were new managers with no experience. They both lacked leadership skills and made racist comments. As a result, field rides were difficult due to their behavior.. Overall, the work culture was awful. There is no diversity and inclusion. In addition, the compensation was not good for a tenured representative. Cons: Management, Racism"