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Dulux is an internationally available brand of architectural paint. The brand name Dulux has been used by both Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and DuPont since 1931 and was one of the first alkyd-based paints. It is produced by AkzoNobel (originally produced by ICI prior to 2008) although the United States markets are now served by PPG Industries.

Steve mentioned, "Do not specify or install Dulux Acratex, it's unstable. We too have a problem with the same colour being installed by the same installer at different times looking substantially different. The two colours in the picture are the same Dulux Acratex formula.

The written response from Dulux was that the initial render got darker due to "Atmospheric Weather" which is opposite to their publications which say that render will fade over time and their data sheet claiming it has excellent resistance to weathering and atmospheric chemicals.

This is either a lame excuse to walk away knowing how difficult it is to pursue them, or an admission that the claims in the Dulux Acratex documentation are deceptive or misleading, and that the product that they promote as an exterior coating is unstable in the weather.

We also have cracks which because of this cannot be colour matched for repair.

Due to a loophole in the legislation the building commissioner can't pursue them as a supplier of goods so I now have to go through the hassle of suing them through the courts.

The building commissioner will however take action against the installer as a service provider, so if you are installing Dulux Acratex be warned, you are at risk of becoming liable for Dulux's false claims and lack of quality control.

Their 7 year warranty is worthless if they can't colour match so you might as well just use cement render and paint. Will be cheaper, easier to repair, less hassle and your home wont be a multicoloured mess like mine."


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