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Assertio Therapeutics, Inc. (formally Depomed, Inc.) is an American specialty pharmaceutical company. It mainly markets products for treatment in neurology, pain and diseases of the central nervous system. Depomed was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Newark, California. It is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ, with several products approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

A former employee mentioned, "Assertio Therapeutics has unfortunately become a takers environment. Management is determined to take everything they can and offer no consideration to the growth and well being of employees. If desperate for work, this company will be a sure thing, but certainly not a long term commitment."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This isn’t a desirable company to work for anymore as the culture has shifted tremendously since the company was founded. Employee morale is extremely low as Executive management are consistently making labor cuts to save money. The executive leaders do not support the effort of their employees and only see perks associated with their titles. Proper training and good customer support which the company has prided itself in since the beginning is no longer a priority and instead they push speed and frivolous KPI’s. Several managers have been mingling inappropriately with employees which created uncomfortable and even hostile work environments. The customers see the lack of education and training with inside and outside sales and no longer remain loyal due to inconsistent and/or low print quality, inaccurate lead times, poor customer service and poor packaging."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The pay is absolutely terrible, the amount of work that is expected and the responsibility for the money they offer is ridiculous. Most staff is related to other staff (predominantly in upper management) so you have to be very careful who you say anything to!"

Former Employee - Graphic Artist says

"Communication could be improved, pay is low."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I have worked at this place for almost 10 years. Since i started here i am less than 50 cents raised on my hourly pay. Over the last few months the job has gotten worse. Management seem more interested in what staff are saying to each other or having clothing that might upset someone. It's a joke, that sadly isn't funny! The owners mother would roll in her grave if she saw the way the company her and her husband built is being run to the ground now. Accuform is all about image now, but that is gone. Its quantity over quality now. The standard of work we send out is rock bottom compared to what it was.There are no pros to working in this place anymore. Which is a real shame, as once i was a proud employeePoor pay, communication, political correctness, lack of leadership. No parking, no trust."

Production Associate (Current Employee) says

"Used to be really good, they made some efforts but largely did nothing. Leadership is bad, everyone is out for themselves and rumors are it’s up for sale again. Company just isn’t the same.Can eat on siteUncertainty"

Printer Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked here many years, since the two sons of the founders have taken control of the family business it is not a nice place to work. Pay is poor, morale it at an all time low, staff are leaving in droves, including long term employees. Upper management seem to have little to no idea as to what is really going on, being fed information from coordinators who will say anything for an easy life. It's a great shame the way it is turning out, original management would be so disappointed to see whats become of their business.Years back, many - nowadays, little to none.low morale, low pay, poor advancement and communication with upper management. Special treatment for certain staff."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked here as a temp from a temping agency. I was there a few weeks, and the vibe i got from that,no! That place is all about family, they get the bonuses, they get the OT, if you not favored, you out. Them older workers say it changed so much over the years, now it all about quantity and not quality.low pay, classical music played all the time! Lazy "preferred" coworkers who require babysitting."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about the majority of it's employees, special treatment seems to be given to a bunch of family members. While i was in my position at Accuform i applied for another position within the company and was declined. I was told "something better and more suitable would come along for me" so didn't get the position. A short while later the position was filled by another one of the preferred family members. Obviously nothing better came along (and never was going to). There is very little support from management, most coordinators just want an easy pay check, and higher management have no clue as to what real happens, so provide no help with the many problems. The most active department seems to be the HR department, with every one tattle tailing on each other like kindergarten. Pay is unfair, some people (usually family members) are paid better for often doing less. As other reviews have said, there are some good people, but they most certainly are few and greatly outweighed by bad ones. This company is a family run business and should either decide to stay one hardheartedly or offer a fairer work environment for non family. It was a time i won't forget, nor would i recommend.low pay, classical music played all the time! Lazy "preferred" coworkers who require babysitting."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Sadly over the years, more especially the last few months accuform is changing and not for the better. Family members develop a good career here, all others just work, work, work and get little to nothing in return. Cheap gestures such as a free lunch isn't going to pay my bills. It's become a circus and we all them clowns , and they all be laughing at us. So many staff members be leaving now, soon it'll be a ghost town if it continues. Either management are blind or they just don't care. The quality of work we sending out now has dropped so low, it a real shame. People seem more worried about what you wearing or saying over what job you meant to be doing.Minimum pay, no one cares no more, family first always, then the "special chosen ones"."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Back in the early days this was an enjoyable company to be a part of. Over time, the enjoyment has gone, as has the direction the company seems to be headed. Quantity goes over quality, and most managers are here for an easy pay check. Anyone in any position of authority is related or very close to family members of the owners, so there is little to no chance of moving up in the company... Unless you have the right family name. Very poor parking for employees, parking lot is not big enough. Pay is poor, and if you are unfortunate enough to be on night shift there is no nightime shift bonus. This has become a company that wants and takes a lot, but gives very little in return.NothingPoor pay, poor career advancements, no support, and a quiet HR team who seem more interested in what is being worn or said, opposed to gaining new employees."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"I spent a little over a year working at accuform. I felt I had very little support from management, and the only way to advance in the company would be through who you know or if you are a relative. Many years back accuform was a pleasing place to work, sadly now it seems to be falling apart and becoming a slave shop. I am actively perusing employment elsewhere and look forward to the time I can leave.NoneLow pay, lack of support"

Finishing Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company relies on false advertising! Your prospects and advancements are dependent on your last name or who you know within the company. Hard work does not pay off, if the face fits or the names right, you can assure employment and advancement. For an outsider, don't waste your time. The pay is poor and the management don't care. The owners compete with each other as to what luxuries they can buy, and have little concept nor idea as to how their business runs. Lower management are there for an easy job, or to boost their ego.CafeteriaEndless, low pay, low staff esteem, poor communication etc, etc"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Management needs improvement. Base promoting and pay on merit not who you know or your last name. Recently bought by another safety company. Hoping for better days"

Printer Operator (Former Employee) says

"When I first started to work at Accuform, I soon became very aware of how many employees were related. If you had an issue with one, it seemed to spiral out of control and all would become involved. Their seems to be very little prospect of bettering yourself at Accuform (unless you are a relation, or one of the very few who is deemed "special"). Hard work and commitment most certainly do not get anyone anywhere here sadly, which is a great shame as it was initially an enjoyable place to work. The majority (if not all) "coordinators" are solely there for an easy pay check, or enhancement of their manhood! Those who should care seem not to, giving off the impression that "it's just a job". Over the last few months Accuform has fallen victim to the political correctness shambles. Leaving HR more interested in employees attire and conversations, as opposed to concentrating on what staff are actually being paid to do, and also to try to attract new employees to assist with the already overstretched and unhappy diminishing workforce. Pay is very poor here, despite management gleefully telling all employees how much of an increase in profits and work volumes are being experienced by the company. With no offer of pay increases, or any incentives given to those on the production floor. Parking here is very bad, all too often the parking lot is totally full. I met some good people while i worked at Accuform, however, the "bad apples" far outweigh the genuine ones. A benefit upon commencement of employment: I was issued an Accuform parking sticker. This was a useful theft deterrent.Closeness to home.Low pay, unsocial work hours, focus on wrong areas, poor management, no communication, poor parking, lack of commitment from management, high staff turnover rate."

Order Entry (Former Employee) says

"It wasn't worth the pay. Not enough time off and management was terrible. They never knew what to do. Before they sold the family took over every position even if they weren't qualified! Don't bother trying to advance. Once you're stuck, you're stuck (of course unless you're family).Lunch room, breaks, fun daysNot enough money, bad management"

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