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Acclarent, Inc. began as a privately held, venture-backed company, and is now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It is based in Irvine, Orange County, California. Acclarent develops technology for the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) medical field.

A current Field Sales Trainer angrily wrote "Culture and middle management at Acclarent was the worst I have ever been apart of. VP has a great vision, and the west director is great and should be a VP himself. The east is awful and will continue that way until leadership changes."


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"Middle management never has consensus and therefore delegates contradictory tasks to their departments."

Current Employee - Associate Engineer says

"We're all out by November and so give us a call if you need help. There's still some talent to be rescued. The sudden over application of red tape is horrific!"

Former Employee - R&D says

"J&J with the present leadership has completely destroyed the culture and growth of a great company. Acclarent was a hugely successful growth company. Today with the existing president along with the R&D leadership the sales have dropped significantly both against plan and year over year. This is suppose to be a growth company. After the last layoff most remaining employees are looking for new jobs. Employee passion and dedication has been eliminated."

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Micro Management of senior managers. Ineffective quality system, no replacement of out going employees - do more with less. No long range vision or plan for success. Short term fixes for huge problems."


"Work- life balance- overloaded with work Very political Need better HR team"

Current Employee - Territory Manager says

"Bonuses are unachievable Unrealistic expectations on targets and timescales On the verge of imploding, therefore long term career opportunities are 0 Poor strategic management Managed directly by the US, who do not understand oversees markets J&J Credo doesn't apply to Acclarent, it is all about the money and nothing else You are a number....and a very expendable one Very high staff turnover, most of the sales force have left (or forced to leave) in past year, for the above reasons Very 'cut throat', bordering on illegal in some cases."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hiring and promotion is extremely nepotistic. Friends/family members take priority over those actually qualified."


"management sucks, try to force out people and hire other people from other jnj site"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"too bad the company not last"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management and Johnson and Johnson are clueless."

Field Sales Trainer (Current Employee) says

"culture and middle management was the worst i have ever been apart of. VP has a great vision, and the west director is great and should be a VP himself. The east is awful and will continue that way until leadership changes"

Assembler I (Current Employee) says

"A day in Acclarent could be very stressfull and enjoyable. I learned alot; however, the learning stopped and there was no more room for self improvemnet. Hardest part of the job will be working with people in high levels of stress. Most enjoyable part was to know that the products we build are bringing people to live better lives."

Regional Manager - MD (Current Employee) says

"Days start early and end very late. Process oriented company with a lot of redundant paperwork and red tape. The safest product I have ever sold and it dramatically impacts patients quality of life. Difficult and rewarding sale due to changing how physicians treat their patients, so have to change their mindset. Co-workers do not communicate very much; nice, but keep to themselves.Benefits, compensation, product safety and efficacy, sense of accomplishment when complete the saleredundancy, customer service dept, management style that looks to find the negative, no voice"

ENT Consultant - Long Island (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my seven years working at Acclarent. The ENT specialty is challenging but fun. I most enjoyed the clinical aspect of the job."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Before J&J, this was one of the best jobs in the industry. Now, you are paid half and are micro managed to death!"

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