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Service King Collision Repair is a national automotive collision repair company. It was founded in 1976 by Eddie Lennox in Dallas, Texas. Service King is one of largest providers of collision repair services in Texas and the United States.


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"work with people who were not properly trained and did not to try to retain"

Former Employee - Customer Service Manager says

"Unethical and inexperienced local management"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Long hours. Little training or development. You are a number only. Decisions made solely $. They pretend to care about quality of repairs but even That’s based off money. Poor upper management. Poor communication from above"

Former Employee - Estimator says

"Everything about ABRA itself"

Current Employee - Auto Body Technician says

"The employees of ABRA had zero leadership lately. Nothing but double talk and greed. No integrity. No honor. Brought to the company a bunch of numb nuts."


"The lack of experience in the front office."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"they lie about how compensation is paid. benefits are a shamwow. everything is about fast fast fast churn churn churn and make them money. nothing matters but quarterly results"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Training terrible teamwork bad"

Current Employee - Body Tech says

"Office staff inexpiranced and does not listen to techs with over 70 yrs experience!!!!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poor training. Unprofressional, unpleasant, and unstructured work place. Rude employees (one on particular). Manager saw this employee's constant rude attitude and the person was reported..nothing was done about it. Looooong hours and overall poor communication."

Parts Manager (Current Employee) says

"Hated the job management sucked she was there half the time. We would do free jobs for her friends . We would be close on weekends but would be asked to come inNoneThank you for taking the time to provide us feedback. At Caliber we value every teammate and take pride in our culture. We would like to extend our apologies for your unhappy experience while working at Caliber. If you have not already, we encourage you to share your concerns by emailing Feedback@CaliberCollision.com."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about their employees they just care about the money the big men make. It's a fast-paced environment and a bunch of backstabbing goes on"

Paint Prep (Former Employee) says

"This company offered a 5k sign on bonus to myself and multiple other new employees. Also the company offered to send me to school to further my abilities within the company. None of the above took place and i was given a different work task then i had been promised or applied for. The company basically wanted its "competitions" employees to start employment with their company."

Glass Technician (Former Employee) says

"Unbearable workloads Zero communication Condescending management Micromanaging No time to have a life outside of ABRA Unlawful work practice If you're looking for a good place to work, keep looking. This company is beyond awful to work for.A paycheckRead the review."

Estimator/Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you aren't kissing up to the boss and bringing her coffee and gifts, you get no raises and no promotions. The boss is only worried about her bottom line numbers and not worried about how miserable the staff is. and puts ALL the work on the few good employees that she has left. Everyone else has already left.50 hours a week manditory"

Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"I was paired with a dude who was a complete A hole. Every day he put me down and made me feel real bad about myself. It was lame and lame and lame and lameMean people"

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"ABRA shops are all direct repair programs with major insurance companies, this means you work for the insurance companies. As a customer service manager (CSM) you are constantly battling the compliance rules that the insurance company makes, which cuts costs while still trying to deliver a decent product to the customer. ABRA does not value its employees, they grab whoever they can and use them until they are burnt out, employee retention is horrible and management turnover is about the same. They promise competitive pay and monthly bonuses based on unrealistic monthly budget goals. If you are looking to enter the auto repair industry this is a good fit but not a "CAREER" company.OvertimePoor Management"

Service Advisor/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Store managers have no authority. Technicians think they run the show. District managers are complete idiots. They make promises that they do not keep. They do not care about their employees, only the numbers generated from month to month. I was told I was getting a promotion but in actuality they were affraid to move the guy running the shop out of his posituon because the situation was so messed up they they were probably gping to get sued for things that they had allowed to happen at that shop over thw years and were still allowong to happen. Estimators sleeping at desks. Techs assaulting office staff. Managment lying about hours worked. Trust me...Abra is not a company you want to work for or do business with. They also fixed my car and it looks terrible, but I quit and refused to let them touch my vehicle again.NoneEverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for ABRA for 2 years the management is the worst and the corporate BS is not worth anything they have to offer They lie to you are secretive and constantly say they are transparentcompetitive wage12 hour days, always asking more horrible managment"

csm2 (Former Employee) says

"If you want to have a life do not work here. Mandatory overtime week days and week ends. Very high turn over in the office and shop . All they care about is profit not customer service period. They push after market garbage parts even when the insurance company does not require you to use them.. Profit over everything. Quality of the work is poor also.nonepoor medical insurance high cost high dedutibles"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They have no pride in there work all about numbers , need to just slow it down a little get rid of the flat rate guys and put quality hourly paid techs. Flat rate the techs skip a lot to push there numberspeople that work there most are greattoo many managers"

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management was very poor. I was working the night and weekend shift and was constantly having to come in earlier, because the morning receptionist was constantly calling and or leaving early. Not too mention she still had morning shifts over me, and I was working overtime, and still they would not offer me any benefits. The Manager over the shop was very sexist and rude, and never recognizing my hard work and commitment for always covering for unreliable employees. So not the best company to work for.Nonelow pay, bad hours, poor management"

Auto Body Repair Technician (Current Employee) says

"They want it there way or no way. Managers are over payed and under educated and dont care about workers. Horrable work enviornment all the care about is them making money not youNothingOver work underpayed"

Customer Service/Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"There was no team. Required to take calls even when on scheduled lunch breaks. They got to involved in personal lives and their was favoritism within the call center."

Account Revenue Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As far as service it takes at least a month to get something simple fixed on your car, they are always going through a struggle with turnovers which is why the service take so long, employees do not like to be there so they are not helpful to the customers, and management has a very Nonchalant type of disposition and attitude which conveys over to the customers and employees that he doesn’t care. Also repairs or never done right the first time which makes you have to bring your car back for follow up work.Lifetime guarantee of your repairsU have 15 minutes after you are scheduled to show or reschedule a must"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company doesn't treat their employees like they are appreciated. If an employee reports that they are being sexually harassed at work and stalked outside of work by their manager, they accuse and abuse the victim while allowing it to continue. They will make working there so uncomfortable that they will leave due to trauma from being mistreated. Favoritism is a huge issue here. It's not a happy environment for their employees.Free lunches once a monthEverything else"

Body Tech (Former Employee) says

"Promised over 100 hrs per week. First week got all parts cars. Those paid nothing. 3 guys in shop got all the good paying jobs. A lot of favoritism. Quit right away. Not worth the time.NoneEverything"

Glass Rep (Former Employee) says

"Abra Auto Body and Glass is a company that installs glass in your vehicle. they are repair your vehicle after an accident. some of the abra franchises people are rude"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You basically are the one training yourself. Rude management. And low pay for being in Seattle and at the busiest Abra location in the US! Completely unorganized at this office!Free coffee!Rude management and poor training"

Auto Collision Adjuster/Production Manager (Current Employee) says

"The culture is atrocious in the Cincinnati Market. Ninety percent of their employees are disgruntled and looking to make a move to a different company. I believe the reason for this type of company morale starts with upper management. I no longer work there, and it is for good reason. Dismantle your upper management and maybe you will bring a morale that is conducive or better yet synonymous with productivity."