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Specifically, Abood Law Firm specializes in matters of Criminal Defense, Criminal Expungements, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Civil Rights, and Family Law. Our attorneys are also considered to be amongst the top DUI and DWI lawyers in the State of Michigan.

A very angry customer mentioned, "After calling today and trying to get some legal advice on a paternity matter and not understanding the backtracking Jeffrey Abood was telling me contrary to the article written on his web site the man took an EXTREMELY bitter tone with me and decided that he would start dropping F bombs and talking to me like I was some guy on the street that tried starting a physical altercation with him. I have lived in the city of Detroit most of my life and even on the streets in the city have NEVER encountered such rudeness and having delt with the public for as long as I have NEVER have heard such unprofessionalism.

I have taken matters to the state and will be filing an investigation report through the bar association on Mr Abood and would HIGHLY suggest that if you are considering trying to get legal advice or obtaining his services as an attorney that you would wisely go spend your time and money down at the local watering hole and speak to the most intoxicated person there cause you would get better advice and DEFINITELY a better attitude.. The man holds ZERO ethics and one star for this shizter is too good for his so called firm From their web page... F. Joseph Abood, Jeffrey J. Abood, Teresa S. Abood, James C. Abood, Andrew P. Abood, Jerome F. Abood, and Ellen M. Abood, all had the opportunity to practice law with their father, Fredric, and all are dedicated to the same principals of life, liberty, and justice for all. This actually comes across as sad after my interaction with Jeff Abood today.. shame on you and your complete lack of ethics."


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