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The Airbus A330 is a wide-body airliner made by Airbus. In the mid-1970s, Airbus conceived several derivatives of the A300, its first airliner, and developed the A330 twinjet in parallel with the A340 quadjet. In June 1987, Airbus launched both designs with their first orders. The A330-300, the first variant, took its maiden flight in November 1992 and entered service with Air Inter in January 1994. The slightly shorter A330-200 variant followed in 1998. In 2014, Airbus launched the A330neo, re-engined with Trent 7000 turbofans, which entered service in November 2018.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "We traveled on the airbus A330 from Atlanta to London Heathrow. It’s been a few years since I flew International, but I don’t remember there being so little leg room in economy class. Also, the seats are very tight, and sitting in an aisle seat virtually guarantees that you will get hit on your shoulder every time the flight attendant comes by".


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DCP (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worse companies you ever want to work for in Greenville nc let alone send your family members to the management is horrible , very low pay for all the work you have to do the day program qp is very rude to all the dcps and individuals !! These people are extremely inconsiderate To their employees , you’ll find yourself doing a lot of rd work and still getting paid 10 or 9 dollars! They don’t even want to pay you when they screw up the pay roll . And be careful these people are super sneaky they will give your hours away with telling you until last minute. I REPEAT DONT WASTE YOUR TIME COMING HERE THEY WONT BE OPENED FOR LONG ! Cons: Everything under the sun !"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"If your looking for some place to work. Dont work here. You would be doing your job plus somebody's else job also. The training are wonderful. But everyone here is family and friends. Family never gets in trouble for anything. But you do. When it's time for days off family gets days off with no problem but for you u have to work , when they don't feel like going to work you have to go cause they dont work all the time. The individuals love to make you look bad when you doing your best and you get remorse for anything. Overall I wouldn't never work back here too many family members. And people taking stuff not serious enough. You could be an dcp but doing rd work the whole time and not getting paid for it. Cons: Too many family"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Not what I expected, everyone in upper management is somehow related , work on holidays while upper management is off, pay isnt great for all you do.. Cons: Working on most holidays if your individual dones not go home to family"

Associate Professional / Day Program Director (Current Employee) says

"Better Connections provides a professional learning environment which prides itself on "emphasizing strengths in all people". Better Connections serves as a liaison different entities providing superb services to those in need. Cons: None"

Direct Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors sucked and didn't respond to you when you'd tell them your client was having a crisis. It'd be the next day before they'd respond to you if even at all! QP was nice enough on most days but have a meeting with them and they'd get nasty and blame everything on one person! Client was sweet and absolutely loved them. Was devastated to see me leave. They loved me and my family. My clients health was at risk.... I let the QP and RD know about it... They said oh let the fumigator take care of it. It'll go away! I'm like heck no! I let my clients family know about the issue and they took care of it themselves.. Then poof! It was all gone! Family thanked me. I told them I had told the supervisor about it but nothing got done about it. It made them so mad they weren't alerted to it sooner. So no,"

Direct Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"I was very under paid for the job considering I have a degree. There is no paid time off, if you dont work you dont get paid. They expect you to take on a huge responsibility with a enormous liability that they will not support you with. I had to use my personal vehicle with no gas mileage or reimbursement. You are at risk for being verbally and physically attacked. Run far away from BCI."

DCP (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is the sh!ts. They manage from the perspective of see this is what I did and causes it to be no teamwork. It’s hard to begin to start a project because if the wind blows wrong you can be gone with it. Unorganized. It has a lot of potential though just need the right team to develop it. Cons: You have to go back in the morning"

Better Connections (Former Employee) says

"Laid Back Job, worked with a good client, but the hardest part about the job was having a supervisor that was not helpful and did not do her job Cons: disorganised management, Favoritism, no room for error, Supervisor was not helpful"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Since I was working with my sibling, it was not hard work. Management is very unprofessional and you would think that the pay would be more than $9/hour with no raise, not even during the pandemic. I was employed with this company and underwent surgery. I applied for unemployment and was denied specifically because I was still on the payroll. After being denied unemployment, they terminated me and I did not find out until payroll contacted me two weeks later to tell me that I had been dropped from their services. Cons: unorganized, unprofessional"

Home health aid/mentor (Former Employee) says

"Love the work but the advancements and job security are very limited. The management is alright but gives little help sometimes. The clients are great most of the time."

Paraprofessional (Current Employee) says

"There is a lack of management skills. The company does not pay well and job security could be better if the management was better. Paperwork often gets misplaced."

Alternative Family Living (AFL) says

"I've worked for this company as a Direct Care Personnel as well as providing AFL services. This company lacks the ability to support their employees. Most employees feel that the management is only concerned about getting individuals placed to make money. That money isn't used to support the personnel providing the work. Raises as an employee are almost non existent. Contract fees for AFL providers are not increased. As an AFL provider, I received not respite services from the company. I was left to advocate for myself through another source at the loss of my daily pay. Cons: Top managment is not supportive"

AFL Provider/Mentor (Former Employee) says

"I learn alot about clients and culture differences, privacy,clients rights, careful documentation. The management team was still in the learning process while I was there, however we learned together. the hardest part of the job is seeing a client regress from months and sometimes years of progress. The most enjoyable part of this job was being able to make a difference in someone life, by proving assistance, verbal prompts and re-directors. Cons: better benefit packages"

Direct Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"The atmosphere was chaotic I felt because several family members were catered to when others co-workers were reprimanded for the same action."

Direct Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"Once a DCP always a DCP no room for promotion. A very family oriented business however there are a few diamonds in the rough. This is a job that you really need to have a passion to do and not expect much appreciation . Cons: overwork, little pay, poor managemnt"

Mentor (Former Employee) says

"Arrive at clients house, bath and groom them. I would help them on their daily goals. I would make sure they was safe in the community and in their home. The most enjoyable part of the job is that i was able to help someone."

Current Employee - Captain/Check Airman says

"I have been working at American Airlines full-time for more than 10 years Cons: You are connected to seniority system which eliminates any reward for any personal excellence. You are connected to a union that is clueless. Largely made up of spoiled brats that never did anything with their lives but take a paycheck from Uncle Sam or a large corporation. This results in a group of out of touch, entitled dopes. Problem is, this same union is where they find all of their flight department management. Thus you have a group of dopey, entitled pilots being managed by a group of dopey, entitled pilots. There is no honor and they would sell their mother to get ahead. Problem is...there is no getting ahead because of the seniority system. And by the way....after you put in 25 years or so...they will merge with another airline and a pilot with less longevity than you will "leapfrog" you on the seniority list. Then its sorry...you lose, go back to the 20 or 15 year point on the list. And if you aren't happy about that....sucks to be you. If you want an environment where mediocrity is encouraged...sign up here. Just don't crash the plane or show up drunk or high. That's all you have to do. Punch in, punch out, don't crash and go home."

Former Employee - Pilot - Captain says

"I worked at American Airlines full-time for more than 10 years Cons: FAA, TSA, AA etc. - you get the picture. Commercial aviation in the US sucks."

Current Employee - Pilot - Captain says

"I have been working at American Airlines full-time for more than 10 years Cons: work schedule quaility declining=less quality of life. No real management leadership from such a management heavy organization. Old style top-down management. You are a number, nothing more, nothing less. Your input doesn't matter, suggestions are not headed. Pay stagnant and benefit costs increasing. Paychecks need constant attention...so many contractual language issues that you can get the short end if you don't watch it. Very low overall moral. Many of us were recruited with promises of career progression, flowing into AA, but it hasn't really happened."

Captain, Major Airline says

"I have been working at American Airlines Cons: the management team treats their employees with complete contempt they are failures at running a sucessful airline and they are theives the employees continue to work under contracts which provided for paycuts in order to avoid bankruptcy. the management team takes huge bonuses while the airline fails in every competitve measure known in the industry"

Pilot/Captain says

"I have been working at American Airlines Cons: No growth opportunity because AA pilots are to AArogant to see the writing on the wall!"

Airline Captain says

"I worked at American Airlines Cons: Management has no regard at all for employees, there is an adversarial relationship between labor and management. You really get the feeling that your bosses hate your guts and would rather you were not there. Employee morale is worse than anyone could imagine."

Former Employee - Captain Airbus 330 says

"I worked at American Airlines full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Worst of all the major airlines. Worst pay and work rules. Managment team is used to violating work rules routinely and without apology. Poor employee morale results in lack of professionalism far too often. No reward for trying harder as a pilot. Instead, management continually tries to undermine pilot authority. Pilots work more days for less money than any of the other successful airlines."

Current Employee - Captain says

"I have been working at American Airlines full-time for more than 10 years Cons: very much like the US Airforce 1968."

Captain, Major Airline says

"I have been working at American Airlines Cons: Toxic management practices. Complete disrespect for employees. Management taking millions of dollars in 'performance" bonuses, while the company is losing money, the stock is falling, and the line employees are enduring massive paycuts. I'm making less than I was as a copilot fifteen years ago. Management thinks drastically cutting maintenance & training costs are a good thing to do. Do you?"

Captain, Major Airline says

"I have been working at American Airlines Cons: The most frustrating thing about American is the total disregard for the employees by Senior management. Employees are treated as a liability not as an asset like Southwest Airlines values its' employees. This coupled with a high degree of distrust and hate for Senior Management makes for a very depressing work environment. Also in many cases, various departments within the company excell at the expense of another department. This is unacceptable and would not be tolerated by say, the Penske Corporation.. Senior management is arrogant and cannot be trusted at their word. Worse, management is unrestrained by a Board of Directors who are nothing but "yes" people. Senior managements' continual "nonaction" in dealing with the problems that face the company are a real concern. There are far too many Vice Presidents and managers and decision making is affected by this. This disfunctional corporation seems to do all it can to drive passengers away. Those in management who work in "the office" are oblivious to the realities of "the line" and what really goes on on a daily basis. All they see are the charts and graphs but not the carnage of the real world."

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