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AIM (formerly the Alternative Investment Market) is a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange that was launched on 19 June 1995 as a replacement to the previous Unlisted Securities Market (USM) that had been in operation since 1980. It allows companies that are smaller, less-developed, or want/need a more flexible approach to governance to float shares with a more flexible regulatory system than is applicable on the main market.

Global Witness makes a count of AIM’S PROBLEMS WITH ANONYMOUS COMPANIES,

London’s Alternative Investment Market has seen so many disasters over its 20-year history that when a senior stock market official in the US called it a “casino”, the jibe stuck. Secrecy over company ownership is often at the heart of AIM’s scandals. Yet regulators and law enforcement have taken little action.

In October 2015, shares in one of AIM’s most highly traded companies, software developer Globo, plummeted and it was forced off the exchange after it emerged the company had set up dozens of fake clients and suppliers in secrecy jurisdictions including Panama and Cyprus.

The UK’s Financial Reporting Council, which monitors accounting standards, is investigating Globo’s auditors. But law enforcement and regulators have been widely criticised for doing too little too late over AIM’s miscreants. In 2009, the Financial Services Authority dropped an investigation into Regal Petroleum, accused of exaggerating supposed oil finds, saying the case was being dealt with by AIM’s own Disciplinary Committee. Regal escaped with a £600,000 fine, a record for the exchange that pales in comparison with the money the company raised following the dubious announcements—more than £100 million.

Regal founder Frank Timis made the news again in 2014 when he personally authorised a $50 million payment from his AIM-listed African Minerals to a shell company in Cyprus in which he owned a secret stake, according to affidavits from a former company executive and an investor. (An internal investigation commissioned by African Minerals “neither proved nor disproved” the allegations.) More trouble the following year forced African Minerals into administration, completely wiping out what was once AIM’s biggest company, valued at more than £2 billion at its peak.

The list goes on. Quindell, an insurance claims manager and another AIM giant, lost more than three-quarters of its value after reports of questionable accounting practices in 2014. And Langbar International collapsed in 2011 after the AIM-listed firm vaunted £370 million of bank deposits that turned out not to exist. The Guardian called it “one of the most audacious, meticulously planned heists ever to take place in Britain”.

Supporters say AIM, with more than 1,000 listed companies worth a combined £71 billion, is flourishing. But the news hasn’t been so good for investors—59 per cent of whom are individuals, and the rest institutional investors which invest on behalf of pension funds and savers’ ISA accounts. Research for the Financial Times in 2015 found that shareholders would have lost money on 72 per cent of all the companies ever listed on AIM, with 30 per cent of cases yielding losses of more than 95 per cent.

There are various theories to explain AIM’s poor performance. The junior market tends to get swept up in fads, from the dotcom boom to overseas property, while the heavy presence of oil and mining companies makes it vulnerable to commodity price swings. AIM’s defenders say canny speculators can still make a fortune on choice stocks. “We’ve got absolutely the right regulatory framework,” the head of AIM, Marcus Stuttard, has said. But a tidal wave of scandals suggests fraud and a lack of oversight are a big part of the problem.


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Driver (Former Employee) says

"Bad management! There is no communication with anyone! They change policies on a daily basis! Lieing to you is their style! Only good thing was the benefits! They do not give raises to their employees! Not all employees are treated the same! They think the office people deserve all. Cons: Bad management no raises."

NA (Former Employee) says

"Management does not communicate changes in priorities or strategy to employees in a timely manner. Changes happen daily with little to no strategic reason and employees are blamed when work is delayed due to these change requests. There is very little support from upper management and employee ideas often ignored. Cons: management"

Personal Care Aide (Current Employee) says

"I am able to pick my clients and days I work. their management style is not very good. They do not return phone calls and are not very helpful in trying to find a new client. Cons: not being able to work over 40 hours"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Offered a job to work in dispatch. Did CSR Work for three months. Management made promises they didn't keep. I would not recommend working there unless you just got out of college."

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"I have been working in this industry for 25 years and I have never worked for a worse company. For my short 1 month tenure there 3 people quit and several were threatened to be fired. They have people in the main office watching the hundreds of cameras installed around the place and if you sit idle for too long they call your supervisor to bark at you. This place is also one of the most unsafe places I've ever worked, there is no LOTO procedure and the health and safety rep is clueless. Someone will be killed here its just a matter of time. The money is at par with the industry but they cant keep millwrights long enough because of this horrible culture. Cons: too many to list"

CDL Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"Aim has a lot of potential. Pay is there but not very good management. They dont care about their employees only the customer. Very unorganized. Home time is not good . They tell you 1 thing but do another. I loved the work but didn't like being treated like I had no life other than turning wheels and making money for them."

AZ/DZ driver / Lugger (Former Employee) says

"I found the drivers to be the typical stereotype, most of them were racist and said I was hired because I was white, which I recognized as RED Flag. quit 2 weeks later when the insults were too much to handle and the HR department was not listening to my small complaints about it. promises at least a 2-3 year old truck or equipment. I was using a 6 year old Truck that needed work and A trailer that was not fit to be on the road but was. Had to have all the tires changed and the ABS system inspected and fixed. So, if you're going to work there, watch your back BIG TIME! Cons: racist staff members"

Class B CDL Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked 3 weeks before receiving a check was suppose to receive advance pay of 825 never received worked 7 weeks got a better job also put in 2 weeks notice they saying they gave me advance but when a advance should be before you start not after you work 3 weeks. If you need a job I feel hourly is better than 10.dollars a stop and .33 cents a mile. It's days you go to work get 6 stops and drive 29 miles but work 6 hrs now you made sixty dollars and some change that's a little over 10 dollars an hour with Class B Or A CDL do the math or days they don't have no work so your next really reflects 10 dollars an hour.just keep in mind about that pay advance let them know when you give me the advance I will sign that I received it advance means priory to on or before not 3 weeks later don't fall for the banana in the take pipe I am just saying as advance pay doesn't never come . Cons: Had to Spray starter fluid in truck every morning pay didn't cover work"

Consulente energetico (Former Employee) says

"Da definire il vero tipo di lavoro e l'operato effettivo"

refferal Specialist (Former Employee) says

"constant sitting at desk taking inbound calls from doctors , hospitals and imaging centers loved doing the work just not the management or company any more"

Ouvrier de production (Current Employee) says

"travailler chez A I M est une très bonne expérience y a beaucoup de choses a apprendre MAIS y a aussi beaucoup de favoritisme entre eux et puis le salaire, les avantages sociaux et l’avancement de carrière insignifiant, trop de bruits, poussières et de produits chimiques dangereux, on ne considéré pas les bon éléments, je ne recommanderais pas a un amis daller perdre son temps. Cons: favoritisme, salaire, avantages sociaux, pas de reconnaissance"

Administrativa Comercial (Former Employee) says

"Trabajé ayudando a mi marido para montar su empresa. Fue una experiencia muy positiva, pero lo dejé porque necesitaba trabajar con contrato y ss Cons: Era autónoma y necesitaba trabajar con contrato de trabajo"

Vehicle Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Good company as far as job security. Extreme heat and cold conditions with managers demanding to inspect 20 to 32 cars per day in order to get very low raise during the summer. No career growth. Arbs are "big mistakes" and can affect your pay. You can go 3 years without an arb and no compensation for it. All over the nation company tho, job security is good"

Cdpass (Former Employee) says

"no guaranties for work> you had to find clients get them certified to continue working. the program was great in that it helped client have say in there need and care with bit more freedom."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"I received life insurance applications from brokers across the US. My job was to check the application for accuracy and completeness and follow up with the Agent for any missing information before submitting it to the Carrier. I ordered Carrier medical requirements such as medical records and health exams. Once all requirements had been received and reviewed the entire package is submitted to the Carrier. I then followed up with the assigned Underwriter for any missing information and requirements needed for approval and issue. Once the policy is issued, I check it for accuracy and completeness and forward it to the Agent and request all placement requirements from him. Once all placement requirements are received they are reviewed for accuracy and completeness and forwarded to the Carrier to complete the process and put the policy in force. Cons: No job security"

REMOTE HCC CODER (Former Employee) says

"Really liked working for this company until around december when they changed the way we were coding charts Cons: Lots of coding changes"

Advanced Management Course AIM, Philippines (Former Employee) says

"It was a management training provided by AIM , Manila as recommended by the parent working company, it was excellent in both teaching and interaction Cons: hard to travel"

Electrical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time at AIM but was afraid of getting laid off, which is what happened twice. I was able to listen to my own music; dress code was casual, and the coworkers were nice, we were like family. Cons: was laid off twice. No real job security."

Impiegata d' ufficio (Former Employee) says

"Si svolgono diverse attività tra cui ordinare gli archivi e accogliere i clienti. Ho imparato a relazionarmi col pubblico e a lavorare come un team con i colleghi."

AIM Automotive Inspector Captured (Capped) says

"This company was great to work with once upon a time. Unfortunately, because they let manheim buy a large % of their company, Manheim have been pushing AIM out of their auctions little by little. Manheim treats Aim's employees like trash. Working them harder then their own employees, finding the smallest errors to get Aim in trouble while ignoring their own employees errors, and forcing aim employees to do other jobs that they aren't train to do. If you decide to move on and try to get a job with any manheim owned company, you have to leave Aim and wait 6 months before you can considered for any job with them. I would have to avoid this company, not because of them but, because of the poor treatment you will get from Manheim. Cons: treated like trash, worked harder than normal, very stressful jobs because of manheim"

Former Employee - Referral Specialist says

"I worked at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than a year Cons: Read all the other bad reviews. Theyre all right. If youre not in with management youre not moving anywhere in the company. Some teams only recruit a certain race. Manager i had was passive aggressive. He liked you if you were a brown noser"

Current Employee - Utilization Review Nurse says

"I have been working at AIM Specialty Health full-time for less than a year Cons: Management seriously sucks. They pick their favorites and THEY ARE RACIST."

Former Employee - Referral Specialist says

"I worked at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than a year Cons: The management team is HORRIBLE!! They micromanage your every movement, people are hurrying from the bathroom or lunch because they don't want management to come and find them. The employees are stress. No POSITIVE feedback only what you are doing wrong. Nobody can thrive in that type of environment. They are bullies and its all about who you know. If they are not happy with you then they give you the worst assignment. Never any positive feedback. Team leads are all friends and of management and church members. If you have a complaint you might as well keep it to yourself because no action will be taken. The team leads tell your business to other associates and gossip."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"I worked at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than a year Cons: No training whatsoever. Everyone seems to have a slightly different idea of how things happen and why. Knowledge is VERY siloed within each practice area. Even within a practice area it seemed different people had different “takes” on how thing should and do work."

Current Employee - IT Analyst says

"I have been working at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Continued layoffs for those that really do the jobs. /This place is going straight down the tubes"

Former Employee - RSA says

"I worked at AIM Specialty Health full-time Cons: Favortism and discrimination against people with disabilities"


"I worked at AIM Specialty Health Cons: Favoritism. No sick days . U have to use your PTO . If you call out sick it counts against you"

Corporate says

"I worked at AIM Specialty Health Cons: Stressful, unstable, and management seems unskilled to deliver correct results. Things change dramatically and serious matters are swept under the carpet as though it didn’t happen and don’t matter. Employees are stressed and confused and the environment can be hostile. Very political. Who you know goes a long way."

Current Employee - Nurse Reviewer says

"I have been working at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than a year Cons: There are no words to describe the management at this place. Absolutely terrible. Let me just start out my mentioning that the other reviews on Glassdoor complaining about the management are completely accurate. This really isn't a joke. There are managers in particular who have messed up MAJORLY and haven't gotten to hear about it. They have no regrets whatsoever – and why would they? They probably don’t even comprehend what they’ve done. They aren't fit to work a basic job at McDonald's but have somehow earned the title at this place. Let me just go over some of the ridiculous things that have occurred in the past - Hired a person who literally couldn't see the monitor because of a condition in her eyesight (I have no words to explain this one. How do you even hire someone like that when you clearly that the job requires you to be on the computer for the whole 8 hours). Posting STICKY NOTES while the reviewers are on the call with the client telling them not to use their personal cell phones. What even. Even a 2-year-old has more common sense than that. Also, micromanaging to the EXTREME. I didn't even know this was possible until I witnessed it first hand at this job. The manager will bother you about everything which ranges from talking at your desk with others (even while there are no calls to take), not to be on your phone (even while you're on break), and not to do anything except stare into oblivion while you're sitting at your desk. The promotions are unfair as well as another reviewer stated. People who have lower qualifications have been promoted and I’m guessing this is because either management does not know what they are doing at all or that the person promoted was a favorite. I’m not sure which one is worse at this point. If you’re still reading at this point, you know how when you take a survey about your managers it is supposed to be discrete and you know that you won’t be identified. It’s pretty basic. Well, not here. Write a bad review and they actually come up to you asking why you think that the management is bad etc. And don’t get me wrong here, it’s not so that they can improve. It’s simply for their own benefit and this will later result in less favoritism and probably higher micromanaging. The times schedules are super STRICT. You can’t even be minutes late and cannot log in earlier than your start time. This is how you train animals. This isn’t how you treat employees. The lunches are only 30 minutes and needless to say, even those are strict. Absolutely no room for growth and the disorganized management plays a huge role in this. On a last note, do not believe the positive reviews. If you take a closer look, all the positive reviews are mostly the same and this is because the company PAYS people to increase the ratings (which is just pathetic at this point)."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at AIM Specialty Health full-time for more than 3 years Cons: They give below market rate for software developers. The process is not well defined. Project delivery cycle is a mess. The company had to let go of many good people(regardless of merit) recently to manage its finances."

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