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AAT Kings is an Australian and New Zealand coach tour operator offering both short and long distance tours.

Max mentioned, "I called the phone number listed in order to speak to Guest Relations or Administration in regard to some aspects of a recent trip taken with AAT Kings. I was told "Guest Relations" were only contactable via email. Really??? So basically you do NOT want to discuss a number of aspects which many passengers werent neccessarily happy about during the trip but didnt feel comfortable or was no provision to answer those in the Guest Survey. We, along with many others on the tour had travelled AAT Kings previously & been very happy & although we enjoyed the trip in most part we are unlikely to travel with you again. As the old saying goes "bad news travels fast" & how you handle these things has been a topic of discussion with family & friends since arriving home - as I am sure it has been with others. Finally not everyone wants to do things via email - some of us still want to have an old fashioned discussion which when you look at the age demographic of your tours it would seem logical to have a phone number available for feedback"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at AAT Kings full-time for more than a year Cons: Bad Salary and little to no clear career development outlined"

Former Employee - Tour Consultant says

"I worked at AAT Kings full-time Cons: No commission or development to offer"

Terry Dix says

"They claim to be able to use their experience to tailor a great experience but you have to tell them pretty much what you want to do and they then act as booking agent. After some discussion we agreed an itinerary and deposit paid. Some time later they lowered the agreed standard of travel. We threatened to cancel and start legal proceedings but after some protracted negotiations agreed a partial refund. The itineraries were full of errors and incomplete until days before we travelled which we had to spot and get them to correct. It was with some trepidation that we started the trip. However, it started fine, but if you do a road trip they seem to sub-contact the whole process. The standard of accommodation for the road trip was significantly reduced and if you have complaints they refuse to resolve and say you must take it up with their sub-contractor. In short you can save money and hassle by organising your own itinerary and avoid Freedom Australia."

nr says

"I let Freedom Australia select and book our first visit to Australia. They selected some fabulous hotels and locations but when we arrived at Sydney our Deluxe Harbour view was of a toll road Not The harbour bridge and opera house as had been described. The hotel moved us but said the booking was of Darling Harbour. Freedom responded to our query by saying 'that's what you paid for'."

Brian says

"Would we recommend / use Freedom Australia (Hertford) again? Unfortunately no. Reasons: Our initial contact who had worked with us and pulled together an initial itinerary that consisted of seven weeks travel left the business. We were then dealing with up to three different agents who tried very hard but the admin communication was very poor. Secondly, the Freedom Australia team were not fully aware of the free transfer benefits available from AAT Kings the primary tour operator in Australia. As a result we were charged for transfers that were provided by AAT Kings FOC. We did obtain a refund on our return but.... Visa's, we had to chase these up prior to departure. they arrived in time but.... Generally spent a lot of time chasing details. Too much paperwork, I think we ended up with at least ten copies of our holiday /confirmations. Why cannot Freedom place all the information on one set of papers? Bottom line was that despite spending a considerable amount of money we did not feel valued customers. We have raised these and other concerns with Freedom with an opportunity to respond, but apparently we have been told that we will not get a response, but our concerns although "possibly" valid will be reviewed over the next year. Guess that says it all."

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