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Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, better known as simply AAA (an abbreviation of its original name Asistencia Asesoría y Administración), is a Mexican professional wrestling company founded on May 15, 1992 by Antonio Peña Herrada.

A dissapointed turist said this in a review: "When I was in Mexico city I went to the AAA wrestlings and I didn't like it, they are boring and they're a waste of time".


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margaret miller says

"had two service calls recently. 1st locked keys in truck. the aaa tech tried a useless coat hanger and yanked on my door frame so aggressively, i had to stop him, walk home 3 miles and get my spare key. 2nd call was a flat tire. tech came out and didnt know where to jack my truck up, he put jack dead center of the vehicle and just looked wondering why my tires were still on the ground. he asked me if i ever changed the trucks tires and if i knew where to put the jack. he then then put on a utube video to show himself how to do it. jacked my truck up without cracking the lugs and i had to tell him how to do that(i am a 66 year old lady). he stripped my lugs and couldnt get my tire off. towed me one block and left it at goodyear. aaa now taking one of my tows away even though they acknowledged that the only reason my truck was towed was because the tech didn't know how to change the tire, i will be charged a tow since they provided that service. made 3 calls to supvervisor and left msgs. no call back!!!"

ct says

"Beware! This company is the worst. They charge monthly payments on the eighth of the month. I joined 5 days before the eighth, not knowing they charge on the eighth. So they charged me twice for the month! When I joined and 5 days later. They refuse to refund my money! They do not care. Terrible company and customer service. All they want is your money!"

Ron Hudgens says

"Save your money! Avoid these shysters! Three times I called them, three times they rejected the job.

My son slid on ice yesterday, badly damaged axle. First AAA truck says they couldn't back up the hill to get car. Then, said they would send another truck in 20 minutes. No truck showed. Then, they tell him they wouldn't do the job.

I now only use my own tow services associated with my auto insurance. AAA is absolutely WORTHLESS!"

Gatorland Dan says

"I made a huge mistake by renewing my membership with these folks. I paid for a Premier membership, specifically to receive the 4 free tows (1 200 mile, and 3 100 mile tows) They towed it to the first repair shop, which wanted to sell me a new transmission for $8K when I wanted them to rebuild it, so I called AAA to tow it from there to a transmission shop with one of my remaining 100 mile tows. They tell me that they don't tow the vehicle from a shop that they dropped it off at.

Asked to speak to a manager in Customer Relations, Louis flatly told me the same thing "We can't tow the vehicle". So I paid for something that I can't use in the way I intented. Mind you, this was after having to wait 72 hours after paying for the membership, just to use it for the first time.

AAA ain't what it used to be. It's now a huge waste of time, hope and money."

Gary Perkins says

"I've been with AAA for years recently I put my one car on that I keep in storage so I can keep the license plate number on it and I had to have the insurance not only did they overcharged me for the time I had the car on they added my bill even higher and then when I call them to cancel it they didn't cancel it so I even ended up paying more so I switched insurance companies it would not recommend them. And yes I did call my agent in the city that I live in they said they would take care of it and they didn't so I ended up paying them for something I didn't even have"

Rod Lacy says

"AAA Roadside Service put me and my family’s life in danger. Very unorganized and unprofessional.

If I could give them a 0 I would. They put my life in danger with poor service and highly unorganized customer service. My vehicle broke down - battery dead about 1 hour into my 9 hour drive. I have the Premiere service with AAA which includes battery service/replacement. When I called in the AAA dispatcher was very polite and helpful. She said that the service truck would have a battery and get me on my way after a few tests. When the service truck pulled up they said they don’t do batteries and did not have one them. They sent me on my way after jump start and 1.5 hour delay.

I knew that I could not drive After dark with the bad battery so I stopped purchased and installed a new battery.

If that had been my wife or kids driving on an 8 hour trip it could have been a far worse outcome. They would have been broke after dark in a remote location.

I can not trust AAA they put me and my family’s life in jeopardy.

When I called AAA to discuss all I received was the runaround and bombarded with reimbursement forms to return multiple times. I asked to speak with the AAA Misssouri leadership because I could never get a good response than disdain that they had to deal with a customer. I was basically told I wasn’t important enough to get a call from their leadership because I am not important enough.

WORD OF ADIVCE DONT USE AAA very unorganized and not with the $$ you spend. Many other good choices that will provide better service. AAA runs in separate branches for each state that make for a very poor customer experience."

Denise Fazio says

"I am beyond disgusted with the abysmal service. Today right after picking up my groceries my car wouldn't start. It was about 9:00am. I called AAA and explained my dilemma (I am also high risk with respect to COVID); I was told it would be about 55 minutes. When I was coming up on 55 mins and hadn't heard from a service person, I called in and was told it would be 10 mins. I was told this twice more over the next hour and a quarter before someone actually showed up. I had $87 worth of perishable groceries in my car (including poultry and eggs). I would have appreciated the AAA reps telling me the truth so I could have considered other possible alternatives. The TRUTH is what was lacking."

Dennis Irving says

"I have AAA road side assistance but to date I had never used it. So on Friday the 30th of October when I sliced the rear tire on my 2020 Chrysler Pacifica I called AAA. I thought I would get prompt service because the dealership was about 2 miles away and I am in the middle of town. But to my surprise I was told at 2:15pm that they would be there at or about 3:45pm. An hour and a half later/ 90 minutes? I inquired with the customer service representative why such a long delay? She had no explanation but told me that they might get there earlier. And then she asked me if I wanted the service call cancelled. Needless to say I was not happy with this extended period of time that it was taking to get to me. So within minutes of ending the AAA customer service call I did cancel the service call. I then limped my vehicle over to the Dodge dealership and had the tire replaced. If AAA cannot respond to a simple tow in the middle of town within 30 minutes. How long do you wait on a back road? Hours or days? How is that convenient? If this is their model of efficiency 90 minutes for a service call then there is something wrong with their model. I am not impressed with my first ever interaction with AAA. And I am sure a lot of people feel the same way."

Customer says

"I've been a member for a long time and almost never use the service. My mom's car finally broke down on the road last week, and when she called for help they said 15 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 20 minutes and finally never showed up. She was stranded on the road for 3 hours until the police who were waiting with her finally decided it was unsafe and had to tow the car themselves. I had to pay over $400 to get the car released from their impound lot. I called AAA for a refund of my service that I paid for and never received, but they only offered me a pro-rated refund. They wouldn't reimburse me for all the months I paid for, but never actually received any service when I needed it. And they also have a policy of not reimbursing the $400 impound fee that I had to pay to get my mom's car back - even though it was AAA's fault that my car had to go to police impound in the first place. Obviously we're upset with AAA for this expensive incident and will not be paying for their non-existent service anymore."

karen says

"placed a call to get a estimate of there roadside service that they were running a special on. Once I talked to customer service l told them didnt want it thanked them and hung up. 2 weeks later i receive a bill saying i had a outstanding balance. This is predator behavior. At no time did i say i wanted their services. Please be aware of this. I will not use a company that practices this shady behavior."

Oren Kolin says

"I called in to get a temporary insurance for a car I was burrowing from a friend, their sales department was extremely nice and got it all done without any issues, assuring me I will be able to cancel without any penalties once I have to return the vehicle. I had the car
A month later unfortunately the cancelation department notified that there is a cancelation fee and it's all in the paperwork (I received the written papers in the mail long after I got the insurance) I didn't see it clearly in the digital version but that's my mistake for not being thorough since I trusted their answer that there are indeed no hidden fees, I had mentioned numerous times that I would be returning the vehicle obviously since I do not own it and would likely cancel or transfer the policy. The agent wasn't with the company any more (within only a month of me talking with him) and his supervisor says that he cannot account for what employees say (a very unusual statement)."

Sandra Buell says

"Very poor service at Bob Sumerel in Western Hills Ohio.I had a screw stuck in my tire. I had told the check in person that I have no other means of transport and I had to be on a job. After 20 minutes the car had not been moved. After questioning how long it would take he said 1- 1/2 hours. The communication was poor from the get go. Someone should have informed me that it would take 2 hours plus after I mentioned I am rushed. Tire discounters got me in as soon as I pulled in. I will not renew my membership and I will tell everybody about the bad service I receive from AAA .This is the second incident."

Phil Horne says

"AAA California BATTERY REPLACEMENT. Purchased a AAA battery less than a month ago. AAA technician promised a 60 month performance warranty with a 36 month replacement guaranty, "Just call AAA, we guaranty the battery for 60 months, and we will even replace it for free for 36 months." Battery quit yesterday. Called AAA, chose "battery service" -- the only battery related option on their menu. Technician showed, did not have new battery on him, jumped my car (took him FOUR TRIES), promised I would not be charged a service call, and then charged me for the service. Called AAA customer service, unhelpful agent told me that I should have said, "operator" during my service call, talked to a live customer service agent and requested a new battery, but since I did not do that I was charged a service call!! Insanity. DOES NOT EVEN MAKE LOGICAL SENSE -- what do they do when you call after 36 replacement guaranty months but still subject to performance warranty?? PURE SCAM. Needs to be investigated by CA AG."

Maria Nazario says

"Horrible experience with the Rhode Island driving school section. After paying $2,000.00 for driving lessons for two young men, the instructors did not provide enough driving lessons, had a poor demeanor when the kids got to the premises for driving classes and the operators who handled my complaint after both kids failed the driving test gave me no options, or remedies ignoring my claim. After, I hired a local driving school that only charged me $300.00 for the road classes, both kids passed and have driver licenses. Shady ambiguous business..."

Nikola Knezevic says

"This is the second incident where I was told 2 hours then 3 hours and now 4 hours to have a tire changed. Stay away from giving these crooks money for taking 4 hours for them to change a flat tire."

Michael Tyler says

"I have been a member for 36 years and will not renew next month, because their customer service has gone to HELL! I have had to try and use it about 3 times over the last 10 or so years! The service has gotten to where it is totally unacceptable! I had a blown out on the way to work just before midnight Monday July 27, 2020. I called the number on the card and waited on hold for an hour or so without anyone answering my call. I'm an essential employee that is forced to go to work through this mess!
When I called later that day after talking to several people over the course of an hour, all I got was their apologies and excuses! The usual excuse that they are having extremely high call volume, which has been the excuse for years now! Or the excuse you have to wait for service to arrive, which was the thing that really pissed me off totally! Guess she wasn't listening to my complaint at all, since I reminded her that somebody has to answer the call to find out what my problem is and where I'm at first! One time before I sat on I-95 for almost 2 hours waiting for their service, with cars driving by at 80 mph or more. Finally I had somebody else come and change the tire and they charged me for the service call anyway!
They make it impossible to talk to the corporate office to make a complaint, because they don't care about customer service, only collecting your money!"

Sarah Deuel says

"I have been waiting on the side of Interstate 40 for 3 hours after initial call. I am hungry, need to use the bathroom and stranded. Have called multiple times and am getting the runaround with customer service about towing. It’s a blame game and customer is caught in the middle. Please save your money that you would spend on an annual payment and go about roadside assistance on your own or through your private insurance company. Such a waste of money!"

Peter Hogg says

"32 years and we moved to a new state and received no renewal notice by mail or email from AAA. Car battery went dead which and our AAA would not work as expired 3 months ago with again no renewal notices... So we had to renew and needed the car started as battery was dead and they were going to charge us $75.00 or we'd have to wait 48 hours. Wow, after 32 years with them that's the service consideration we get. Got someone else to come and start us for $35.00 and will rethink our membership with AAA as we have services for these things through GM and also through our insurance so AAA may no longer be necessary after this kind of treatment."

Tony Chen says

"Took over two hours to for my Carr to get towed."

Richard Ramirez says

"This would've been a 5 star review but their underwriting department dropped the ball Big time. They mainly rely on Lexus Nexus to grab your info... And if there is any discrepancy, they will drop you immediately! After 3 weeks of going back and forth with the dmv and aaa... The issue was finally resolved by an upper manager that literally saw the stupid mistake and removed it... And BAMM, we have insurance again! Very thankful to that upper manager... Very disappointed with underwriting."

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