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888sport (pronounced as "Triple Eight Sport") is a multinational online sports gambling company headquartered in Gibraltar. It was founded in 2008 and is a subsidiary of 888 Holdings plc. The company provides online sports betting, predominantly in European markets.

An angry player shared his experience: "I have received welcome bonus and have completed all wagering requirements. After that I have won over 800£. I have requested founds to be withdrawn and get withdrawal confirmation. Next day I have received request to upload my documents for verification. I have uploaded pictures of my UK driving licence which is registered in the same name and address as my account with 888casino. Following day I have received email from they operation team saying that my account was closed due to failing security checks. They haven’t include any details or explain why these checks were unsuccessful. I have contacted their operation team but never get any reply. Their online chat is not available neither customer service number. I have read the reviews on internet and it seems to be usual way for this casinos to treat people this way. I do feel that only thing I did wrong was winning money and they try to use excuses and not pay me my winnings."


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Jeetendra Arora says

"Oh my gosh.. I m happy to open account with some other Booki after I read all these comments ... how many bad comments... 95% negative"

Sam says

"I swear the replies are from a bot. Every reply is Please provide your full details using the link below and we’ll be in touch and a link A) you don't get in touch B) it's just the same damn link you keep posting for the support page which you ignore in the 1st place No doubt you will tell me to click on the link and you'll be in touch.. Even though you never do. Lies"

neil brooks says

"Didn't give the promotional welcome free bets and didn't respond to any of my queries. Bad experience, no customer service."

David says

"Just copy and paste replies to every bad review If you click the link they post it just takes you to a support page where you get ignored again They do it just to be seen to be doing something"

Jay Melling says

"I complained 2 days ago and here we go again .. crashed that's it after these bets today are done I'm deleting this account it's crap ........ DO NOT SET AN ACCOUNT UP WITH THESE YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED ... SHOCKINGLY BAD"

Hector Finch says

"I have £151 in my account. I wanted to withdraw the money on a different card than I made the deposit on, so went on live chat to get some help doing this. When the live chat ended I was logged off my account and emailed saying " we are sorry you have chosen to terminate your membership". I did not request my membership to be terminated especially since I have what I consider a large amount of money still on the account. This seems more than just incompetence to me, I would say something very sinister is going on!! How a big player in the gambling industry, (with the odds already heavily stacked against the punter) feels the need to straight rob people, is pure sinister greed. 888sport is not even a bad company, they are criminals who should have their gambling licence revoked."

Jayne says

"*Update* It might be useful it you actually responded to the email I sent you about the issues in advance, rather than some generic response you seem to issue to all reviews on trust pilot! It might have even saved a negative review, ground breaking! I closed my account last week due to the following reasons: 1. Every Saturday without fail their online platform is not accessible which I assume is down to not being able to handle the traffic in the site, which of course is very frustrating when trying to place a bet on the big races. 2. The specials are a joke especially when you compare them with the big bookmakers. E.g. they enhance from 13/8 to 7/4 whereas Paddy/William Hill go 3/1.... 3. Ante post market has currently 5 markets for Cheltenham and Aintree....yes only 5. I have tried to do €1 accum on these markets that would pay 5k and not even entertained and no I've never got one of these bets up with 888Sport. Considering all the above, I had no choice but to open an account with one of the big bookmakers and close my 888 one as pointless having it. When I closed it, I told them it was for the above reasons yet I receive an email to say it was closed for responsible gambling. Of course I emailed them but thus far I have had no reply....please don't bet with this bookmaker and go to one of the bigger ones if you want to get any value and a site that actually works. Jayne"

Jade Watts says

"SCAM tried to get my money out and they blocked my account, sent me an email to say sorry to see you're leaving us WHAT I didn't leave I want my money!"

Jamie says

"Currently withholding my withdrawal of £117, and ignoring my emails. Originally tried to withdraw early December, and was notified it has failed about 2 weeks later. Attempted to withdraw again on the 22nd, and it still hasn't been confirmed/denied. My emails are being ignored and no effort is being made to return my money."

Walking with Prosper says

"Woke up this morning and the whole interface was different also when I tried to put the bets as usual i couldn't find player specials cards on games nothing.. looks like they have cut out loads of bets just incredible. I won’t spend another dime on this page anymore!"

Tee says

"Money was taken from my Account without authorization. If you are an American, do NOT use this betting platform."

JJ says

"Worst website ever. It is absolutely unbelievable how bad this website runs. It always was a bad one but the recent update made it even worse."

eight eight eight crap cheater says

"keep my money in the restricted account for more than two months. Replied the same and useless words to every email and no one want to solve the issue. fukking hybrid deadbeats and brainless replier, just reply me the same crap as you replied to others like a parrot"

Andy finch says

"I am now into a third day of waiting to have my withdrawal processed,the problem is that the t&c say 1day to process and then 1to 2 days back to your chosen payment method.Well thats fine but im into my third dayof waiting for processing and im just fed utter crap like all looks good /yes will be paid today/you will get you money/ just process on time please and stop the lies and treat people with respect.WILL BE CLOSING ACCOUNT WHEN!!!!! I GET PAID"

Andrius Fidorovas says

"do not bets asking to log in again and again and again"

Orlando Wallace says

"Yeah its pretty dodge I made some money from the free bets was a nightmare to withdraw it, plus the app is always super slow, offers no cashing out like other sights and in general is just not very good."

Emma Gustavsson says

"Absolutely disgrace,ask you for documents but never get back to you. Hold your winning and refuse to release it even you sent it everything they asked for!!! Never bother with this betting site,stay as far away as possible. F U C K I N G SCAM"

Ryan says

"Customer service are pathetic. Live chat are hopeless/clueless and if you email them you just get a copy and paste reply saying they'll be in touch but you never hear from them again No doubt the reply below will be 'We would appreciate you contacting our customer service team to have this issue investigated further, by clicking the following link' DO NOT BOTHER TELLING ME TO CLICK THE LINK The link just takes you to the contact page you email and get ignored by in the 1st place!!!! Why would I email just to be ignored again Whoever replies on here to complaints is not very bright. Stop telling people you want to help when if you really cared you'd reply to people's emails in the 1st place. This company is stuck in 2001 with slow useless and inept practices Edit i can tell you don't even read the comments or you're a robot. I told you not to paste the link and you did anyway absolutely shambolic"

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