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The 6sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team. 6sense uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage resistant buying teams with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. 6sense helps revenue teams know everything they need to know about their buyers so they can easily do anything needed to generate more opportunities, increase deal size, get into opportunities sooner, and compete and win more often.

A former employee said "6Sense CEO claimed no churn for a long time -- the irony! I believe 20 or so people left in the last year, which is an astounding number for a 45 person company."


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Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"You better think again before applying to this company. When we got out of training after 3 weeks, the stuff we were trained on wasn't what we were talking calls on. We were getting claim calls, but all we knew how to do was look up basic benefits. We were told that claim information would "come naturally". Well its not coming naturally, I'm still confused as ever. The second part of training, called "OJT"(on the job training), we barely got to listen to any live calls. 5 days into OJT, it was a busy Monday, the call volume was very high, so what do they do? Yep, make all of us in OJT training get on the phones, no one to help us, nada. "Oh you can reach out to the help desk if you get stuck." They need to do something different with the training, people don't wanna be thrown under a bus and not know what to tell the customer, because we weren't trained correctly. If your a FAST learner, you may like it. But this job is not worth the stress! Cons: Micro Manage, training wasn't enough, managers always being replaced"

Business Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Nope never again I would work here. Company has gone down the drain.. I didn't feel good after 5 years. The job often stressed me out and the management was shady when I resigned"

Customer Service Representative II (Current Employee) says

"Managers are hard to get hold of when you need help with issues with customers, but will contact you when you mess up. The pay is not worth the work. They want back to back calls with no time to wrap up or rest after a call. Horrble training, you train yourself when you get on the floor. The system the use is slow and always freezing or giving wrong information. HR is no help with anything. I had to get a lawyer for them to pay me the money they owed me for 2 years of overtime. Cons: Back to back calls, low pay, bad management"

Credentialing Specialist (Former Employee) says

" Cons: Layoffs, favoritism"

Over the Counter Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Training was so ridiculous nothing made sense and trainers and managers make it feel impossible to ask questions or for help. So don’t waste your time here like I did. Cons: Oh boy, where to start with cons"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I have NEVER WORKED SOMEWHERE WHERE RACE IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT FACTOR! Oh and FAVORITISM is ridiculous! You can not succeed unless you have no morals and do whatever (right or wrong) your manager asks of you"

Utlization Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn’t care about you. Outdated systems make it hard to work. Trying to ask for help is impossible. Management have favoritisms to employees they like."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Anthem protects bad, narsacisstic managers that make working there horrible. Human resources says they are there to help but then does absolutely nothing when push comes to shove. They would not even speak with my manager after telling me " that is concerning, you're manager should not be doing that". They left it up to me after I made them aware of how uncomfortable I was with my manager. The work environment is extremely toxic in almost every department and it comes down to horrible management. I've seen a lot of good people leave because of this."

Customer Advocate II (Former Employee) says

"Not a company I would advise to work for and currently in the process of suing them for wrongful termination. No one go to work there u will be u happy."

Eligibility Representative (Former Employee) says

"Anthem has unreasonable production standards. You have to log every day all the time that you did not work which is very ridiculous. Managers get hired because they befriend themselves to upper management who favors their work buddies --not because they are well liked and respected and qualified. Constructive criticism is not practiced, you are sent a pick apart email from manager that is curt and rude. Does not support the betterment of team, but is more focused on berating staff who do not exceed production level. If you stop to speak to co-worker on way to bathroom, here will come the manager babysitter who asks if we have any questions and they told to get back to respective desks.....manager purposely tends to look for this to show everyone how she is boss which is very unnecessary & focus should be on more important matters so it seems this is done in a petty vein; when this is reported to upper management they look the other way because they are all friends. Cons: favoritism & unqualified mgr + unrealistic production goals"

Customer Care Representative II (Current Employee) says

"They complain about everything! I’ve seen them walk many people out. They have no cafeteria just a kiosk. You have to worry about your car in the garage"

Senior Therapy Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"As a physical therapist senior reviewer there is no training or support. You are provided with log in info, email, and computer with access to Texas Medicaid Guidelines. There is no training regarding company expectations and/or policies and are you're expected to be successful with NO direction. You are provided with multiple preceptors that all contradict one another and provide feedback remotely while making you feel like a burden for not knowing how to perform to company standards without ever being shown or directed to a resource that defines the job expectations. The company is poorly managed and may be due to recent Medicaid audit and their "corrective action plan"."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A woman had kidney cancer and was worked overtime and not allowed to take time off for treatment. That's how heartless these people are. Worst place I've ever worked."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is set in old ways and politics. Conflict of Interest is never considered. Inappropriate. Terrible place to work. Training is all over the place."

Customer Care Representative I (Former Employee) says

"Unless you're loved by management you're up the creek. If you have questions or concerns you're considered a disturbed. This is a good job only if you have no life and no family.or friends. If you enjoy working at a call center with awful training and impossible expect then this is the job for you. If youre a caregiver or have kids and don't have other help then forget it you'll be fired immediately. The benefits are awful especially the health insurance which is ridiculous since its an insurance company. Just don't do it if you have any self worth. Cons: poor training, work environment is life being a prisoner"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a company where you are disposable and devalued, then I recommend Anthem. Management is toxic and their toxicity runs downhill until everyone is drowning in it."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Trained for 5 weeks in Medicare Claims. Facilitator for training did not have proper skills to train. Wrnt too fast through material, made racial jokes and was only concerned about going on dinner dates and to Las Vegas for his next training session. The pay is extea lousy.at $13.50 to work in a call center and navigate thru software programs to"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"I have worked at Anthem for several years. I feel that the Management determines your future with the company. I have been mislead and told things that were not true only to dedicate myself and feel so unappreciated. It is not Anthem as a whole but it is Management. Often it is about who you know instead of what you know. I used to picture me retiring from Anthem now I am just hopeful I make it another year. been there over 6 years and now I am looking for new employment because it hurts when you feel you are just a number. I believe if they start holding Managers to a specific standard then the turnover rate will not be as bad and people would enjoy working instead of the micromanagement. Cons: micro-managment"

Customer Service Representative II Medicaid (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the Medicaid call center and it was like being back in high school! The cliques, the gossip, teacher’s (managers) pets, it had it all! They hire anyone because they pay so little and they would rather have a consistent turnover then hire in competent people and pay them well. The training is basic like how to login to the system, and phones then you’re on your own! You also have to know the policies for everystates Medicaid!"

Claims Representative III (Former Employee) says

"Did not enjoy it, poor management with lack of diversity...the management team did not care about its employees. They kept me back from advancing and moving forward"

Trainee says

"I have been working at 6Sense Technologies Cons: Expanding of Company required. Expanding will be good.. Expanding will be good. Expanding will be good Expanding of Company required. Expanding will be good.."

Izabella S. says

"Product was delivered, but was faulty. Impossible to speak to AO. Forced to go through manufacturer. My complaint is with AO, not the manufacturer. Manufacturer sent engineer to fix problem. but he did not bring the correct part, even though we had been told he would bring it and fit it, He did not apologise - just got angry with us. Then he just walked away, without so much as a goodbye or apology. ANother engineer booked. Problem was escalated due to serious nature, but 'escalation meant engineer appointment was put back by a day. I will not use AO again. More fool you if you do"

J Rey says

"Paid £30 for washer installation and they didn’t take the stopper off the waste pipe. Therefore it took us hours to figure out why the washing machine had an error F05. May as well have installed it ourself as we had to pull it out to see what was going wrong with it. So all in all we paid £60 for installation and the only thing right was that they had plugged in a condenser dryer into the mains. The washer and dryer are fine."

ranjith mathews says

"We purchase a tv from you . It is working very good.i like the tv . But when you derived the tv the box was damped so I am not satisfied the delivery service."

David W says

"The fridge freezer was very badly installed and AO refuse to communicate with me to rectify the problem. It is not usable in its present state."

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