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Trois Fois plus de Piment: the spiciest Chinese restaurant in Paris. In a few years only, Trois Fois plus de Piment has become a major Chinese restaurant in Paris. Between noodles and dumplings, this warm restaurant is set in rue Saint-Martin and offers spicy specialties from the Sichuan region.

Anneke mentioned, "I came here about a year ago with my partner, braving the cold and waiting for a solid 20 minutes in line. I like Deux Fois Plus de Piment, and was excited to try the Sichuan version of noodle soup. I remember liking Trois Fois (though I had ordered the Dan Dan noodles and regretted not trying the spicy beef noodle bowl), so when I was in the mood for spicy soup last week, my friend and I met up here.

It wasn't spectacular. At 12 on the dot, we were herded through the doors and up the winding staircase like cattle (though cattle certainly couldn't fit up the staircase--it's narrower than most people), squeezed uncomfortably between other couples, and waited on with angry impatience. The waitress hurriedly took our order, snapped at us when we asked for more water, and charged the diner next to us 2€ for a smidgen of fresh cilantro.

My friend and I shared dumplings to start (these were only okay--they had good flavor with the garlic, peanuts, and chili oil drizzled on top, but their rubbery quality felt more factory than fresh). I don't remember the "soup" being so oily. Of course one would expect copious amounts of chili oil in Sichuan cuisine, but I'm not sure there was any broth in this bowl at all! We couldn't finish our beef noodles as we would have liked--not because it was too spicy, but because it felt like we were filling our stomachs with pure grease.

As soon as we were done, our bowls were whisked away and we were pushed downstairs to pay at the cash register. The line of people waiting to pay went halfway up the stairs. I remember space being tight the last time I dined here, but somehow in the span of a year the place seems to have become less about the enjoyment of spicy cuisine and more about a quick buck."


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