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24Kitchen is a Dutch television specialty channel that airs both one-time and recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking currently operated by Fox Networks Group Benelux (owned by The Walt Disney Company). They frequently rerun the same program over 24 hours, meaning you can watch your favorite episodes over and over again within one day.

A fan left this review, "I've followed the food tips (first one just for drinks as the kitchen were closed, second and third for dinner and lunch). In a nutshell I would say that the food isn’t really tasty, it is edible, but no more than that. I tried tuna poke with unripe avocado which I think is unacceptable for this dish, the whole meal is unbalanced in taste. And I tried beef burger which is okay, but the green salad were cold (like from the fridge), bun had no taste and was sodden, the quality of burger was discussible."


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Tom Metcalf says

"My order has been delivered incomplete . Huge amount missing . Beware ."

Neil from Burnley. says

"First cabinets arrived very very poorly packaged and damaged. Replacement sent but shown as signed for but was returned to courier?? packaging was just as bad as first lit. Go somewhere else."

Will M says

"My order still hasn't been completed? It's been over a week since I was told I'd get a call back about the missing part of my delivery. I'm still waiting for my order to be completed"

Mr Colin Blewitt says

"Goods were to be delivered on Saturday did not come till Monday.only half of my order.no predelivery phone call or text goods dropped off on drive with nobody in house.told by company remaining rest of order would come on afternoon did not arrive.had to cancel kitchen fitters"

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