24 Hr Homecare

From Everything.Sucks

24 Hour Home Care is one of the largest, most trusted in-home care companies in the nation, serving thousands of clients through our 16 locations. Our Caregivers are the most sought after in the industry, with many graduating from the top programs in the country.

With offices in California, Arizona and Dallas, 24 Hour Home Care has a wide-reaching system of in home care for you and your loved ones. Our core mission is to help senior individuals continue to lead full, healthy, and active lifestyles, by providing them with the highest quality non-medical in-home care. In order to accomplish this goal, we are constantly innovating; from equipping our Caregivers with the most up-to-date knowledge of diagnosis-specific care processes to creating personalized diagnosis-specific diet plans in conjunction with our certified dietitian.

A customer wrote: When applying to 24 Hr Homecare the staff and trainers were great and the lies they told were great also. Like, them assigning clients in your city to you after orientation and giving very little details about how they run things. I was very specific on the questions about clients in my city or nearby and they were very assuring that there would be an opportunity for me to be assigned to ONE person. Instead, you have to fish and hunt for it yourself.