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24 Hour Fitness is a privately owned and operated fitness center chain headquartered in San Ramon, California. It is the second largest fitness chain in the US based on revenue after LA Fitness, and the fourth in number of clubs (behind LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness & Gold's Gym), operating 420 clubs in only 13 U.S. states with four million clients to LA Fitness's 725 clubs in 30 states.

The company was founded by Mark S. Mastrov and owned by AEA Investors. The company filed for bankruptcy in June 2020.

A sad client writes " This is is regarding the 24 Hour Fitness location in Pearland, Texas. I called and cancelled my MONTHLY membership in early March and they still charged my credit card. I cancelled again via their website on March 15 and they confirmed that my membership was cancelled and they charged a full months membership to my credit card FOR A SECOND TIME on April 15. I do not have a contract, only monthly membership with option to cancel at any time. The problem is they will keep charging you until you die, they will not let you cancel. All their offices are closed and their money train is still coming in. I will never use them again, people are laid off and they are stealing! you owe me $ 90 now 24 hour fitness."


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Former Employee - Assistant Operations Manager says

"Management is Incompetent, hours are ridiculous"

Personal Trainer says

"I took a personal trainer job in Springfield NJ in august 2015 because they were allegedly planning start renovating in october. I ended up quitting in February 2016 because corprate revealed to all the staff that not only they not renovating the gym, sales quotas were tripled, pay was slashed, and great employees falsely accused of theft. Try selling luxury priced personal training packaged at a gym that used to be a machine shop, has out dates rusty gear, no janitor, and a mold in the shower thats a static shock away from sentience."

Former Employee - Personal Trainer says

"low pay, poor management, thilthy gyms"

Former Employee - Fitness Manager says

"Extremely corrupt corporate operation that hides behind their false statements of passion for helping people in health and fitness. They are thieves that have refused to allow some members to use their sessions and then continued to charge them monthly for more unusable sessions. They haven't done anything to fix or repair the equipment or the building that is literally falling apart. They reduced employees pay after three months of work and claimed its a zoning thing. They cut my pay to almost minimum wage and slashed my training income to penny's so at the end of the week I made less than the trainers I was managing? It's no wonder NO ONE wants this job! It's a horrible company that puts on a fake smile and proceeds to be nothing more than a skillful BS artist. If you are passionate about health and fitness this place will suck the life and passion right out of you. I make a lot more and much happier going it on my own!"

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"company requirements insane guidelines. micro managing unrealistic quotas no job security no flexible hours"

Former Employee - Service Representative says

"The pay was awful. When you received a raise it was in .50$ not even a dollar. I experienced working New Year's Day (4:45am), weekends and weird hours that constantly changed. Drastic hour cuts with no rhyme or reason. For the first six months of my employment, I worked 40 hours a week then the last part 4-11 hours per week. There was no room for growth. Customer Service Representatives dealt with a lot of dirty work that other departments felt too good to do. There was even an incentive to share gloves with other team members when doing locker room checks to save money!"


"Sales: non-commission based means no incentives to sell, but FORCED to meticulously sell memberships and personal training packages in fear of penalization at the end of the month for not reaching monthly budgets. Front desk: understaffed, overworked, terrible pay, never trained correctly, and never properly communicated to. Service staff is expected to do all the "dirty work" without neglecting all the rest of their customer services duties. Management: TERRIBLE. All upper management ignores their duties, steal from the sales team to make themselves look better, don't complete customer service requests so service staff has to deal with their leftover issues, and doesn't listen to what the staff needs. Undermines staff when speaking about club necessities, scheduling, and pay because upper management receives bonus checks for saved payroll, hours, etc, but don't think us "lower" employees know that. The CEO change over brought a new outlook that WAS based on team member/member satisfaction and customer service to sales and numbers. 24 became more about numbers than us employees and our members. It makes the work environment stressful which is a direct correlation as to why to the entire facility going down hill. When your managers cease to care about you as an employee, you cease to care about how efficient you are at your job."

Current Employee - Service Representative says

"Poor hours A lot of 'brown nosing'"

Management says

"There is literally no employee training except some silly online courses. From Club Management, right down to front desk associates, there is no formal training on processes, customer service, leadership skills. There is ZERO education for personal trainers! It is startling that this is a "billion" dollar company without these very basic things to ensure employees both properly represent the brand and can grow as employees and individuals by improving their skill sets. The Upper Management, District and Regional Managers are unmotivating and unknowledgable. Most are not from the industry and attempt to run the clubs like "electronics" stores."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"They never give you full time and they're management teams always took credit for their teams work. It is almost nearly impossible to move up when they keep threatening you about someone getting fired. Free membershipPay"

Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sense this company has gone public. They have maid many sacrifices that damage the company overall. For example, as a sales member you can only scrape by on commissions if you get any at all, and the more you work, the more you have to sell before earning your commissions."

Kids Club Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working for 24 hour fitness is an absolute joke. Don’t waste your time here. Managers have no idea what they’re doing and only like girls who will sleep with them. If you have any self-respect you won’t work here. NoneSleazy managers, bad pay"

Service and Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Just look at some of the comments about 24 on Twitter. Now imagine dealing with that in person, on a daily basis. With no support, whatsoever. Corporate "leaders" are already taking vacation, when numerous clubs are struggling to get staffed up. Prioritization and communication from the corporate level are are some of the worst I have ever seen."

Member Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was there for a little over a year and spent the most part trying to leave after 3 months. I received no training until towards my time of leaving even after requesting for it multiple times. I worked in the corporate office as well. Culture is not conducive to job growth or career enhancement within. No privacy as well when I tried to apply internally for a different position.free gym membership IF you like 24 gymsbad benefits, culture doesn't match what they portray it to be, lack of quality management and leadership at all levels, lack of communication with employees and members"

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Sale, sale, sale. Can your clients resign early? As a while, this company does not care about its members achieving results or giving the tool their employees need to be successful. There is little to no onboarding for new hires. It's a sink or swim culture. The most successful position at 24 is if you are an established personal trainer with a solid client base."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a manager for the company for years in multiple cities I have never worked for a company with less focus and real path. It was likely working for a start up every week an new business model and new plan, with less budget, less staff, and less experienced people. Worst company I’ve ever worked for in my entire adult career. The San Ramon Staff is full of idiots who don’t care about fitness or employees."

Service Representative Lead/Service Representative/Kid's Club Attendants (Former Employee) says

"I was fired from 24 hour fitness while I was on state disability. They called it “job abandonment”, even though I spoke with my manager the day I last worked, and multiple times after that. This company has one goal: make money, at whatever cost it may be. No work life balance at all. Discriminatory towards those with mental health conditions like myself."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The pay was terrible, the push to seel expensive packages to poor people was deplorable, and the comments that I received as a black woman from management were borderline discrimination."

Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company acquired another company and expected people to complete merger within 90 days when most mergers complete in 1 year. Old school culture and resistance to being progressive in doing industry practices. High management turnover. Too much work and no budget to hire more staff."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The company is all about sales and not necessarily focusing on the members/clients. It’s a good place to start if you’ve never been a trainer, but don’t expect to be paid as much as they tell you when they hire you. They also just got sued for not compensating their employees for their time."

Personal Trainer (Current Employee) says

"I do not like this job, this company makes you work yourself very hard without giving you the proper compensation and reward for your efforts. This company only looks out for company and not its employees."

Front desk associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers treat you bad and company treats you terribly. No one helps through situations and overall I’d rather work at a dollar store than this place!! Turnover is so high there’s people only working for 2 weeks before finding a new job!!!Everything."

Service Expert (Current Employee) says

"I have been working at 24 hr fitness for about 2 years now and I'm really disappointed at the location I transferred to. I used to enjoy working here until the hours got cut more than a few per day and they decided to get rid of the janitor so now employess who get paid minimum wage have to take over the janitor duties."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend working for 24 Hour Fitness to anyone, pros will never outweigh the cons. If you work in the Kids Club you are spared from most of the bull but you are still subject to random hour slashes, vindictive and petty bosses and the unwillingness to take responsibility for scheduling mistakes.Free Gym Membership. Good Friends.No breaks. Ridiclous turn over in management and staff. Low pay. Low hours. Incompetent management."

Certified Master Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, and deprived employees to be set up for actual success. Very last minute on sales especially for personal training and sales on memberships."

William Cannon (Former Employee) says

"Fun place before or after the GM/AGM work. Team members were great, you develop a ton of amazing relationships. The GM swears he knows everything and bad mouths the DM to everyone in meetings. The AGM is clueless, lazy, and disrespectful. They wonder why turnover is terrible but never think to self reflect."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"NOT WORTH IT. they don't pay for all of your hours for some reason. then when you tell them about it they have amnesia or something because they forget the entire conversation. many coworkers ha ve left because of this same reason,"

Assistant sales manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a good environment to work, low pay, they don't care about there employees. All they care about is selling and putting money in the DH pockets!!!Free gym membership"

Assistant Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"They dont pay enough for the amount of work you do. The benefits are not great and the company culture is not centered around employees. The turn over rate is high."

Dan Tabibzadeh says

"here's my story with 24 hour fitness (this happened 2016-2017): > put in a request to cancel my membership (via phone: as directed on their website) > representative acknowledges receipt of request > months go by, i'm still being charged > i call to request a review of the situation: they admit they see that i put in the request, but didn't honor it > tell me they aren't going to refund me because of some extremely outlier reason (method of cancellation was via phone call; they are hanging on to this fact like it's unacceptable to do it this way; claim i had to do it in person) > they can clearly see i did not use the gym for an entire year (they have a daily sign in sheet) > i'm out $400+ thanks to this incompetent company"

Nathan M says

"When the pandemic hit, they temporarily closed, which is understandable. Then, because of lost revenue, they permanently closed all their gyms in the state. Again, I realize that's a tough business decision, but unavoidable in this situation. However, then they gave my credit card information to another gym, which immediately charged me for a membership there that I never authorized nor even knew about until I checked my bank online. 24 Hour Fitness should be criminally charged for sharing each individual former members' credit card information."

Christiane Haase says

"Since months trying to cancel membership. I can no longer log in on their website and the "forgot password" function does not work - it does not send a link - have tried over and over again (and yes - I have checked may spam folder!) - so I am unable to log in to cancel online. The contact page on their website also only works once you are logged in. The only thing they can do well is charging."

Mick Aller says

"24 Hr continues to bill after closing, now I am up to $1,200 for training not received. I have contacted them several times on their web site per their suggestion as they do not answer the phones. They send you a meaningless email that you can't even reply to. This is fraudulent and I will never go back to a place that treats their clientele this way. It looks as if others are going through the same thing. They should not cut off their nose to spite their face!!! It is time for consumer revolt to this company."

Andrew N says

"Charged me $50 during a global virus pandemic without refunds."

Melissa Greenfield says

"This company's entire business strategy is to lie, cheat and steal. They have exhibited a long term pattern of reneging on membership contracts, degrading services, and stealing from people by making fraudulent and unauthorized charges. Member services personnel are overtly disrespectful, dishonest, and completely unwilling to consider any kind of request for the bare minimum of basic customer service. I have been a member of 24 hour fitness since 2007, and I could not be more disgusted with the way they have treated me. They do whatever it takes to sell a new contract while treating existing members like garbage. If I could give zero stars, I would."

Lindsay J says

"I don’t even know where to start with this greedy, pathetic company. They just want money. More and more money. They don’t care about their customers. Workout anywhere but here. Pay more if you have to - you get what you pay for after all."

Chris Alexander says

"Tried to cancel several months ago, was convinced to put my membership on a freeze and was told there would be no charge for this by the customer service rep. Surprise: there was a charge. When I called to get this reversed, they tried a lot of ways to get me to renew the membership but would NOT reverse the charges I was told would not exist in the first place. Of course, I did not want to renew my membership after being tricked into paying for a membership that I couldn't even use for the past couple of months. I no longer trust this company whatsoever. If you're thinking of canceling, do it ASAP and don't let them talk you out of it. I wish I had just done so immediately."

Susan Junfish says

"They will reinstate your membership even if you cancel and charge your credit card so you need to check your statements to see if they sneak it in!"

Tina Markson says

"Had the worst experience at the Rochester location, messy and people were so rude. dont go to this one."

Sam B. says

"As a former 10 year employee, I was very disappointed in the way they handled letting me go in March due to Covid. And it was ridiculous the employees they kept were only the ones who were the cheapest, not any other good reason. And I only got one raise over 10 years despite always having excellent reviews etc."

Don G Eissler says

"Been to 6 different 24hr gyms on So.Ca. Only the one on.Camarillo.has the music so loud that one has to turn up the volume so loud on ones phone to drown it out. I have moved to the area and will not renew membership if this is not resolved."

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