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The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, formerly known as The Law Offices of Sam Bernstein and The Law Offices of Samuel I. Bernstein, is an American law firm, located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The firm specializes in personal injury law. In 2008, its main office employed approximately 50 employees.

Daniela shared her experience, "Had an accident couple years ago. I was never told that I would lose my wage loss after 3 years. I talked to so many professionals and they all stated that they could have gotten my wage loss extended knowing I most likely wouldn't be able to work. They couldn’t wait until the insurance company only gave 100,000 didn't even tell me I could've keep fighting they just wanted their 30% really pathetic. I heard The Sam Bernstein Law Firm maybe 3 times in the entire year. I needed help after the case & they apparently had no interest in that they already got their money. NEVER hire a lawyer you see on tv that should tell you if they have to advertise it they obviously aren’t too good. Now my life is completely f***** thanks Bernstein family."


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