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118 118 is the UK telephone number for a US-owned directory inquiries provider. Once wildly popular for its advertising featuring two runners, the service has experienced a dramatic decline in calls due to easily accessible information via mobile devices. 118 118 started operation in December 2002. In September 2013 the company started 118118Money, a provider of unsecured personal loans.

118 Com has a poor culture working environment, low values, an unfavorable leadership, and a non-supportive work environment, according to an actual employee at glassdoor.co.uk

"This company has a really poor culture, values, and leadership which makes employees unproductive no matter how talented they are. If you are looking for a supportive and positive work environment, this company is not what you are looking for. Working at 118 118 means that you will likely be back on the job hunt in 12 to 18 months, as most the employees there."


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Stephen Mckeown says

"Been trying to access my account. Been on the phone, live chat then phone again. Told it would be sorted and it's still not. Waiting for a verify code that never arrives. Awful."

Gary Jones says

"Crap company that do nothing at all stay away from them crap I have credit card of them I've asked for them to contact me since November 49 times I've asked them so I am not paying a penny"

david h says

"One time passcode still not working. No account access.!"

Anna Tywoniuk says

"I have contacted them multiple times over the past month ( via chat ) requesting a quote to settle the loan early. They are unable to help because of some "issues" on their end. Well, this isn't really my problem is it? They told me to call them instead... well i did try, nobody picking the phone! From the loan agreement: "Pursuant to Section 94 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, You have a right to repay the loan early at any time in full or in part." Since i am bying denied the right to repay it early and therfore lose money because now i have to pay more... I am going to contact trading standards. I will also leave the very same review on every possible review site i can find them on. People need to be aware of how they treat their customers!"

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