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The 2000–01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup Qualifying rounds took place over 10 to 11 August 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic. The top 2 teams advanced to the 2000-01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup Finals where they had a chance to win the EuroFloorball Cup for 2000–01. Only 3 teams attended the 2000–01 Qualifying Rounds, as the fourth team from Hungary was forced to pull out due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Blair Zimmermann, a member of the National Floorball Championship committee said this to the article "Floorball as a New Sport by Rositsa Bliznakova" in 2009:

"The biggest obstacles for floorball Zimmermann finds in the lack of qualified teachers and the lack of facilities. According to his statement schools have been provided the needed equipment, but there is not enough know-how for leading floorball classes. In addition, clubs have faced the same facility problem, suffering under the bad reputation of floor hockey."


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