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...instore was a chain of retail stores in the United Kingdom, selling a range of products and principally concentrating on value homeware items. The company was headquartered in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire but did not have a store in the town: the nearest was 5 miles (8.0 km) away at Ravensthorpe Shopping Park, Dewsbury. The company had over 5,000 employees.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Do not work for Instore! Management is awful and lies to you. Horrible experience right off the bat. They treat you like garbage and don’t pay you accordingly as told".


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Retail Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"Terrible job no direction or guidance you are on your own the first day. Unless you are really desperate to work I wouldn’t waste my time. No guarantees you will be compensated for your work. Cons: Underpaid"

Field Worker (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company! Management is awful and lies to you. Horrible experience right off the bat! They treat you like garbage and don’t pay you accordingly as told. Cons: Everything"

Retail Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"very unorganized. no communication and they do not have enough personnel to work because they push you to take locations and between driving and doing the job, it was very stressful."

Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"I was brought in with a clear understanding of what I was asking for, as I have done this kind of work before. And a promise that I would get paid those wages. But, I was lied to. I wasn't paid for some of the work I did, I wasn't paid at the rate I was told I would get. And, for jobs I traveled to, I wasn't paid travel time or mileage."

Merchandiser (part-time) says

"Wages not enough for the tasks you perform. When you make a slight mistake they expect you to go back and fix it without being compensated. They absolutely don’t pay mileage. Not enough assignments in a reasonable distance to drive to multiple locations."

Reset Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Most "unethical-unprofessional" company in my 30 years of working in retail stores! No communications from long distance managers,and they will not pay proper wages for services rendered by me, traveled did a job at j-pilot store/shop, took photos posted hours with store manager, was never paid> tried to contact company

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"The work is very inconsistent. Such a light load for a merchandising compnay in the Midwest. New Kansas City district mgr. Whisper P. was so over her head. Never returned calls, texts or emails concerning work related information needed. Would not recommend."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"This place is not very flexible when it comes to being sick or loss of family. Also they do not stand by their word when it comes to your pay. I would never work for them again."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"They did not stick by there word. You were over worked and under paid. Would not be given time off to go to my nephews funeral. I loved my job and my clients just could not deal with management anymore."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Company is missing managed I went through 4 managers while i was here i was only working there 8 months every manager said i would have jobs in my area it didnt happen they lie and think you should travel 2 + hours just for a flat rate pay for an hours work that can be done in 20 minutes they do not pay mileage or the time for travel. Cons: managment, there lies, pay, no travel pay"

Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"Pay is low for merchandising, They don't understand that you can't write miles off anymore for 2018 until you have 12k in deductions to itemize on Schedule C. Horrible incompetent mgmt. Cons: Terrible pay, pitiful $2 bonuses. no mileage, no drive time."

Part-Time Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"I've been employed for over 25 years , Independent Merchandiser Contractor and have never encountered such an organization as this. Their motto is "All For Us- Crumbs For You". Scattered payments to their merchandisers, based on their under capitalized funding. Refuse to pay for merchandiser printing costs or administrative time.Annoying consistent emails from their District Managers with threats of removal of projects if one day late. These people don't get it and will be out of business shortly. Too many other reliable merchandising companies out there who will value dedicated employees and compensate you accordingly. Stay away from this group at all costs. Fair Warning ⚠! Cons: See above narrative"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"A bad company to work for, been working for them for 2 months and still haven't gotten paid. Always excuses, I advise anyone not to work for this company. Run!!! Cons: Run"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Moor communication from management. Add duties to your jobs only after you accept. Pay is incredibly low. District Managers have no clue what they are doing. They fire the good ones and bring in these "hacks". No mileage pay. Losing contract after contract because they are asleep at the helm. Just lost some decent contracts that kept people working every month. It is a matter of time before the ship goes u der....and no omanager will go down to with the ship--too self absorbed. Cons: No work, losing contracts, no mileage, low pay, bad management."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible. They will ask you to drive long distances and you will hardly make enough to pay gas. Managers are all bad. They try daily to take advantage of you. Didn't get a check, oh well, maybe on the next cycle. Do not work here."

For merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for! Hateful management, low pay, no mileage. Will take jobs off your dashboard without telling you. Expects you to drop everything and drive 45 mins one way to do what they want you to do when they want. Gives you 10 mins to answer a question or threatens not to pay you. Very unorganized company!"

former vendor (Former Employee) says

"Attention Everybody!!! Please don't work for this company because it's not worth your time!!!! I waste my time driving to project sites because pay was pitiful! Management is hateful to you when you have a problems with project ( such when material don't make it your house or store on time)! Cons: poor management and unpaid ( flat rate paid) $12 dollars for 30 miles project"

Merchandiser (Seasonal) says

"They beg you to take work miles away with no compensation."

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Work in my area was sporadic, and often times too far ( more than 30 miles one way) away. I completed 12 projects for this COMPANY and have not been paid 1 cent. Multiple emails have produced zero results. Currently in the process of filing a wage complaint with NC Dept of Labor. They had no issues sending work materials to my home but have not sent my pay. They offer no type of training, no payroll information, or human resource information. I've been in the merchandising field 10 yrs and this is a first , never have I worked with a company and not been paid. Cons: Not paid on pay day, jobs too far away, no mileage reimbursement, no printing reimbursement, sporadic work, low pay for projects"

Vendor Representative (Former Employee) says

"This Company has the poorest management structure in all of merchandising. In my district alone I am on my 3rd DM in 4 months, and none of them new where half of the places were in the area they were trying to manage. I tried to apply for the position and never heard anything back from upper management , not even a thank you or anything. I have more management experience in the field than half of their DM's and they have a bunch of them. This company has loads of potential if they decide to redo management with leaders that will help grow the company instead of a bunch of hacks to screw everyone over. My advice if you're into getting screwed over on things this is the company for you. Jobs are not hard but they are losing contract because they can't keep people Cons: poor management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InStore Group part-time for more than a year Cons: this place feels like a hustle from day one and the work shows it. no one cares about the work getting done just the checks coming in."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at InStore Group full-time for less than a year Cons: CEO and upper management not concerned about your value as an employee at all. Very unprofessional. Your pay is always on the line. Benefits are costly. If there were no stars to choose from thats what I would have rated."

Merchandizer says

"I have been working at InStore Group for more than a year Cons: Horribly poor pay, no follow thru on questions, can't believe they exist. Idiots work here. Set pay, not negotiable, if you go over, you don't get compensated. No drive time, no mileage."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InStore Group part-time Cons: The company did not pay several representatives after major candy and gum resets at various Favorite Market stores. The company compromised both Favorite Market and representatives by leaking out an email containing privilege information. I received and still have an email in which I was copied on showing social security numbers, addresses, and amounts due to representatives as well as Favorite Market's contractual documents amongst other pertinent information."

Former Employee - District Manager says

"I worked at InStore Group full-time for less than a year Cons: Crazy dysfunctional company with a crazy dysfunctional owner!! Expected to work 80 hours a week for basically nothing. Corporate people are very disrespectful to field teams and DM's. Emails in the middle of the night expecting responses before the business day even starts."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InStore Group part-time for less than a year Cons: Extremely poor pay. Took half my pay just to drive to a job. Supervisor acted like I was "a burden" on my first day. Had to hunt supervisor down in the store just to get each step of the reset completed. MY FIRST DAY WAS MY LAST DAY!!"

Former Employee - Independent Contractor says

"I worked at InStore Group part-time for more than a year Cons: Flat rate pay per project, no pay for travel or time and very low pay for any added bonuses."

Current Employee - Merchandiser says

"I have been working at InStore Group part-time for less than a year Cons: not many projects available in my area."

Freelancer says

"I have been working at InStore Group Cons: Sometimes you have boxes of materials delivered that need temporary storage for a job that you agreed to do. You have to sometimes take photos and download to a survey that has to be filled out which makes each survey a 45 min process for which your NOT paid. Not paid for mileage to and from the job. If this was given I would accept farther locations. I feel companies we contract with should pay a better hourly wage because no other benefits such as medical are provided. Many of the companies that InStoreGroup contracts with are BILLION dollar corporations!"

Chris says

"My order has not arrived after weeks, No Phone number to call."

Marco says

"I allready payd for the order and i never received anything.!! There is no phone number on the site to connect the shop. This is very tricky. Do not buy anything there. !"

Paulinius says

"It has been 14 business days since they debited my account for this purchase, AND I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED THIS ORDER! Dont believe their claim of delivering within 7-10 DAYS globally! They dont even have a tracking number for their orders so wont have any idea if the order was actually shipped. I just read bad reviews about your store online, and i now regret ordering this from skype."

Constantin says

"I placed 2 orders. and PAYED them instantly. First I ordered a Dualphone. A few minutes later I ordered 2 Freetalk headsets. I only received a order confirmation mail for the headsets. The Dualphone arrived a few days later. On the headsets I'm still waiting for delivery, even though they were the ones that had a delivery message 16 days ago. No information, nobody to contact, no money back. We had the same experience with instoreshop half a year ago and thought it was a one time problem. The Website instoreshop.info is down. So there's no contact information. DON'T ORDER AT INSTORESHOP!"

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