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Dorzolamide, sold under the brand name Trusopt among others, is medications used to treat high pressure inside the eye including glaucoma.[1] It is used as an eye drop. Effects begin within three hours and last for at least eight hours. It is also available as the combination of dorzolamide/timolol.

Kris wrote on drugs.com “I didn't have a good experience with Трусопт (dorzolamide). It burned intensely during the application, and after a few days caused very red, itchy, sticky eyes with yellowish discharge, almost like pinkeye. I always had to stop using it after a few days.” while Agnes said she suffered from drowsiness and fatigue, and sleep a lot after taking Трусопт.

Irishi, another user from a different website shared "I don't like how incredibly tired Трусопт (dorzolamide) makes me feel! Like I have a bad flu weakness and no energy-wise. I get so sleepy after applying it I have almost fallen asleep at the wheel after use."


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