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ZonePerfect is a manufacturer of health food products located in Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their nutrition bars and shakes, created to comply with the Zone diet. The brand is a part of the Ross Productions Division of Abbott Laboratories, and is commonly available in grocery stores in the United States. Their nutrition bars are available in 15 different flavors, each containing at least 15 grams of protein, while their shakes are available in either vanilla or chocolate, and contain 19 grams of protein.

Ashley mentioned, "I received the Zone Perfect greek yogurt raspberry bar in my good life voxbox complimentary to test from Influenster. I was horribly disappointed with it after the first bite. I actually had to spit it out because it tasted so bad! I was so excited to try it too because it looks so good on the packaging. Needless to say I won't ever be buying this product."


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Former Employee - Senior Category Analyst says

"Company has no idea what to do with ZonePerfect or EAS. Flavor extensions are not "brand innovation". Some directors have been around way too long. Same old ideas, that continue to lead to item discontinuations. Some of them made horrible brand decisions and for some reason still have jobs."

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