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Yoga as exercise is a physical activity consisting mainly of postures, often connected by flowing sequences, sometimes accompanied by breathing exercises, and frequently ending with relaxation lying down or meditation. Yoga in this form has become familiar across the world, especially in America and Europe. There is a broad variety of yoga schools, practices, and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The term "Yoga" in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga and yoga as exercise, consisting largely of the postures or asanas.

A Reddit user shared her un popular opinion, "Yoga sucks. It is boring straight up. I don’t feel my heart rate moving I only feel like an uncomfortable pretzel. I don’t feel my muscles burning how I want them to during resistance training or my heart beat like intense cardio. I just don’t feel anything and it feels like a complete waste of time. Yoga almost makes me fall asleep most of the time."


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Yoga Teacher (Former Employee) says

"It was like a one-sided relationship where I gave and gave and gave but got little in return. Students were fine. Some great ones passed through the studio doors. It’s just that the company never really got business right. Even in the best of times the company seemed off. The pandemic put us in the toilet. Cons: Headaches at every turn"

Front Desk Greeter (Former Employee) says

"I’ve worked for yogaworks in New York for almost 2 years. I’ve worked very hard and at various locations which is why I was able to keep the job for that long despite the intense bullying toxic behavior I’ve experienced. The people I’ve encountered (not clients/students or teachers) here are truly some of the worst and most vile creatures I’ve ever unfortunately met. Not the teachers or students — the management ! The ,current district manager of New York couldn’t be any more unfit for the job. She has favorites , chooses to listen to gossip instead of looking at hard work and fires people she personally doesn’t like. I’ve had one manager from at the soho location who was truly terrible and she was hardly ever reprimanded . She used her position of power to bulliy others and tried to fire people she personally didn’t like. Such Vile individuals. We had multiple meetings when she tried to fire a couple greeters for the most petty things . One girl put in her two weeks for a better job and this manager cut her time even shorter by firing her shortly after just because she left early . It was complete insanity. There was one yoga advisor who would verbally abuse another worker, constantly gossip and slander her name just because he didn’t like her and complained she didn’t say hi to him to district! Lmao she doesn’t need to say hi to you if she feels uncomfortable and if you’re verbally abusive at work she doesn’t need to. Finally another girl at the Brooklyn location who is now a yoga advisor at that location verbally harassed her coworker in front of clients and was able to Cons: Management and toxic behavior in people, in high positions, and gossiping and favoritism"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Apart from those in the Iyengar tradition, overall the yoga teachers are mean to one another. They are very un-namaste. It wasn’t always like this. This has come about in the last 8-9yrs. Cons: Low pay; No support; Politics; Mean girls"

Yoga Teacher Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible work environment and management. A yoga studio that pushes memberships and requires employees to be slaves to the company ( working overtime w/out pay and pushing the class /membership drive.)I just wanted to teach yoga and make people feel better."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I have worked at many companies and businesses including being self employed and this company does not take care of their employees or even try to keep their facility clean, even in the most wealthy part of Los Angeles. The yoga studios and bathrooms are so filthy that the entire building needs to be renovated. I made the most of my time there by getting to know the amazing people I worked with, but the company itself is not taking care of their customers or employees. I had countless customers paying very high dollars complaining about the filth of the bathrooms and studios, unfortunately as a sales person there was nothing I could do to assist them due to us being bound to an agreement that nothing could be said about the company until a year after leaving. So here it is, the ugly truth about companies that do not put customers, employees, or their own facilities first. I did choose to have fun everyday because I chose to make it a good experience regardless of the circumstance while I was there, but after awhile the dirty environment and lack of care of the company is just not up to my standards."

Studio Manager (Current Employee) says

"Employee pay, across the board, is not a livable wage. Front desk greeters are paid $8 an hour and management $32,500 a year. Pay your people like your business depends on them, because it does."

Yoga Teacher (Current Employee) says

"There are very few things I can say about Yoga Works that are positive. I will say that I am grateful that through yoga works, I met my mentor and have been able to continually study with her nearly ever day. Aside from that, my experience with Yoga Works as a teacher has been an unconscionable experience."

Greeter (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about their employees. I worked in a toxic work environment where I was micromanaged and it affected my mental health. When several employees expressed our concerns nothing was done to change and better the work environment. Overall I felt unsafe and would never recommend anyone to work for Yogaworks."

finance (Former Employee) says

"I've been a contributing member of the workforce in general for many years. YogaWorks has been the worst, most depressing experience I have yet to experience! It has left me bruised and battered (I have a mental health disability and they exacerbated it maliciously). I warn caution if wanting to join the Corporate Office. Fake friendly faces will stab you in the back to save themselves - zero teamwork! Antiquated procedures and an unwillingness to change!! Cons: Main cons were lack of support and refusal to honor promises that were put in writing!!"

Corporate (Former Employee) says

"Run the other way...investors came in and laid ppl off, the mission of yoga doesnt exists anymore. Its all about profits and budgets. New C-level management destroyed the culture."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company uses your good work to take credit of it. There is no support from upper management and try to throw you under the bus once something goes wrong."

Studio Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have been with YogaWorks for nearly 5 years. Although I worked hard and advanced through the company I received virtually zero training on anything. Since there is no training every studio does things differently, including upholding policies- this would confuse students who kept being told different things by the different locations they visited. There were many times when I wasn’t even notified that we were running a special.. I found out because I’m subscribed to YW on my personal email. There is no support or leadership from upper management or corporate. Cons: Underpaid, overworked, zero training, no leadership"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Management please Treat staff respect. toxic work environment, managers make you do your job plus theirs while they take class all day, abismal pay for a ton of work and time, no benefits, manager decides how they treat you based on how they feel that day, would rather find things wrong with great staff rather than promote growth and a positive work ethic. Employee turnover is out of control because of the treatment we are given, little to no aid from upper management. DO BETTER. Cons: Management, treatment of staff, low pay, no benefits"

corporate office (Current Employee) says

"I currently work in the corporate office and while it is kind of cool to work for a yoga company(free membership, yoga swag) it is a stressful environment. Ultimately it is all sales based, and if they don't perform, people get laid off. It's pretty cut throat here as people have no objection stepping on you to get ahead. As someone else has said, the vacation policy is horrible, not like your manager will let you take a day anyway, but it stinks. The saving grace for this company, is the students seem to love yogaworks. If the company could focus on its core, and realize they need to focus on what they are good at, this could be a great company. Also, and this isn't the worst thing, but the corporate office is a mess. It's a random collection of furniture crammed into whatever spaces are available to try and fit people in a space. No office perks either, so don't expect anything in terms of snacks, food, drinks(other than coffee and water), awful technology to use. They could definitely use some work in how they present themselves to visitors and their employees. I do believe there are some great people that work in the corporate office. I have definitely formed some long-lasting bonds here. But overall this is a place that needs a lot of work and has management that isn't interested in changing it. Cons: awful technology, lack of perks wouldn't be a bad thing if the office was half decent, but it's a gross place to work."

Sales Associate/Greeter (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for about a year, I went through 3 different managers, and they never hired more than 1 other person to run the studio with me. There was no flexibility, days I took off I was forced to work because they cant make a decent schedule. Most frustrating job of my life, they're super disorganized. Again, this goes for the boston lo. This is my experience with Boston Locations, anywhere else I can't speak for. Cons: management, work flexibility hours (dont exist), corporate, no respect"

Other (Former Employee) says

"Culture has not been the same since new investors bought the company. There is no work life balance. Many projects not enough support. They are very casual and animal friendly which helps. But compensation is not worth it. Cons: Compensation is very low, they do not pay for the amount of skill and work they need"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I noticed there were a lot of favoritism with manegment to staff toward the white people as far as leniency with time and attendance. I would not want to work in this environment again."

Greeter/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work for a greeter: Cons: large classes to check in which can be stressful."

Pilates Instructor (Former Employee) says

"The company seems disjointed from the hiring process to having opportunities to work. They place ads out looking for teachers often yet have a roster already of teachers who could do the work so it appears they are just acquiring teachers to have them not to provide positions where they are offered much time to work if at all. The studio environments are very nice and so are the people, my take away is the corporate side has been disjointed for years. I can understand why the unfavorable comments are coming from the corporate office for the most part. Cons: The opportunities they told you about are not actually what the reality is."

Head of Digital Marketing (Former Employee) says

"I love the yoga at yogaworks and am still a customer there. The brand wants to be a lifestyle brand, but the corporate office environment is more bottom line and sales based. Cons: Horrible vacation benefits (4 days your first year), almost holidays, no matching 401K and fear and sales based management"

Helle says

"TERRIBLE! Everything about Yoga International is terrible. They have tons and tons of content, but none of it was 1) useful for someone with injuries and 2) all of the classes were 40 minutes or longer! I tried cancelling the free trial, but there is nowhere to do this! Even resetting a password results in them sending you a link to a malware site. Stay the h*££ away from this website. When I finally got to the membership page to try and cancel my membership, they force you to answer a thousand questions before you can even get close to cancelling - AND they bombard you with "Are you sure?" messages, trying to manipulate you into staying. Terrible!! Now I have no idea if they're going to charge me for an entire year, because all the cancellation said was that they would stop charging me when my current billing period was over. Honestly one of the worst websites I have ever come across. Dishonest, manipulative - I mean MALWARE? Terrible."

Brian J says

"I signed up with an email that offered Core Focused Yoga collection to trail YI and keep the above collection for life. YI took & processed my CC and directed me to ... nowhere. just site access!! No instructions on how I access the promised free collection, or being switched to the start of the Core focused collection."

ladan fathi says

"There is a lack of transparency and honesty. They charge you without you signing up for a membership as they force you to enter your financial information. It is more like scams and fraud. I asked for a refund and waiting for their answer. however, there is not any number or email that you can contact with and you should send messages on a chatbox with no answers."

Sue Murray says

"Annoyed that you insist on taking credit card details but don’t advice you when the free trail is about to finish. I am fuming with myself that I have paid for 3 months that I haven’t used. I have had to cancel my credit card to stop future payments. I struggled to find out how to cancel and did ask to be refunded the money for September, this was in August but no acknowledgement. Really disappointed"

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