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Founded in 2008, XtreemSolution is an integrated Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development and an SEO company. With ideas fueled by creativity and proven by technology, we form the bridge between your ideas and your business's success.

On February 2020 a former employee wrote a review for Indeed, he thinks that Xtreem Solutions is the worst: By far the worst contract I’ve ever been on. They fire you off hear-say and you aren’t given the chance to speak on your behalf. No way of progressing in this company. A waste of time and pay is laughable. RUN!!!


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cryptogandalf.com says

"can you explain how come it is possible for you to mine more than possible , I ask the simple question: divide the total miner's revenue by miner's overall hash rate. The answer is the most accurate evaluation of how much cash flow 1TH/s products at this moment. I calculated that your hashrate is totally impossoble.Is it your calculator on the website, or can you answer me where is the problem?"

cryptogandalf.com says

"I invested also to them. Maybe they pay first, but I don't understand their mining calculator. IF you read this, can you answer to me how is it that you hash rate is bigger than it is possible?"

cryptogandalf.com says

"they are an unfortunately legit company.don't get me wrong, I also invested on them. but the truth hurts me too. in bitcoin mining, you just cannot fool the math. and it's simple. cryptogandalf helped me and everyone can go see the formula himself. absolute fact"

Alexandria Souto (Alex) says

"They ban you from the website after you make enough to withdraw."