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Xfinity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, used to market consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services provided by the company. The brand was first introduced in 2010; prior to that, these services were marketed primarily under the Comcast name.

John from San Francisco, California comments about speeds slow during the workday with Xfinity service in a review written for BROADBAND WEBSITE: I've got Xfinity Extreme Plus with 600/15 (dl/ul) and it's fine during the evening or weekends when people aren't Zooming for work. However, from 11 am to 5 pm I only get between 2.5-5.5 Mbps upload (sometimes less). Tech support at Xfinity confirmed that everyone in my neighborhood uses the same bandwidth to upload, so if too many people upload at the same time, it would lower my upload speed. Xfinity needs to upgrade its uploading capacities. Your only other option is to switch to a provider with higher upload speeds.


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Current Employee - XM Tier II/Fraud says

"No work-life balance, queue is never accurate so you're always taking other depts calls, tier 1 is outsourced and frequently just dump calls on you, supervisors are alcoholics or unprofessional, calls are extremely draining. Do not work here it will destroy your mental health."

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Terrible leadership, no employee support!!"

Former Employee - Sales Lead says

"Management was just rude and didn’t care"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"The company does not care at all about its employees or customers"

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"No room for growth. If you don't connect with the right people its impossible to move up in the company or even make more money. A lot of risk and extremely low reward. If you do well in sales, they increase the goals to make sure you make less money and make you work harder for less money"

Former Employee - Inside Sales Executive says

"Smoke and mirrors conceal the unspoken truth about this place. RUN don’t walk away - it’s a revolving door but they won’t tell you until you’ve wasted 3 months trying to make the $ they promised in the interview. Nobody but the top Mgmt makes over $37k. Even at $50k, after taxes your take home is $2800/mo. With housing costs, nothing left over! Hours are crazy too. It’s hard to balance work & life."

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Questionable/deceptive sales practices, employees encouraged to mislead clients, deceptive commission structure, no commitment to customer, customers are frequently irate, management is inaccessible"

Former Employee - Technician says

"They play heavy favoritisms at the site I worked at"

Former Employee - Customer Care says

"terrible pay working with them"

Current Employee - Technical Operation Supervisor says

"SLT's can be a bit confused at times."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to deal with an entire team of people who have no clue what they are doing. Be prepared to work with a company that doesn’t follow the cdc guidelines for COVID-19. Be prepared to be lied to daily about everything including the way you are paid. Be prepared to have a district manager who acts like a 20 year old mentally but is physically 55. Be prepared to have your check short thousands of dollars and when you call and e mail about it no one knows what is going on. From district manager up all of the people are horrible they have no common sense Nothing don’t waste your timeEverything literally everything"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"So, at first, Xfinity seemed like it would be a great job. After some time, I saw the blatant favoritism. The work environment became toxic. I almost never called in and was treated unfairly. I'm glad to be done with a company that does not care about its employees."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"The company cares more about putting fear in their employees then actually applauding their achievements and success in Sales. Everyday they add a new policy or something to make our jobs harder and more stressful but doesn’t increase the pay."

Sell rep (Former Employee) says

"They tell you they will pay you hourly but is commission so if you don’t sell you don’t get paid it’s a waist of time you trying to sell something that almost everyone hasNoneCommission pay"

Xfinity Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"My managers/ higher up were pretty much absent the entirety of working there, so I managed 5 people on my own was not the most ideal from the first day but it got better as time went on I suppose if you like feeling like your running your head into a wall everyday"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"high with turn overs due to schedule is design for younger people and not for adults with a family. Managers micromanage. You have to kiss up to move up.managers hires “sale hustlers” in a high pressured number driven environment. Training is a joke. You’re basically trying to resale service to customers who already placed orders over phone/online. Focus is sales and not customer service. Will be lied to about commission."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers micro-manage you constantly and expect you sale everytime you speak with a customer. Customers can be annoying and upset over things you can’t control. No set schedules and some days will make work 7-10 days in a row before you get a off day. High turnover rate. Had new ppl start and leave within a month. The commission and benefits were good but the mangers made it hard to come to work and don’t even teach you how to sell.The employees call out too much and it creates more issues at work with customers. Commission checks and benefitsManagers, schedule, angry customers, high sale quotas"

Senior Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Going into this company, I was told it was a heavily sales focused job (it's hourly plus commission) However, 90% of the time you're just swapping customer's defective equipment. Very few actual sales opportunities. If you don't hit sales goals 2 months in a row you're terminated from the company."

Tak Communication Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Its was good alot of work to be done just wasnt good at the end they had to lay workers off so now alot of us dont have a job.........................."

Converter Control Representative (Former Employee) says

"Comcast isn't the best paying job to work. It would make a great second job to work at though. The good thing about working at Comcast is learning new things."

Telesales Representative (Current Employee) says

"we deserve better, employees were great, supervisor do what they told, one on ones suck when u need help setting goals . overall great company just need a little tweakinggreat companypay sucks"

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"During sever years it was a great place to work. Then there were drastic changes in commission that caused issues from within. My pay dropped about 12k in one year."

Consultant Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Working for this company is great steping stone that could maybe lead you to a better path. This company due it best to work around schedules which making it very flexable and overall great company to build on and improve your successFlexableLow pay and commission"

G.T. says

"Xfinity is a pain. We had to get new cable boxes and a new router because they apparently weren’t providing service on their old ones anymore. We are now unable to hook our tv up to WiFi and have been stuck on the troubleshooting screen for lots of time now. Also had to spend an hour going off on the lazy customer service agent."

Charles says

"Absolutely terrible. Overpriced internet that regularly cuts out. Customer service is nonexistent. You literally can’t get a human to talk to on the phone."

LoyalCustomer says

"I have been a customer of Xfinity for many years, at times due to no other viable alternative being available. With many more ISP options now available today, most of my friends and colleagues absolutely despise Xfinity and will not go near them for any of their services, and while unpopular, I have actually tried to defend them citing recent positive experiences with their install and repair technicians actually showing up on time and resolving my service issues (something that would never happen in the past).

Recently, I called in (on a recorded line) to renew my Xfinity internet service under a new 1-year contract and was promised a price on the phone that I was happy with. The agent sent over the agreement while I was on the phone but I noticed it was $10 higher than what she had quoted. She said the additional $10 difference would appear as a credit. Sounds good, let's do it. However, upon receiving my first new bill I noticed a higher price being charged than what was discussed over the phone (the $10 difference). I called customer service to dispute the billing discrepancy, but they refused to honor the price, saying that the offer was no longer available and that they had no way to make the adjustment. I mentioned that I had questioned this issue when I had called in before and was assured that the correct price would be charged—I even asked if we could listen to the recorded call, but they said that was not possible. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, but the agent said none were available and that they could call me back. I agreed, but I never got a call back.

Such a horrible customer experience over and over again. I feel foolish for trying to stand up for this company after being treated so poorly. So much for Xfinity changing their image and doing better. I am now stuck in this contract that I did not agree to and am telling the story of my awful experience whenever I can."

Raz says

"Recently signed up to add to my internet service and I REGRET it. First, they report the cables they left outside as buried and they are not (so they blatantly lie). Then the billing is all messed up: What's supposed to be a $160 bill is now sitting at $441 and it has not even been a month. Now spent the whole day trying to get someone on the phone - countless machines and IVRs still can not get anyone and when you think you it you get disconnected. Terrible service and unfortunately there are no alternatives. They dont care."

Michelle Loor says

"I wish i could rate their customer service negative stars because it is terrible. Spent hours for 2 days trying to get one of their representatives to understand me. Many of their calls are outsourced out of the country and it is very difficult to understand the outsourced reps & info they provide is not at all accurate. After many different calls over 2 days, I have decided to go to local xfinity office because most of my problem was not resolved. In the end, i am going to end up canceling my service because I will never go through this terrible experience again. To top it off during pandemic they decide to increase their fees instead of helping their customers Dealing with Xfinity was completely unprofessional and a total waste of my time."

Leilani Olive-Brown says

"Not sure which is worst xfinity or at
Both are bad. Xfinity sales reps are dishonest when up selling. Once my contract is over I am out a here.

As much money the it make honesty and transparency should be top piority."

Devyn S says

"Wish there was a zero star option. I used to love this company until the last few months I suddenly started going over my data when I hadn't before. Usage had even gone down and I was still way over in spite of them giving us more data to " help". I called repeatedly to find out what had happened and was passed around instead of getting answers. I had to switch to unlimited which I feel like I was manipulated into doing by the insane overages that I suddenly was getting. Nobody in their company could help explain how my usage went down and my data still kept going up and up. I highly suggest using another company cause during a pandemic Xfinity will pretend to help you and trick you into upping your plan because it is cheaper than the insane overage fees that nobody would help you figure out. Clearly, they cared more about money than actually making things easier."

Anthony says

"They lied to me over the phone when renewing my service. I was told by the representative about my monthly cost only to see my bill almost double. I then had to argue with xfinity in regards to what I was promised verbally."

Savannah Kent says

"By far the worst internet company I've used. Their customer service is terrible."

candicane says

"There have been outages and maintenance outages without Xfinity crediting customers account. I spoke with Xfinity Corporate and was told they do not need to credit a customer when they are without services from outages. Xfinity Corporate make up the rules when there isn’t information specific to the issue."

shannon bellefleur says

"I've fought for months to get a fraction of what I'm paying for. There is no help, no recourse for poor service or even complete lack of a connection for days on end. I cannot say enough bad things about Xfinity."

jack vinski says

"Their wifi sucks. Customer service sucks. The workers themselves suck. Everything about them sucks. They should go to a poor country because that's where they belong."

Harika.R says

"Trustpilot should provide negative stars for reviewing this website. Poor customer service. Had the worst experience with this"

Matt says

"They used to be a nice company to deal with but after 2018 they went over priced and their WiFi sucked.

Their new prepaid mobile hotspot device and plans are overpriced , they should consider lowering price during pandemic."

Taylor Matthews says

"Probably the worst and most overpriced internet provider with the most crooked billing schemes."

Roe Jogan says

"avoid like a plague. They increased my bill from 75$/month to 125$/month without my consent. Very shady and shameful tactics."

Michael H. says

"Switch away from xFinity, as fast as you can !!!!
prices...that a matter of Choices, they similar to the rest.
I bought a Cable plan, including Movie Networks, Cinemax, ShowTime, HBO etc.....After 8 month they all disappeared from my TV, they have been replaced by other unknown & Unrequested channels...when I called to find out, i was told that exfinity lost the Contract with this channels so they put me instead what ever the want (Im not using even ONE of the replacement Channel )

NON Customer Service, with or without Corona virus !!!
3 Years ago i start to geta DOUBLE amount of my Bill (about $480) when I called to find out, i was told its due to the billing cycle & i dont need to worry, next month itll be its 3 years double Bill amount after over 10 times I called, never been fixed + i get a $ 10.00 late fee charge !!!
yesterday (Nov. 2020) i called again & was waiting on the phone over 90 min. (as always) to a live operator.
her answer for tghe double amount was that im paying only partial of my Bill (i do pay ONLY the monthly charge, NOT the Extra Double they put).
I explained her that Its over 3 years & all i wrote above...her response:
1-I don't see any record that u called (now im responsible for it)
2- I need to look for the past 10 years if i missed any payment, cause she can not look back more than 24 month....
3-best solution for to PAY IT ALL !!!!!

than she put me on Hold to get a Supervisor....40 min waiting !!!
supervisor MRS. Harris (She insisted me calling her MRS.) ...I asked her if she know what the Issue...she respond yes, the lady before update her, that I missed a payment !!!!
her solution....PAY IT ALL !!!

so xFiniTy / already looking for a different carrier in my area,
I will not pay this bill, looking forward to meet u in Court
I will tell everyone how bad you guys are & it seems im not the only one thinking this way (Look at the online reviews)

u guys are horrible !!!!"


"They like to screw people over"

Vicki Mackintosh-Horning says

"I would give a 0 if I could!! They are fine as long as the cash is coming in. However, when trying to cancel service got a run around for over 5 hours and multiple calls. Had to escalate to management with our new provider! REDICULOUS!!"

Golaper Subas says

"Disapointed with an internet speed. If you use cable - then everything is ok. I've tried 5 different routers and with none of them internet worked good enough. Would not recommend this service. At least price is low so that is why 3*"