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The University of Wyoming (UW) is a public land-grant research university in Laramie, Wyoming. It was founded in March 1886, four years before the territory was admitted as the 44th state, and opened in September 1887. The University of Wyoming is unusual in that its location within the state is written into the state's constitution.

Wroclaw has poor housing facilities for students and it's more expensive than the tuition, dorms are extremely small and some don't have a sink, according to a Sophomore student at niche.com

"Housing at the University of Wyoming is very poor. The cost of room and board is often more expensive than the tuition itself. The dorm rooms are extremely small; the upperclassmen dorms do not have sinks. The process of dealing with roommate confrontations is devastating. The only perk to living on campus is proximity to (some) campus facilities."


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finance (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend - they employ their friends or people who are not professionally prepared for the positions. HR and managers are not responsible and they show no action when is required. Better don't waste your time for this company."

Risk Analyst (Current Employee) says

"There is no appreciation for the work you do. Managed by people who have no technical skills. The pay is below industry standards and your hard work is not rewarded but still expected it of you."

AVP, Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Credit Suisse has been struggling financially for years and each year they squeeze the employees more and more. The new building is designed to squeeze as many employees into a space as possible. The culture is concerned only with profitability. The hours are long and the managers rarely show any appreciation for their teams. You don't want to work here."

Senior Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Culture is the worst out of my employment history."

Investment Reporting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There pure rat race of getting most paid and doing little. Continous show like we are the best of the best of the best. Really like the scene from MIB."

AVP (Current Employee) says

"No identity and ZERO core competencies; failing trading business is worst in industry and being dissolved further by the day. Costs are unconscionably cut EVERYWHERE - this may be the cheapest company in history. It hires nothing but bottom-barrel talent. Every skilled worker has quit or been fired to employ the lowest cost labor possible. UNETHICAL employees are rampant and morale is at absolute rock bottom. Cons: Too many to list"

ENO (Former Employee) says

"Poor work environment. Inefficient work culture and poor pay package."

Sales Trader and M&A Associate (Former Employee) says

"Iworked there so long ago i have few thoughts on the company to be honest, had a few different jobs there and was relocated overseas then bac to US in atlanta Cons: pay"

Business Analyst / Data Analyst / ETL Developer (Former Employee) says

"Credit Swiss models itself around a global atmosphere that will eventually devour itself. They have no idea of the feelings of their workers who despise the west yet are managing their money. It's unbelievable! Cons: Reality of a global society"

Compliance/Registration Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working with my coworkers. A lot of work daily but enjoy when I am kept busy. I also enjoyed when we had orientation for new hires I was the one that welcomed them and told them all important information they need to know starting their job. Cons: Sent over work to other countries and then alot of workers lost their jobs."

VP (Current Employee) says

"Horrendous quality of life and general work environment. They continue to lay people off at the bank and now everyone that is left has to do the job of 3 + people."

Hôtesse d'accueil standardiste (Former Employee) says

"Managment ca-ta-strophique, avec chef hôtesse abusant de son tout petit pouvoir, personnel malhonnête n'hésitant pas à accuser les autres (dont moi) de ses propres erreurs, salaire minable (suis passée cependant par société de prestation). Cons: responsables imbuvables et plus qu'imbus d'eux-mêmes, menteurs, très snobs"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Highly intelligent and analytical colleagues. Cons: Morale is non-existent with the infrastructure changes. No raises."

Senior Equity Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"Bureaucratic management and selfish bosses prevent career advancement."

Product Controller- Treasury (Current Employee) says

"I have learned a great deal about the banking and investment industry. Great experience for an accounting or finance major. Training has been excpeptional and management truly treats you as a partner."

Assistant Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Like most banks, Credit Suisse was hit hard during the financial crisis and has attempted to weather the storm without completely recovering. Every year, compensation decreases along with headcount reductions, causing employees to do the work of multiple people. Employees are expected to work long hours, but any overtime worked factors into the calculation of year-end bonuses as "total compensation" (the result being that more overtime means less bonus). Management has no idea what they're doing and they continue to stifle their employees with no advancement, increasing workload and no compensation. It's just a matter of time before this IB bites the dust."

VP (Current Employee) says

"Cost cutting in high cost locations is rampant. Unless you are a trader or banker, avoid NYC, London, etc. Cons: compensation, senior management is disconnected, lack of communicatoin"

Assistant Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sehr stressiger Arbeitsort mit wenig Coaching und sehr viel selbständigem Wissensaufbau. Keine Unterstützung vom Management. Mobbing sehr verbreitet."

Senior Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This is one of the worst company with work culture and management I have ever worked with. I can rant on like crazy but the shocking bit is its just not my own feeling as I am just echoing the environment the company has overall."

Ex employee of FLDS (Former Employee) says

"The head of FLDS is very difficult to work with. He is a picky man with micro management style. He treated staff as a dog. He is very unfair and selfish boss. He retain staff very late and,always hold meeting for few hours. Cons: FLDS head is very poor and bad guy"

Former Employee - Financial Editor says

"I worked at Credit Suisse full-time for less than a year Cons: There is a very hierarchical setup and a 'slap on the wrist' policy when you talk to someone of a higher rank than your own or make a tiny mistake. Even when you do something good, you don't get recognition for it. Seniors treat you with passive aggression anytime you don't do something to their 'standards'. They don't care about you as a human being. Very high-paced environment and you're expected to work your butt off and stress yourself out."

Current Employee - Applicaition Support Specialist says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time for less than a year Cons: They give you no physical PC but a virtual protesis of a PC with single monitor. Every simple task at Credit Suisse is complicated as much as possible. "Poor quality" is their domain. After working for few other major banks I must admit CS is most unorganized place. It's like working place for most incompetent people in the world. If you consider applying for a job there think it through, wether you want to achieve anything or just waste time and get paid for it."

Current Employee - Vice President says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No planning, strategy changes every 3 months. No competent managers to work with. Allocation of people for projects is random/chaotic and the company is not utilising potential of its employees. Managers are focused on politics instead of architecture and planning. Systems become legacy before reaching the first release. Evaluation of performance is not based on achievements but visibility."

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time for less than a year Cons: No management (only in theory, no one cares about your career, they exist only to make sure you arrive on time and to micromanage), no constructive feedback is given, people are not willing to help you learn so you can be up to speed and do your job, not many tasks for you to work in, you always have to be looking for work. Older coworkers pick on you for ridiculous things like "why you don't come to the office at the same time I do?" (Even though you're not impacting anyone, and they have a policy of come to work whenever you want to). Not many new projects you can take on after you joined you're stuck with what you got, they also want you to do tasks not related to your role."

Current Employee - Corporate Actions Specialist says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time for less than a year Cons: procedure that is really boring, no need to think... no self-development"

Current Employee - Corporate Actions Analyst says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time Cons: mordor of corporations in the city"

Former Employee - C++ Developer says

"I worked at Credit Suisse part-time for less than a year Cons: here is not any level for softwments in the current technology."

Former Employee - Vice President Engineering says

"I worked at Credit Suisse full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Chaos, incompetency everywhere, silly decisions. Terrible management style and lack of culture. Technologically retarded."

Current Employee - Unix Systems Administrator says

"I have been working at Credit Suisse full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Pure self development opportunities Repeatable work"

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"I worked at Credit Suisse Cons: lack of good structure of the internship, no mentor, the internship was in a team that was transferring process from the US, and were not stable themselves and had too big of a workload. I was waiting to get access to the programs I needed for my work for 3 weeks. Then my salary was delayed for a month, because my manager forgot to approve my hours before going on holidays, then the salary was sent to my sister's account, who was not officially hired through Credit Suisse anymore. All in all i received my salary at the end of my internship, after nearly three months of working. Absurd."

Klaudia says

"I am seeking resolution."

Lucy says

"I am 7 days post procedure and I am only just starting to feel well again. Overall I am very sad and disappointed with my experience. I travelled to Poland for a labiaplasty, and after much research decided to go with ClinicForYou. I was aware my consultation and procedure would be on the same day, as it is a relatively minor and straight forward procedure. However the consultation lasted all of five minutes and I was practically ushered out before I could ask the questions I had planned to ask. I was told to be at the clinic at 8.30am. I had the surgery at 5.00pm and was offered no food/drink. But i must say the staff were generally lovely at the clinic. After the surgery I experienced a lot of bleeding and swelling, I was reassured this was all normal. As per protocol, I returned to the clinic the next morning at 8.30 for a check up. I knew after the surgery that things weren’t quite right. I had massive swelling and bruising, particularly on the right side. The dr had a look and said all was normal, no issues. The follow up was even shorter than the consultation. The following 6 days was hell. I experienced swelling, bruising and pain that intensified by the day. I was certain I had a haematoma. I kept in contact with the clinic and sent photos, expressing my grave concerns. They simply responded that all was normal, even though the stitches on the right side had opened. It wasn’t until I physically drew a circle around the obviously open, bleeding wound (sorry a bit grim) on the photograph that I had a reply saying that I should go back to the clinic so the dr could put another stitch in. Coming from a medical background, I knew that re-stitching an open wound is not advisable. And given the amount of pain I was in and sheer the lack of trust I had, there was no way I was going back! I was due to fly home to the uk with my Mum a week after the procedure. However due to feeling more and more unwell and suffering increased bleeding I booked a flight home a day earlier. It was awful. I was met by paramedics at the plane and taken to hospital. Yesterday I had further surgery to remove a blood clot. In theatre they found that the bleeding was due to an arterial bleed and so I had the artery sutured and the wound closed. I still have lots of swelling but the pain is so much better already, thanks to the amazing NHS staff. It’s unclear how well all will heal, but I am so glad to be feeling somewhat better. My experience has been unlucky and unpleasant and unfortunately I am feeling a lot of regret at the moment. Something that I wanted doing so desperately has ended up being quite traumatic. Be careful, know the risks, and be really sure you want to take them :)"

Jade says

"I had otoplasty here 7 months ago - I was drawn in by the low prices. The consultation lasted 2 minutes (in London consultations for cosmetic surgery last at least 30 minutes..), the surgeon did not even ask about my desired results and it felt like he just wanted me out to get on to the next patient. The results were unfortunately very poor. On one side the surgeon has removed way too much and the majority of the cartilage leaving me with a huge 'dent' in my ear and a very broken looking ear, and the other side I have a big visible lump of extra cartilage in my ear due to the surgery being done wrong and causing overlapping cartilage edges. To top it off they still stick out the same as before (as the tops were not touched, and that was the only thing that stuck out) but are damaged, deformed and painful. It has been just over 7 months now and my ears still cause me pain every day in day to day life such as going to the hairdressers, hugging some one, sleeping on my side and pulling a shirt over my head, as it was done so badly. I recently went to see the UK's leading otoplasty specialist in London and he said that the result is very bad and that the surgeon has performed a conchal bowl (middle of the ear) reduction, when in fact correction of the antihelical fold (top of the ear) was all that needed doing as the middle of my ears did not stick out at all it was just the tops, and that I did not even need cartilage cutting in to and a simple stitch made to the top of the ear would have been sufficient saving me all the pain and not to mention the bad results and scarring. The specialist said cartilage removal or scoring/cutting is not necessary any more as otoplasty techniques have advanced. This shows that the surgeon is inexperienced not to know this and using old, dated methods. You would think that even if the surgeon is bad at otoplasties, he could at least make a neat incision and stitch it up correctly on the back of the ears as he is doing incisions day in and day out.. but no - he has left me huge wonky scars that stretch up my whole ears (the otoplasty specialist is confused as to why the scars stretch so high up my ear as the surgeon did not even touch the tops of my ears), and it is raised, rough and with visible bumps all along the incision line. I really cannot believe this cow boy is allowed to operate .. I think I could have done a better job myself! Although I was fairly unhappy with my ears before, I am devastated with them now and just wish I could have my old ears back. This has affected my confidence a lot and I can now never wear my hear up or even tuck my hair behind my ears. The otoplasty specialist said the damaged cartilage is unfortunately unfixable as it has already been removed, so I am stuck like this forever. They did refund my surgery cost but this took me 5 months of emails debating back and forth and them claiming nothing was wrong when it was clear from my photos that it was, and they tried to get me to come back instead for a 'free fix', which of course I did not want. But the £790 refund (I originally paid about £860 but they made me pay the conversion costs for refund...) does not compensate me for the fact that my ears, which are on the side of my face and I have to live with every day for the rest of my life, are ruined. I went with a friend to Poland for this surgery and she had a breast uplift and enlargement and she is also very unhappy with her results as the uplift has not worked so leaving her a big scar on her nipple for no reason. It is not like me to write negative reviews online, however this is very serious - please do not go here and please do not be drawn in by the cheap prices.. see a top specialist in the UK and if you can't afford it please just don't bother at all!"

vishnu mitra says

"Had an fut hair transplant left a very bad scar hasn’t worked at all should have given a course of dht blockers and minoxidil and didn’t and when messaged the clinic on Facebook I was Unfriended so I couldn’t post a bad review"

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