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Wornick Foods is a leading supplier of convenience foods and military rations to institutional customers including the U.S. government and other large Consumer Product Goods companies. Shelf safe™ foods are co-manufactured under leading brands sold in retail and foodservice outlets throughout the United States. Wornick, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1979 and employs more than 500 people.

Wornick has horrible working conditions for employees, salary is below average, and it's a horrible working experience, according to a review by a former Quality Control Inspector at indeed.com

"Working at Wornick a horrible experience. The MCP in the frozen dept should make 20 plus an hour because of the horrible work conditions. You literally are frozen by the time the shift is complete. Pay is below average for what you deal with at the unorganized facility."


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Assembler (Former Employee) says

"you work on an assembly line that does not stop you're not allowed to stop no communication people are not friendly very diverse cultures pretty much stick to themselves very fast-paced very uncomfortable environment would not recommend this job it's a sweatshop they pay is poor for the type of work any amount of work you're expected to put out Cons: everything"

Production Cook (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, no advancement opportunities within the warehouse. Crazy work hours, no set schedule. No communication within the departments. Failure rate is very high. Cross contamination issues with all the ingredients. Alot of saftey procedure issues. Needs to reported to OHSA and the health department including the USDA."

Quality Control Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Over worked,under paid. Management don't care about there employees,its very hard to get ahead in this company.you work everyday and have no time to spend with your loved ones,its a very stressful place to work at. Cons: too much mandatory overtime, management is horrible, communication suck, favoitism, they dont care about their employees."

MPC (Former Employee) says

"They work part time people full time and dont paythem benifits a lot of the people are from other countries and they think they are being treated well compared where they came from Cons: hated every minute"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here,they dont care about there employees,its hot in the summer and half the fans dont work.too much mandatory Overtime for employees but management gets to stay home with there family.too many managers and yet nobody knows what's going on half the time.they are horrible at training the people that work for them.in no way shape of form do they appreciate the people that work for them.its a overall horrible and miserable place to work. Cons: everything else"

Quality Control Assurance (Former Employee) says

"And I mean dont care at all fired a person that took vacation day that had to go to court coz someone broke in their home and was a passanger in a car crash fired her while she was still in hospital and canceled her insurance same day never even told her went to get rx filled 5 days after getting out and krogers called told her she didnt have insurance called wornick and said we had to let you go thats how they treat thir good workers so stay away if you want to have a life and not worry about when they decide they dont want you coz your hurt or sick or use your vacation time. I liked my job their hours was crazy and spervisor would stick up for his good worker but still hr does what they want. Alot of workers"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"totally disfuntional leadership violate many rules including hiring illegals constantly in reactive mode i guess the best part of my job is some of mycoworkers Cons: none"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place has to much conflict of interest. I was not once trained on my actual position they refused to until I was injured on the job , management is very very poor, unprofessional and rude including the line leads. The turnover rate is extremely high because they work you like a dog and talk to people with no respect, so people quit everyday. Basically if they feel like you are a threat to them they will do anything to get you to quit or fired. I wouldn't refer this job to someone I disliked it's very inhumane and it is horrible. Cons: Everything but the work hours."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Working at wornick a horrible experience. The mcp in frozen dept should make 20plus a hour because of the horrible work conditions. You literally are frozen by the time the shift is complete. Cons: Pay is below average for what you deal with at the unorganized facility"

Packaging Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not good Work environment, Not good management"

Final Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I loved how I was in control of many aspects of the job. I had to complete so many task a day, that my shift went by so fast. Then the company downsized and left with workers, who couldn't keep up with the pace needed to fulfill the orders. they were also very careless with safety. Cons: Lack of safety and poorly ran"

On line qc (Current Employee) says

"Overall it’s a sucky place to work.. it’s who you know and who you blow!! To much favoritism!! It’s absolutely the worst place I’ve ever worked for in my life!!! Cons: People, poor management, & pay"

QC Technician (Former Employee) says

"They hired me as a QC, and on the first day they put me on the assembly line. They had enough QC.Then I do not understand why they need qualified specialists to work on the assembly line."

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The people are accommodating and fun to work with, good culture, job security. management are well organize and friendly. Good production. Cons: shorts"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management leads by fear."

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Illegal immigrants, allows employees to be on drugs while working and upper management knows about it and some employees smell like weed. Hot place to work in the summer and that's when managment disappears. They work you to death and it can be hard to take vacation days. They will fire some people with attendance issues but not others. There are people not on FMLA that miss several days and leave early and still keep their jobs. There was this one woman that had a bad shoulder and parked in hamdicap spots which is not a real handicap but the company allowed it. Most corrupt company ever. Oh and they feed nasty papa johns pizza every weekend."

QC Technician (Former Employee) says

"They hired me as QC and put the workers on the line on the first day. They had enough QC and I don't understand why they need qualified QA for on-line assemblers."

Line Assembly, Line Lead, Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"The job is easy yes, but management is terrible! They will run you to death all day long just to get you out early so you cant get your full time for the day and when I asked why, my SUPRVISOR said to me its so upstairs gets their bonus!!"

Monitors Assembler (Former Employee) says

"not that great but okay. typical day work is flexible and hardest part of job less tools to work. cant say anymore that it have no more to say about wornick"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This company treats their employees like dogs and dismisses any concerns you may have. I am not sure how they are still in business with how terribly this company is run."