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Workplace is an enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook, Inc. and includes the use of groups, instant messaging, and a news feed. Development is led by Julien Codorniou, Vice President of Workplace, & Karandeep Anand, Head of Workplace. Workplace was first announced on January 14, 2015. It launched in beta as Facebook at Work before officially launching in October 2016. Facebook recognized the importance and need for a Workplace product in 2011 when the company began using Facebook groups for business purposes internally for collaboration and communication. Alongside Facebook Messenger, these private groups helped Facebook employees work more efficiently together by reducing their reliance on email and other Software as a Service tool.

A dissatisfied customer shares his review, "The Workplace platform doesn't appear to provide any substantial benefit not already provided by project management or chat apps. Also, many employees are hesitant to share more information with Facebook."


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