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Wishbone is your home for comparing social content. Every morning you receive a new "Daily Dozen", which is a series of 12 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices. If you complete all 12, then you get a "Nightly Dozen" too!! You pick a side and then you can see how your friends voted. It's a quick and fun start to each morning, giving you a little bit of knowledge about what’s buzzing around the world. We cover humor, fashion, celebrities, sports, music and pretty much anything that you want to talk about.

An upset user shared her experience "A year of Wishbone and I regret it (18 yr old perspective)CSM is lying to you. I need to set some things straight here. 1. Wishbone is a social app, and you can post and message anybody as long as there is a mutual folowing 2. There are a TON of porn accounts 3. There are a TON of bullies 4. There are a TON of catfishes ~Details~ So I have had Wishbone for a year and I regret it so much. I accumulated a following of about 15k people (Man, I was dumb) and I have had my fair share of everything.People say the worst thing about this app is comparing celebrities to each other but I had had about five cyberbullies cuss me out (f***k, s***t, b****h, the whole set). I have also had about ten seven year old girls tell me I was hot and attempted to send me pictures. Even worse, a bunch of people tried to take pictures of me that I posted and use it to get their own gaggle of fangirls. One time a crazy girl even found out my last name even though I never released it.PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD GET THIS APP, PLEASE. I REGRET IT, AND YOU WILL REGRET IT. The only nice thing I can think of about this app is that some kindred spirits will defend you through all of this should you choose to socialize with some accounts."


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Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Felt very unappreciated, people who do little get treated like gold while the people who work hard get treated like dirt under their shoes, they are very dishonest also. Cons: Everything"

All Rounder (Former Employee) says

"Management shocking, coffee training terrible and no payrises/ advancements. Also a lot of co-worker bullying going on and not being addressed. Good for an entry way into hospo but"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"We never got paid on time or the right amount of money. The owner only wanted to take smoke breaks instead of running her business."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Crew is very nice in the beginning. Once you start getting to know them, you’ll see how drama filled the work environment is. Some crew members definitely doesn’t follow the guidelines of the work environment and gets away with it."

customer service (Former Employee) says

"i loved working with all the girls we were like one big happy family Cons: long hours"

Cafe Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Wishbone offered no real incentives for hard-work and treated their employees as potential thieves rather than giving them any perks. There is a very quick turn-around of staff and almost all of my co-workers had very low job satisfaction. Cons: No discounted or free food offered, very little flexibility offered, often worked long hours, quick turn-around in HR and head office meant that management was a bit all over the place, very few opportunities were offered"

BARTENDER/SERVER (Former Employee) says

"Very easy job. Does not pay well. Does not offer many options for better positions. Works you way too much and it doesnt give you much time outside of work for family. Cons: no family time. low wages"

Cafe Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The location suited my residential address and I was able to learn new effective ordering systems and experience another culture of Hospitality within the health sector."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wishbone full-time for less than a year Cons: The culture is so toxic. I tell stories to friends and family about how staff are treated, and they can't believe how rude, unprofessional and genuinely mean the founder has been to staff. The organization is now shut down for the year, because they can't maintain staff at all. The founder also is now responding to other reviews with incorrect and untrue comments -- and some negative reviews have been removed and other "fake" positive reviews added. At this point, it's actually just sad."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wishbone full-time Cons: The founder is incapable, unkind, indecisive and toxic to the organization. All former employees would agree that they loved the mission, but how they were treated and disrespected on a daily basis overshadowed the rewarding work they doing. Unless the founder completely steps away, I don't know how they will ever retain employees."


"I worked at Wishbone Cons: Leadership is a revolving door, and the founder is incredible inexperienced and unkind. Can't keep talented staff and can't retain influential board members. Potentially a sinking ship."

Former Employee - Barista says

"I worked at Wishbone full-time for less than a year Cons: Massive food waste and no recycling done. We just chug it. Aren`t even allowed to take anything home with us. Furthermore, you`re expected to run a whole store on your own, starting from week 2. It´s kinda crazy and somewhat riddiculous. All for min wage. Absolutely underpaid and it goes beyond the duty of an actual barista (lots of paperwork)"

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