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Westpac Banking Corporation, known simply as Westpac, is an Australian bank and financial services provider headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Established in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales, it acquired the Commercial Bank of Australia in 1982 before being renamed shortly afterwards. It is one of Australia's "big four" banks and is Australia's first and oldest banking institution.

A customer mentioned, "I have been with Westpac bank now for 2 years & on the verge of getting all my savings out and join another bank, I always had trouble with the customer services. I feel they could've been a little more time giving and understanding."


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Current Employee - Graduate says

"Graduate program is nothing like advertised. Don't expect to be working on any ground breaking projects because there are none here."

Former Employee - Business Banker says

"You have to sell things like credit card insurance that actually cover nothing You are bullied by managers and area managers huge turn over and re shuffling of staff"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Call centre with flimsy processes and systems"

Current Employee - Group Technology says

"Poor senior management expecting staff to work long hours and tight deadlines to make up for poor past decisions and lack of oversight"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"bad mgmt overall didnt know how to manage"

Former Employee - Finance says

"hierarchical, poor culture, little opportunity"

Former Employee - Bank Manager says

"Drama, leadership is pretty short-sighted, unfair treatment. Looks away when high performers break any rules"

Senior Business Analyst says

"Clueless management talking about strategic business and IT solutions but where creative mindset and bold decisions are nowhere to be seen. A pass-the-buck culture that rely on externally offshore outsourced 3rd tier IT resourcing with little innovative culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Small with very few opportunities for juniors"

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"Too much politics, Too many people concerned about looking after their own behind than the clients"

Designated Officer / Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Work environment is not great to work in due to location. Management level have no idea what they need to do. not taking responsibility at all. Not a great experience"

Remediation manager (Current Employee) says

"Westpac says a lot about looking after staff but never do they say you want to develop but then don’t talk to you about if you take a temporary role you can be replaced"

RELATIONSHIP MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"If your thinking of Westpac... Don't Why,? -no leadership -treat managers like kindergarten students -Have no idea what is needed to create strong relationships.NilA joke of an organisation...all talk no action"

Digital producer (Current Employee) says

"Westpac tries to force their values down your throat but it has a culture of bullying and backstabbing that is overlooked and encouraged by management. There is a culture of fear as people are micromanaged and not allowed to make decisions. The Digital Sales team name alone shows Westpac is about profits not people. The department is run by marketing people who have no technical knowledge. The onboarding and training for this team is non-existent and the digital producers team do not have a manager or support. They are very early in their adaption of agile methodologies and agile in name only. It all looks good until you look under the hood. One for the resume only.Good locationPoor structure, bullying culture, backstabbing, low salary, no training"

Senior Comms Manager, Business Bank (Current Employee) says

"Westpac is a challenging but interesting environment to work in. People are friendly and generally willing to collaborate and innovate to improve productivity. Being a large organisation sometimes seemingly simple tasks can have their challenges but as a result the rewards can seem even greater. It is a caring environment and work - life balance is highly valued. Women are well represented at all levels within the organisation and diversity and community responsibilities are all taken very seriously. Overall a great place to work.Flexible workingComplexity and multiple stakeholders"

Bank Officer (Former Employee) says

"Agree bullies paradise, a lot of internal politics, favoritism and nit picking. When you have staff that complain be prepared to be targeted by senior management and constantly been told you are not good enough. HR failed in hiring sociopaths as managers, and when you tell them that is the case you get made to feel it is you that is the problem. I left as quickly as I started. One of the worst places to work, no wonder the media has a field day with them. Funny thing is these bullies hide behind a corporation try working in the real world where there are serious consequences and see how far you go?PackagesBullying culture"

Home loan Originator (Former Employee) says

"I had 5 great years at Westpac until management decided they did not need me anymore. They systematically put me into a performance management until they could cause me to resign."

Finance Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They come in at work, go to starbucks and buy coffee and donuts too and then they bring back to office and take a sip or two before entering the workplace."

Personal Banker (Current Employee) says

"Don't expect to know how to do the job, training is see a presentation and magically know everything and how to be good at the job, management do not know how to motivate or guide staff only chastise them for not hitting targets"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"help you to save money and manage your debit more effectively and encourage you to spend less money but save more for your future used."


"only went there once in grade 8, was good working there because I was working at my mothers workworking with my mumalways sorting documents"

teller (Former Employee) says

"Too many meeting all sales, Targets way to hard to reach. No one seemed happy (mainly targets) Moving staff from branch to branch regardless of child care, school runs etc,Reduced bank feesLong hours, with no thanks"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"workplace bullying seen in many department. staff cannot reach the upper management to give feedback most staff choose to leave their job after a few attempts"

Technology Consultant : Development (Current Employee) says

"Work place should be full of positive energy, awesome team. Work is made a life place only if you are able to enjoy your work and treat it as your life. This is something lacking in my world.Nice workDisrespectful team, No positive team, Long days, Short breaks."

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management are not supportive and have very little commercial acumen. They drive sales at any cost and at customers expense. Excellent bankers were lost because of an attitude of "you are only as good as your last week". Strategies are short term sales based without consideration of long term relationships with customers. Systems are old and fragmented. Targets are increased if you get too far ahead to avoid bonuses.Work ware provided. Flexible work arrangementsHigh sales pressure, unreasonable targets, destructive culture, high business travel expectation with no car provided."

Home Finance Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Micro managed. Total lack of trust and autonomy. Foeced to sell banking products to customer who did not need them in order to meet sales targets. No integrity in managementFewBad shifts and micro managed"

Teller and Designated Officer (Assistant to Bank Manager) says

"Toxic environment with constant meetings badgering staff to sell products and meet scorecards. Emails bombarding staff every day promoting selling, selling, selling. Royal commission has not made an iota of difference to the way this organisation operates. So many staff are on medication for depression and anxiety. You are just a number. Still in touch with current staff and constantly hear that nothing has changed."

Consumer Banker (Former Employee) says

"The Team Managers and Knowledge Experts of Westpac and St. George group are the most unpleasant, two faced and unprofessional employees I have ever worked with in my career of 15+ years in the workforce. The employees have a pathetic work ethic and are just in it for the money and benefits only, as I was told. The WPC vision is "we are people helping people", actually it is quite the contrary. I wish the CEO would read this remark because this is not Disneyland guys you need to be running a business and helping your vulnerable employees with humanity and respect.officesemployees"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Very bad company to work for. Too much favoritism from the managers and senior managers. They will will push you to either resign yourself or make such circumstances for you to call it a day. Pathetic attitude.Bank employee benefitsUnbearable stress"

Home Finance Manager (Current Employee) says

"conflicting multiple managers each with agendas of their own. The Culture they push is one of dog eat dog with little attention paid to individual strengths of staff members. A culture of perform this week or you are out is prevalent."