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Wesfil has been a part of the Australian automotive aftermarket since 1984 when manufacturing began in Western Australia. In 1985 the business was taken over by Terry Cooper who relocated operations to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where the Head Office is still based. In 1996 Wesfil became part of the automotive division of GUD Holdings Ltd, and formally became known as Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd. Since then, Wesfil has continued to expand and thrive in a market that continues to demand quality, range and good old fashioned customer service. Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd sources its air, oil and fuel filters from quality assured suppliers who manufacture to meet the performance requirements appropriate to the application.

An employee had this to say in an interview, "Many of the issues come from lack of preparation, planning and communication. NOTHING can be questioned and the proverbial: 'kicking the can down the road" applies. Some employees in position of authority with 'god' complex. No room for advancement or growth."


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