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Wellington (Māori: Te Whanganui-a-Tara [tɛ ˈfaŋanʉi a taɾa]) is the capital city of New Zealand. It is located at the south-western tip of the North Island, between Cook Strait and the Remutaka Range. Wellington is the major population centre of the southern North Island, and is the administrative centre of the Wellington Region, which also includes the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa. It is the wo


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Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Approved for short term disability for 3 months, was told to be in work on day 3. Insurance company paid my salary for 3 months not knowing i was working. After surgery #2 had to go directly to work..left suit jacket on to cover up blood stains as my stitches once again failed Cons: Worst company to work for if you are an honest person"

Systems Manager (Former Employee) says

"Systems, Applications and Capabilities are 5-7years behind the industry in some of the IT departments. They have a lot of arrogance in stating "we have the best systems in the industry" benchmarked to what? and most of the folks have been at Wellington for so long, they haven't kept up with what the IT industry is doing. Reality is that the IT Budget is very thin every year and there not any interesting Projects to work on Cons: long hours, stressful, poor IT management"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Met some great people but the Bonus plan has dried up so they are letting people go so that there are less people in the Bonus plan. so they can cater to the few. Cons: Dishonesty"

Audio Visual Technician (Former Employee) says

"very poor communication through all groups. You just work on your own and no collaboration. They outsourced they AV department right after I left so not sure how it is now."

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Other departments are very hierarchical. It is almost impossible for a woman or minority to advance in the non-investment teams. There is also very little appreciation for the supporting teams. Cons: You do the work of 4 people"

Fixed Income Portfolio Specialist (Current Employee) says

"- greatest part of the job interaction with investment professionals around the firm, knowledge sharing"

QA/Performance Consultant (Former Employee) says

"9 to 6 Cons: Poor Management"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"WMC has a great culture. Have spent several year at WMC, the company continues to cultivate a strong culture. The firm is looking to advance globally."

Senior IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"team was not supportive and there is no work life balance and also there is no professionalism in the team and company . overall Its a easy ride with this venture."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"It used to be a nice place to work at. Very political (at least on the client side), the favourites can get away with almost anything. You can ask for feedback, but some people are not that willing to give it to you."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Get paid for what you work; no benefits Cons: no benefits"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pros: People take their jobs seriously (sometimes too seriously) and respect colleagues."

Senior Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"+ good pay Cons: bad management skills, work outside of US is not appreciated"

Trade Operations Intern (Former Employee) says

"I think the tough thing about Wellington is that the jobs other than investment research are generally highly operational and mundane. Doing the same tasks over and over again day after day does not provide for much learning or growth opportunity. Cons: culture is overinflated"

Application Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management has high expectations and you'll have the opportunity to deliver on those expectations. Blocks are not an excuse, but an opportunity. However don't expect any thanks. Instead, you'll be judged based on your weakest attribute. Better be well rounded, if you intend to succeed long term. Not the place to be if you're looking for warm and fuzzy. Cons: Aggressive work environment"

Solutions Center Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work, but they have outsourced my job. I have been there as a contractor for 7 years. No conversion possible. I live 6 miles from the job, very nice commute."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"It's a great firm to work for though with that greatness comes an arrogance that leaders at the firm have. when you have problems with your role or manager, its hard to talk to anyone. Cons: Arrogance"

Senior Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Good exposure to anything you can do. Given that the compensation is so good there, no one leaves so you will either stay in the same place your entire career there (with maybe one promotion) or you will be laid off."

Audio Visual Specialist/core anyalist (Current Employee) says

"I have learned nothing new at this company. it is an unorganized company that does not know how to make decisions on a daily basis. i would not recommend working here. they will pay you 30% less then you deserve and make you work 30% harder. no Direct hire nor will get hired directly even when they say they will. consultant sess pool. Cons: 0"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you’re looking to work at a place that is just there and that’s it then this is your place. Otherwise I wouldn’t really recommend it at all to anyone."