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Webvan was a dot-com company and grocery business that filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after 3 years of operation. It was headquartered in Foster City, California, United States. It delivered products to customers' homes within a 30-minute window of their choosing. At its peak, it offered service in ten US markets: the San Francisco Bay Area; Dallas; Sacramento; San Diego; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; Chicago; Seattle; Portland, Oregon; and Atlanta, Georgia. The company had hoped to expand to 26 cities by 2001.

According to FORBES some reasons why Webvan failed: - Commentators point to several reasons for Webvan's failure: - Aggressive expansion to many cities without proving its business model in its first market - A business model targeting price-sensitive mass-market consumers rather than upmarket consumers who would be more profitable - Building its own warehouses and fulfillment infrastructure from scratch,in contrast to services such as - - - Peapod which survived the dot-com bust and used the infrastructure of existing supermarkets (as did the later successful but not profitable Instacart) - NET named Webvan one of the largest dot-com flops in history.


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