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Forcepoint, an American multinational corporation software company headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies that develops computer security software and data protection, cloud access security broker, firewall and cross-domain solutions. Forcepoint was founded in 1994 as an information technology reseller called NetPartners. It was renamed Websense in 1999 and became a public company in 2000 at the peak of the dot-com bubble. Vista Equity Partners acquired Websense in 2013 for $906 million. Raytheon acquired an 80% interest in Websense in April 2015 for $1.9 billion and acquired the remaining 20% interest in 2019. In 2015, Websense acquired network security vendor Stonesoft from Intel and in 2016, the company was renamed Forcepoint.

An employee writes that, "[Forcepoint has] Dysfunctional senior management. The company is being run by arrogant engineering leaders. Forcepoint is not looking at what's really happening out there, twisting market and facts into a self-fulfilling vision while downplaying competitors like ZScaler, Palo or Crowdstrike, with real eco systems and growing faster."


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Briefing Coordinator/EA to CEO (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible management, no benefits, make promises during hiring process and then take them all away once you begin working for them. No work life balance at ALL. Expect you to eat, live and breath their terrible company culture. Not flexible with families or persons commuting- even when they advertise they are. No support from very beginning- took almost 3 months to get a company phone and was expected to pay for my own long distance company calls from my personal number- w/o reimbursement for all 3 months. First day (second day on job) met our Executive and he took me to lunch- ordered his food first then paid for his- and his only. No direction, yet expected to perform miracles in seconds. Screaming boss, demeaning, unsupportive. Filed a harassment suit w/ HR against a co-worker my SECOND week- only to have it backfire on me and make my life an absolute living he// for the remainder of the time I was employed. No way Boston office is able to stay afloat with their incredibly poor direction and management styles. Won’t spend a dime on employees- even for standard daily operating procedures- yet will shell out THOUSANDS on junk for CEO & Executives. Hope no one has to ever go through the daily torture I had to endure while working here."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"This place sucks and was the worst experience in my professional career. Heavily relied on sales goals that was never attainable. Too much turnover, too political, no work-life balance, terrible and disrespectful middle management, unrealistic expectations, no WFH. Reduction of benefits, Layoffs. Cons: Everything"

Sales Engineer (Current Employee) says

"No respect for women in IT "boys club" they do not really care about people its about numbers turn and burn HR is shady. Cons: plenty"

Former Marketer (Former Employee) says

"Treachorous and vile work environment. Absolute idiots for directors, mostly from a former nearby employer. Stupidity and cliques rule the day. PTO? Sure, just don't plan to use it. Salary is well below tech standards. Cultural values? Promotion? Joke. Value their employees? Sure. that's why the turnover is so high. Insular C-suite with ZERO knowledge of what's really going on. Work elsewhere if you can. A pre-IPO company with no offer for employee participation via stock options. Benefits are lousy. That says it all. CEO has his work cut out for him. Cons: Too many to list."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Much of the management at Forcepoint was imported from Raytheon and want to flip the company quickly. The company motto is "Be All In" yet its no secret that many of the installed management team will be back in Boston again within the next few years. Cons: Bi-polar financial direction, absurdly high turnover, ineffective management"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend this place to anyone. Management is terrible. CEO is a walking commercial and is terrible in front of customers. Benefits are poor."

Director of Sales (Former Employee) says

"Forcepoint is the worst job I ever had - very negative environment, terrible morale, poor leadership, poor benefits and no culture (depending on the dept you are in). Very political. Dont waste your time or be fooled by their marketing. There are better places to work in Austin, for more money. Departments do not talk to each other, unqualified people are promoted above their capability. New CEO talks a good game whilst walking out capable people and replacing with diversity hires. Pass Cons: Leadership, no equity, poor benefits, low pay, low bonus, not meeting sales targets, high turnover rate"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No Work Life Balance at all - TOXIC !"

Technical Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Cuts throughout company. Too many managers and not enough workers. Old technology that is not keeping up with changing times. Cons: Too many micromanagers. Not enough workers. Low pay."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"In four years in Austin, this company has changed so much about its leadership and yet not a single second was devoted to creating a culture. HR is useless and run by a scary robot. The latest CEO looks like he has aged ten years since working here. No one is particularly happy, except maybe the C-suite! Cons: Everything under that roof is awful"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"with the recent acquisitions and new leadership team, the company lost focus and they stop caring about employees. They are hiring a lot of people but them there a lot of layoffs at the end of the year Cons: vacation plan"

Senior Software Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"My manager changed three times in a year. Team is not clear what to do. Message from the top does not pass through all the way down. All executives on the top has been replaced in the past 1-2 years."

Senior Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I can't speak for all departments, but all managers in my department had near zero technical capabilities while managing technical employees. One didn't even understand how to plug in a monitor to their docking station. Cons: Direct Management and higher doesn't care about your existence and efforts that you've put in."

Unknown (Former Employee) says

"Still young.... The culture of the environment is lacking. With the constant change of command - it's difficult to adjust and grow. Not the best place I've ever worked. Cons: Can't implement the products / support the products"

Technical Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Worked in Technical Support Cons: Everything else"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"The acquisition of Forcepoint by Raytheon has created a toxic work environment in which people who were not put in place by Raytheon do not feel safe. There is also a general atmosphere of incompetence and mediocrity. Neither talent nor hard work is appreciated. Politics reigns. Cons: high turnover, dishonest management"

Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not a healthy work environment. Lack of leadership. High turnover, not like the older company, Websense. Age discrimination. Lack of collaboration. No one has your back. Lower pay for a technology company. Fast-paced. Cons: Poor leadership. High turnover."

General Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I was really surprised that my manager was leaving a week after I was employed. Unstable environment, poor management. There were people that were quitting even after a day. Cons: unstable environment"

Software Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"I was never given the work I was hired to do. I was side-tracked on other assignments that needed cover in areas where I had to push to learn what I needed to know. In several instances, I was unable to get enough support for the unfamiliarities and I was unsuccessful in my efforts. I would not recommend this company or ever work here again unless the entire management staff was overhauled."


"Corporation was sold and resulted in a complete corporate shake-down. Lots of people resigned & got fired. It was a growth experience and caused me to be tougher."

Former Employee - Pre-Sales Engineer says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time for less than a year Cons: Whatever vestiges of the old Websense culture have been laid off, "re-orged" or quit on their own. New CEO has built a culture of mistrust."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Forcepoint full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management and overall corporate vision has changed every year since their move from San Diego to Austin. Formerly named Websense, this company has yet to confirm their brand identify within the marketplace. Toxic sales culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time Cons: Not a healthy work environment. Lack of leadership. High turnover, not like the older company, Websense. Age discrimination. Lack of collaboration. No one has your back. Lower pay for a technology company. Fast-paced."

Former Employee - Project Management says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time Cons: Total change in culture after the "acquisition" by Raytheon of Legacy Websense. The new Forcepoint company resulted of the reverse acquisition. Legacy Raytheon Cyber Products employees treated as second class citizens. Sad, but true. In 2015-2016, the culture and environment has turned very toxic and not a collaborative corporate team any longer. A bunch of type A personalities out for their own gain. Are there any females on the executive team? Check out the executive team! That tells a story."

Current Employee - Support Engineer says

"I have been working at Forcepoint full-time for less than a year Cons: I joined Websense almost 8 months ago through what I later learned was their standard “HiPo” hiring model. This hiring model seeks out “High-Potential” (HiPo) candidates such as recent college graduates that have strong intellectual and technical potential but lack professional experience. In exchange for this professional experience they offer below market compensation and work you like a rented animal while permeating a "you should be grateful to be here" atmosphere. I overheard one of the Support Directors laughing off a recent employee’s decision to quit out of frustration as “this is Austin, back-filling is easy”. I am planning to stay a few more months so that I have a solid year on my resume and then I will leave as well. I am new to the workforce, but it seems like the percentage of disgruntled people at Websense is extremely high. Other advice: - Be mindful of what job grade you enter the company with as there are virtually no options to grow your career once you are on board. Whatever job you are hired into is the same one you will inevitably quit from X years later. Moving between business teams is virtually unheard of. - Terrible insurance benefits. Hopefully that will change now that we have been bought by Raytheon, but the current plans have insanely high deductibles and poor coverage."

Former Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time for more than a year Cons: -Benefits are terrible. If you need to go to the doctor you better have some extra money around. -hours. When you go on vacation you are still pressured to log on once a day or you might lose your job. -Management is terrible. Nothing gets done around the company on time. Sales management regularly threatens with you about losing your job or you getting fired because you went to management for help to close a deal. -a lot of half effort and nothing can get fully completed. You have to see everything through on your own. Every single thing. If you think something will get done it wont. you will physically have to walk over to the person and make sure they do the task you are asking for help on. -Sales management is the worse. They regular give firing threats, degrading comments, and promote inferior people. The organization of sales is very very poor. If you think going to your manager for help is a good idea. Its not. You are expect to find the answers out on your own. When you do ask management for help they wont know the answer. -Marketing- let me ask you a question have you heard of Websense before? No because marketing is so terrible that most people don't even know what websense is or what websense does. Websense has not been doing strictly web filtering for 6 years now. Marketing has done a horrible job letting people know that and the new products. -Exc's give you the run around. They say how much better things will be after major decisions. Nothing changes or gets better. it usually gets worse. -Promotions in sales are a popular contest. If you think your hard work or numbers will get you moved up. Think again. management will only recommend the people they like by personality and mediocre numbers. -They dont care about people. iv have issues with getting my insurance for 6 months and its still not resolved. -NO communication. The field and inside are pretty much separate organization to the point the field has no idea what they are selling or how to even run salesforce. -Good luck finding that information you need. Its constant searching until you get lucky finding a document or information you need. -Flaming hopes non stop. So many things have been put in place that people cant get things done on time. If you thought the deal you were going to close a week before the end of the month would could on time its not going to. It could take a anywhere from a whole day to two weeks before it closes. -if you think a task is going to take you 30 minutes to a hour you should think 3x as long. -salesforce is so disorganized and is managed that no one will use it unless forced to. -Partners refuse to sell websense. even the closest partners hate selling websense."

Former Employee - Technical Specialist says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Lots of stress, followed later by the Vista buyout that moved Websense to Tx. Many people were forced out, followed later by the sale to Raytheon after many more Vista imposed cuts. Little/no consistency as Vista continued to cut costs and not foster the things needed for a healthy workplace."

Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Forcepoint Cons: My review only apply to San Diego location where I have worked. I cannot comment what is going on in Austin TX. As everyone mentioned earlier, 2014 was death to Websense. After buyout to Vista, most of people have either left or got fired. Vista's policy is to hire interns and fire seniors or talented people. Being cheap is motto. If you want to see the example, check their new medical plan for 2015. After firing the senior employees in last March, the work is assigned to new junior employees. Get ready to work 24X7 and get ready to work which is not related to your skill. Negative work environment is at the core. This is most anti-social environment I have ever seen and you can see through some of their company sponsor holiday events, where participation from employees are at the lowest point after Vista takeover. Employees are so tired of this work culture is that, many employees did not even participate in Company's feedback/review process. Most of development is sent to China to save the money. This may be common thing now a days but I have never seen, offshore and US teams are so disconnected that they dont even communicate either though IM or phone even though both teams work on same thing !!! Most of employees in China team dont speak good english, so communication is the biggest issue here. Most of the times, US teams dont know what China team is working on. As someone mentioned earlier, people are motivated by fear here and that never helps employee to be productive. Instead they get tired of this toxic environment and someday leave the company. Middle management is totally useless and work on favoritism. Have you ever seen in one team there are 3 employees and 3 managers ? Welcome to the great Websense. Whether your salary is good or bad does not matter here, no matter how much you earn, you will be harassed by management and forced to leave the job."

Former Employee - Territory Account Manager says

"I worked at Forcepoint full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Outdated technology, although Gene Hodges keeps telling Wall Street that Websense is somehow relevant and they keep buying it. Triton is pure snake oil."


"I worked at Forcepoint Cons: Unrealistic goals. You have to play the metric game if you want to get ahead. Ever since then CRM system was implemented, the management team has been metric crazy and micromanage everything you do and then try to apply a measurement to it. The new managers that have come aboard, are so worried about the numbers, they have the subordinates do all kind of things to make meet the numbers. Sr. Managers, just sit, and do the same thing over, and over again. And of course, the Director never see's anything beyond what he wants to see and make abrupt changes. As for the VP, he tries to do what he can to appease the executive management team, but he's only as strong as his weakest link - the management team. Another thing that the VP does wrong from a business perspective is that he places too much value on hiring people from the outside that have the "so called" experience that they bring while never cultivating the talent he currently has at his disposal. So many talented, hardworking people have been let go, or have been driven away by the madness that has become the day-to-day workday just because you didn't make your numbers. What a waste and shame. The worse thing about it, is that HR doesn't do anything about it, nor do they care. They just do the paperwork and see you later..... Keep in mind that Websense doesn't offer anything new or innovative, they're like everyone else (with the exception of a few truly innovative companies) they re-package, and re-brand the same old stuff over and over again. Mind you, they do get many awards from leading magazines and independent reviewers, but so do many other companies. As most public companies, Websense's loyalty and commitment is to the shareholder no matter what the cost. It's all about the bottom line. They don't care about a work-life-balance. What's the point of offering in-house training and workshops for personal growth if you can never attend due to your workload? What's the point of hiring so called "top talent", if a few months later they leave once they see the mess Websense is? I leave you with this quote from Albert Enstein: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”"