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Webroot Inc. is an American privately-held cybersecurity software company that provides Internet security for consumers and businesses. The company was founded in Boulder, Colorado, US and is now headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and has US operations in San Mateo and San Diego, and globally in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Webroot managers are unprofessional, the workplace is unsafe and toxic, lacks leadership, and employees are micromanaged, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"psychotic managers One manager screaming and threatening someone over mistakes that aren't theirs can create that. It is a toxic, unsafe workplace. Lack of leadership, micromanagement."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many products to try to manage to actually deliver a well-executed and fully functional product. No direction. Company was sold twice in the same year and is now owned and operated by OpenText. Most if not all of the other reviews are fake."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"many political hungry managers use buzz words TDD, SOLID, Agile which they don't follow properly and use this buzz words to steal your hard work and put it on somebody's plate. ground reality is they lack culture"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I have personally witnessed the following - 1 employee being protected because of who they know, even after physically threatening a fellow team member products not working in production for months and no one is held accountable for this, when they are there is no corrective action taken Company is big about promoting people who are in the good boy network - very hard for women in this type of environment, specifically in IT management politics are all over the place - so much so that decisions are made not in the best interest of the company but in the interest of politics in fighting between departments and between managers - power struggles between teams and organizations Company is global - they send people to other offices, mainly for people to travel on the company dime - Ask them about how many trips to japan they had in 2017 email sent by director to individual contributor saying in writing that person should start looking for another career - by the way both are still in their jobs why do you think they are always hiring?"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Lack of leadership, micro management"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"psychotic managers One manager screaming and threatening someone over mistakes that aren't theirs can create that. It is a toxic, unsafe workplace."


"I’m terribly sorry you’re having this experience. A positive work environment is a priority for us, and I encourage you to reach out to me or any HR business partner so that we may address these concerns."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It sounds like you had a pretty terrible experience. We can honestly say, this is the first feedback of this type we’ve heard. Had we been made aware of this while you were still employed, we assure you none of the behavior, or poor working conditions you cite here, would have been tolerated."


"Webroot has a strong team and product portfolio, and is constantly innovating. You will see proof of that at the upcoming RSA show. We invite you to get involved in making us even better. Please bring your ideas to any senior manager or HR, and let’s work together."


"It is never too late to identify challenges, and work together to resolve them. We are building a great place to work, and everyone’s contribution is important in that effort. Please contact any HR team member to discuss how we can address your feedback and improve the company."

Threat Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company was bought and merged with company like Carbonite. Before that, the management was/is pathetic and lacked basic knowledge of any company purposeRemoteInexperienced Management Staff"

Professional Services (Former Employee) says

"Cronyism is the oil the Webroot machine runs on If you are not in the anointed group you better watch your back. I saw some great people get the ax and some completely incompetent people continue their careers. Most are managers now. No amount of hard work will make you shine if that special manager hears something negative from someone in their spy network. If you love working on a team and don't want to watch your back everyday move on to another company.If there is leftover food and the anointed are fed you can eat itCompany is based in Ireland. Source of cheap labor and low taxes."

Sr Data Architect (Former Employee) says

"Kiss up to the “IT Director” or he’ll banish you from his little boy network. Bless his heart. Just a small shop that has never grown up under the current management. The project management group is even worse managed. I know, right? Cronyism, egos, and back stabbing run rampant on that side of the house. Run!! As long as you avoid the IT/PM organizations, it’s not that bad. But, overall life is too short to work at webroot."

Threat (Former Employee) says

"Webroot has some decent folks but also has some real immature adolecents in management positions. The cloud concept does work but also doesnt work when there is no stable internet connection on the user end.The layout for the analyst side is or can be very volatile as the analyst is working in a SQL Database without the benefits of actually having the malware samples or clean sample on hand, accidents waiting to happen for sure. I worked remotely which was super nice since I already had a virus lab established in the basement of my home. There is a distinct inability to fully communicate with all team members at any given moment and management often ignores any attempts to contact them with real time issues. The hardest part of this job is the management and the outdated database Ive not ever known webroot to be a very pleasent place to work but Broomfield office does sit on the east face of the rockies and there is a really nice national park to get lost inSmall, Light and Quick Scanning with multiple options and Cloud StorageUndeveloped and Buggy Database, Poor and Uneducated Determination Input"

Territory Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"As a member of the enterprise sales team, I found the quota objectives to be unobtainable. The leadership team worked very hard to improve processes to enable sellers to hit sales targets, but the process improvements failed to drive revenue. It's unfortunate because their technology is innovative but it is not "enterprise-ready" and the company seems to be stalled. Their consumer products are doing very well though."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Webroot is an amazingly dysfunctional company. It has a good product, but the company doesn't deserve to be in business.good technologybad everything else"

Frontline Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Webroot was an ok place to work with some decent people. The dress code was nice and atmosphere was ok to. Some of the managers there do abuse there power and that is not ok. But overall i met some great people there."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, lack of engineering experience, nepotism, lack of diversity, poor communication within teams and between teams, lack of professionalism"

Channel Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"There was a lot of Micromanagement and I did not feel like my management team had my best interest in mind when making decisions. I would not recommend this company to an enemy.noneeverything"

Software Engineer - Antivirus R&D engineer (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from manager / directors in Mobile / Endpoint security they micro manage and stick to the same perception and once you have minor mistake then you are done .free coffeesuffocating environment"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't know what they are doing and people are promoted by their friendships and not their qualifications.discounted gym passPoor management and no career growth opportunities"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Personnel and problem people create a negative environment in San Diego. There's only so long a negative culture will go on. You will not grow with some of the most hostile managers and workplaces there.Free foodoffice environment"

Sales Management (Former Employee) says

"I found the people personable & some fun to be around. The overall company culture is OK, but the company definitely lacks in communication. You tend to find things out from word of mouth. Company says they listen to employee survey feedback, but it's not true. Anonymous performance reviews do not exist. It will get back to mgmt & while it's not supposed to be used against you, it is. It's a shame, but you will always find employees that will not hesitate to talk behind your back in order to make themselves look and sound better.free leftover foodEmployee back-stabbing"

Responsibilities as Manager/Tech Lead/Sr. Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The technology at webroot with respect to protecting consumers in security space is good, but when combined with poor management decisions and that teams dont talk to each other is a big lag on the effects of the technology."

Account Executive Sales Dept (Former Employee) says

"Webroot was a very good place to work until they decided to change the compensation structure. Out of 8 Inside Sales people only 1 was able to hit quota once in 2 quarters. Laid off entire Inside Sales in a re-structure"

Senior Software Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"under going changes due to acquisition by Carbonite. Lot of FUD floating around... new management attitude which is causing concerns at all levels of participation."

Consumer support (Current Employee) says

"Currently still working at the company and there seems to be no room for advancement unless you are super close with the management that is interviewingFree lunches and Employee appreciation day"

Senior QA Automation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great perks and employees but continued bad management decision lead to constant frustration and over worked employees. Senior level and down do not have any decision making authority which leads to being constantly over ruled."

Tier 1 Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I loved the fact that I could bring my dog to work, and had great employees I worked with, When it came to management it was a very different story. Had a few medical issues from a car accident I had gotten from driving into work, and they were unwilling to work with me.dogs can come in, very well organizedmanagement (politics)"

Business Support Engineer Tier (Current Employee) says

"Strong teamwork environment with plenty to keep you busy. Lots of different varied challenges within IT security. A good knowledge base of how to maintain and deploy AV software.Good experience and training and some great nights out as a teamVery little opportunity to move up."

Customer says

"The software itself is fine, but the company/customer service is terrible. I'm so disgusted with auto-renewing anything and this is the worst. I am 100% certain I turned off the autorenewal option last year and somehow it got turned on to renew yet again. In my opinion, that is a fraudulent charge!"

Jeffrey K. says

"No one responds to on line chat...this used to be a great service experience but now has completely disappeared with no response of any kind. Since acquisition...no one cares about customers."

Filip Dahlberg says

"Very hard to uninstall."

Acacia says

"This was totally fine until after an automatic update, it made my system run so slow that it was unworkable and prevented downloads of anything. There was no setting to allow certain downloads, no log, no logic, and then no customer support."

CRF says

"Webroot Secure Anywhere does not install and Webroot support is so bad that it’s useless. In August 2020 I paid $30 to renew my antivirus subscription for another 12 months using Webroot Secure Anywhere for macOS Catalina. In return I got NOTHING. Webroot deleted my on-line account so I can’t login and contact support. The Webroot Secure Anywhere install file (wsamac.dmg) opens but it does NOTHING, no installation process is run, no screen to enter licence key appears. Nothing. It just sits there in my Dock without any open windows. In August 2019 it was a good product, something's changed since and both the product and support is rubbish."

John Essigman says

"According to tech support email, problem with my Webroot account on their side. Asked that I call to resolve. I called and waited over 20 miniutes on hold. This is their problem not mine but cannot speak with anyone to fix it. Taking my business elsewhere..."

Richard says

"I purchased a one year licence for Webroot Secure Anywhere for my MacBook. The software I downloaded used a massive 4.5 GB (yes, gigabytes) of RAM, noticeably slowing down my MacBook. I uninstalled it. To ensure automatic renewal was off, I tried to access my account but the password they sent me is not recognised. I clicked a link to get an email to reset it, but didn't get the expected email. I repeated this several time to no avail. I contacted support, but heard nothing. Bad software, bad support, expensive... I do not recommend this product at all."

K G says

"Why didn't I read the reviews first? There is no Customer Support. They don't reply to emails. They don't answer the phone- they say call back during office hours; it was 2:30 in the afternoon! Might be good antivirus software but if you can't install it, what good is that?"

Robin D says

"Absolutely the worst tech support EVER! Put you on hold for an hour, never respond, website tech support is NO HELP, stupid pop-ups to reinstall will not leave you alone after you cancel and uninstall. Any virus protection is better than this...they just want your money! HORRIBLE!"

Mark Pittaway says

"Had Webroot for years far better than other products. But recently they have failed to sort out bugs and customer service is poor. So even though I had 3 months left I ditched it, just wouldn't work on Mac properly anymore. Shame."

slhoward says

"if i could award zero stars i would! was looking for a low impact AV scanner suitable for gaming and after reading some reviews opted for this. dont waste your money, after buying a 365 day license it switched itself off without any warning and expired itself, letting malware onto my pc. Logged a ticket to the 'support' community, 5 day later it still hasnt been responded to. Save your money and get one of the more established scanners instead."

Marc says

"One can see Webroot "no" test and no AV company tests Webroot, why not ????"

Success Shazam Vince says

"If you're looking for support from this company forget about-it. It took them over 3 weeks for their Tech Support to reply to my email. Which then they replied with an email asking when would be the best time for them to call me. You have my number just call and leave a message or at least email me a direct number to call Tech Support. Sub-par support would be an Understatement"

Tanjad daniel says

"Geek Squad Webroot is having better services than the best buy, as they are giving answered to almost every single call! but it also makes me angry regret when I have some urgent issue soo I opt for a third-party website [Geek Squad Webroot -+1(888)383-7303], I just wanna say please make the better helpline support team."

Gus says

"Called the call center to cancel my plan and the auto-renewal and ended up being hung up 4 times. It took literally screaming at the employee to get what I wanted done. Not to mention the service they provide is garbage. Just download Malwarebytes and Windows Protector instead."

Eric Boyle says

"I have been using Webroot's Secure Anywhere product for a number of years without problems. However, an issue arose on November 21st and despite notifying customer support on November 22nd I have yet to receive a reply from the company. I have reminded them of the issue on several occasions but have still not received a response. I think it is time to ditch the annual fee and find a quality provider who treats customer service with some respect."

Seth says

"Webroot used to be the best anti-virus, but the 2020 update has effectively broken it to such an extent that it now slows the computer down as much as the viruses it is supposed to prevent. Such a pity that they need to try and "fix" an app that was already working perfectly back in 2019. Webroot support are easily the worst of all the antivirus software. You can't get through to anyone on the phone - I tried, trust me it's impossible. One of the numbers on their site reports "this number does not exist" and the other one just rings and rings forever. If you submit a support ticket then expect a 2 week delay before someone replies, and expect the reply to be at best very indifferent, very unhelpful - they basically don't care and told me not to use their software as they won't be fixing the errors I reported and they won't allow me to roll back to the 2019 working version. Don't recommend this software and looking on google you can see that a lot of people found webroot support to be utterly useless."

Mousa says

"their support is so poor and take time to response, some times it take weeks to get response from them, but they fix problem in one message, their software is lightweight, and catch most of viruses and malware, i use it alongside with adguard, and each work well."