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Webloyalty is an online marketing company, part of Affinion Group, that runs reward programmes 'Shopper Discounts & Rewards' and 'Complete Savings'. These programmes require a monthly subscription in return for access to discounts similar to those on a cashback website. Previously, Webloyalty's marketing practices have attracted significant controversy and substantial lawsuits.


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Customer Service Representative Lead (Former Employee) says

"This company is a scam. They take advantage of people. They take money from people with out making it clear who and what they are. They will give your money back if you ask for it but you have to ask for it. Cons: You get yelled at by 100+ people a day"

Téléconseiller (Former Employee) says

"Ein wenig Verständnis und sehr unsympathisch Management. Eine schlechte Bezahlung und wenig Erfahrung tes wenig lohnend und motivierend. Cons: kein Wunsch für das Unternehmen, um den Zeitplan mit meinen Bedürfnissen anpassen"

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"An international working environment, fun, loud and vibrant as we are in a call centre. I learnt about handling complaints and strictly adhering to company policy. Management and work schedule was great, however at that time i fell pregnant and travelling for work daily to another city was beginning to take a toll on my condition."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with people, the great effort agents and co-workers put in to the job. Cons: Employees Poor benefit package"

Data Analyst / Agent Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Pouvoir créer des fichiers qui sont devenus indispensables au travail quotidien."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day of work was to analyse conversion rate and helps and improve publicies design to grow business. Cons: Long hours, huge problem solving"