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WAMU (88.5 FM) is a public news/talk station that services the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It is owned by American University, and its studios are located near the campus in northwest Washington. WAMU has been the primary National Public Radio member station for Washington since 2007.

A former employee mentioned,"WAMU has toxic, explosive personalities in news management, very low pay, no room for advancement; very little in terms of benefits and perks; no mentoring from upper management unless your are their "type" (age, gender, cultural background); no people of color making decisions in the newsroom; getting reimbursed for run-of-the-mill expenses can be a painstakingly miserable task."


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James Lytle says

"1. I used my Chase Visa to complete the transaction through Cash App. I used my card so that I had some recourse. I am aware that Cash App is built to be used by crooks, mobsters and con artists. 2. The person or person with whom I was transacting were indeed con artists and crooks. I never got what I paid for. 3. I disputed the charge with Chase Bank. 4. After 2 months, and without ever contacting me for the evidence I have to offer them, Chase Bank came back to me, telling me that I had to pay the charges. Cash App told Chase Bank that I received what I paid for! 5. It turns out that Chase Bank treats Cash App/Square as a bank, and they consider my transaction as one completed between me and Cash App, not the crooks who were working to defraud me. 6. I am now trying to find out how to hold Chase, Cash App, and Square responsible for their collusion with the fraudsters who still have an active account with Cash App as far as I can tell. Any suggestions readers might offer me will be welcome."

ron oconnor says

"I've been with them for 12 years,started out great. Very shady tactics and Horrible customer service."

m m says

"The worst bank ever. Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! I'll close my chase account."

Diz says

"It is extremely difficult to be able to speak to another human about any problem you might be having. Even in a branch as account managers are an endangered species if there are any at my location at ALL. I no longer do checking or savings with them. My only accounts with Chase are credit card and automotive financing accounts (I bought a Mazda and Mazda do their financing with Chase by default.) As I type this I've been on hold and through the automated system repeatedly over the past 53 minutes. I've spoken to two customer service representatives. Neither was in the "right department" so both transferred me to "The Automated System". I need to get two documents from anyone in the automotive financing department and provide someone with insurance information. In a minute it will have been an hour. Astounding. Evelyn just pretended not to hear me and hung up on me because I was using speakerphone. Well done. This bank is trash."

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