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Vonage (, legal name Vonage Holdings Corp.) is a publicly held business cloud communications provider. Headquartered in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, the company was founded in 2001 as a provider of residential telecommunications services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

A business developer mentioned, "Vonage is laying off people and hiring new ones to replace the old. The management structure is awful and very disorganized. Don't apply for this company right now until they get better organized."


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Alexia says

"Vonage is the absolute worst! I called in March to cancel my service because their monthly rates keep increasing. I was with them for over 8 years and hardly used their services. Recently, to my disbelief, I received a letter from a collections agency saying I owed Vonage money. This is a complete joke, how can I owe money on a service I cancelled. I called into Vonage Customer Service (loose term), they said, they had no record (conveniently) of my cancellation and I have to pay the fees. This is fraud, from reading other comments, this seems to be common practice with Vonage. There is no way, I will be on the hook for something I cancelled."

Current Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"No marketing help, no leads, no sales manager experience, No sales engineer, The training was below average at best. The enterprise and B2B space in Boston was a joke. No one even knew we existed."

VoIP Engineer/Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Typical callcenter BS, stuck in a little cube with nothing but your computer screen. It was ok in the beginning when you could actually talk to your coworkers, but then devolved quickly after."

Larry Lightner says

"Trying to work with Vonage Business Customer service and billing is impossible. Especially when you're forced to work with a foreign country that can't understand a freggin word of whats being explained to them. This company is a disaster and I'm pulling my business. HOW DO I REPLY PRIVATELY, I SEE NO OPTION FOR THAT."

Former Employee - QA Manager says

"Got to big for their own bridges. The morale is horrible, they have laid folks off only to bring them back as contract positions. After 10 years with the company was given 75% of the severance I thought I would receive. They complete their yearly reviews about what we thought of the company as employees, then laid everyone off once the results were in."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The work life balance along with the low pay scale make Vonage not a good place to work. Long hours are the expectation but the company does not provide commensurate compensation."

Hina Wasif says

"They just have a standard reply to all reviews because the ACTUALLY don't care about their customers!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hi - Alan here. First, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here. We appreciate all feedback. I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with us, particularly in terms of career growth. We are a global business, addressing the needs of business communications across the full scope of unified communications, contact center, and APIs. Because of our wide ranging locations and solutions, we do have to be mindful of how we invest our resources to best support our business and our customers. That being said, we are focused on how best to retain and grow our talented, innovative, and dedicated employees. In recent months we've enhanced and expanded our internal career services and training available to existing employees, allowing them to plan for their future; map out career goals; and truly do their best work here at Vonage for years to come. We also believe in the importance of investing in our talented sales professionals. At Vonage, we have a unique set of solutions that are unlike what our competitors are offering, and what prospective customers are used to. We have a wide variety of training tools available for our sales teams and partners, and I agree that it's vital that our teams are always learning about the latest innovations. To that end, we are constantly re-evaluating and adding to our training programs and tools. If you're willing to share more, I'd welcome additional feedback. Please get in touch with me directly so we can talk. Thanks again for sharing and thank you for the work you do for us."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The managers were uncaring. I had to eat lunch away because if I ate in the breakroom they would think nothing of making me come up to the floor to help with customers."

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