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Vocalink is a payment systems company headquartered in the United Kingdom, created in 2007 from the merger between Voca and LINK. It designs, builds and operates the UK payments infrastructure, which underpins the provision of the Bacs payment system and the UK ATM LINK switching platform covering 65,000 ATMs and the UK Faster Payments systems.

A former employee said this in a review "Vocalink it's a very bad company. They don't provide a safe and comfortable environment to work, they are bad with dealing with employees issues. They keep hiring people that the client won't trust and most of all, I felt so horrible when awkward situation kept on happening with me at work and nobody was there to help me".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Owner is weakest link. Manic outrages. Tries to force 'bonding' because she is not genuine enough to form relationships and chastises those who do. Very little human regard. A lot of talk but no real communication especially for a company who claims a vision of understanding. Owner cannot clearly identify values because her ethical core is a moving target. Makes false claims in an attempt to win business. Rules with fear tactic yet claims her employees 'don't know how good they've got it'. Trips over dollars to pick up pennies. Trusts no one and no one trusts her. She rules rather than leads, micromanaging is an understatement. Does not believe in having an HR entity because she admittedly doesn't want employees' TRUE voices to be heard and doesn't want them to share negative information or a safe place to raise their concerns - she prefers to deny the undeniable history and reputation she has made for herself and to blame it on anyone and everyone else and will dispose of you the moment you tell her a truth she does not want to hear. Wants employees to act happy yet is abusive, demeaning and plays the victim. Double standards for herself and her family members who are employed there. Rather than empowering people to succeed, she regards them as disposable and sets them up to fail. Getting consistency from her is like trying to nail jello to a wall. Management team of good, talented people is strong because there is temporary strength in numbers and they are all trying to survive. Someone quitting, being fired, being fed up with her abuse or crying occurs daily if not hourly. Several employees are sitting ducks - their days numbered until their replacement is hired yet no one 'does unto others what they would have done unto them'. The quality people she is able to snow long enough to bring onboard are wasting their talents in a toxic, negative environment void of sincere validation and appreciation. She thinks more highly of herself than she ought. The few that survive the revolving door are admittedly planning their exit, have been belittled so long that they now believe it or have ulterior motives based on their own needs and are somehow able to negotiate their own value system to endure the dictatorship. I applaud their strength in that regard. Even customers walk away because of the owner - limited competition is the only thing that keeps her in business. Remove the owner and the company would quickly triple in size, quality and profitability. She is a cheapskate when it comes to employees - investing in people does not even compute with her. Employees have indeed been 'encouraged' to post positive reviews. Does not understand how to run a business beyond her interpreting/translation experience. Company suffers from extreme case of analysis paralysis yet makes little headway because the owner IS THE ROADBLOCK and OBSTACLE that can not be overcome because reading the latest business self help book and applying only the parts you agree with just confirms the problem. Only a narcissist ignores wise counsel and honest feedback continuing to ignore the overwhelming data that points her to the mirror she refuses to face. Heartless? Mentally ill? Not certain of the root but the manifestation of either looks the same and has the same affect. At first it's sad to watch people line up in front of the firing squad of one but quickly becomes mind boggling that it's allowed to continue by people who say they would never recommend a friend to apply there yet they accept it for themselves. I guess you have to bang your head on a brick wall long enough for the pain to be stronger than the discomfort of doing something else. It's all a disturbing mess in desperate need of a qualified CEO and true leadership which extends far beyond management. Success on any level is nothing without integrity."

Former Employee - Interpreter says

"*Disorganized stuff: their turnover is so high no one knows what they are doing or where anything is. *Hired some really unprofessional people to deal directly with the interpreters... They are rude, pushy and One of them even threatened me a few times saying I would not get paid unless I picked up certain appointments, which is totally illegal. Some of them have very poor command of the English language and are the ones "in charge" of the interpreters. Ridiculous. *CEO is self-centered and lacks people skills; something basic if you are an Interpreter. *They manipulate and change contracts, always in their favor, of course. *They hire untrained people with very poor command of the English Language just to get to pay them less. This indicates not only low standards, but incredibly poor ethics. * I am glad at least one of them is gone. At least the Interpreters will not get yelled at by her anymore. The list could go on, but I'd rather leave this negative experience behind."


"It takes months to set up orientation and training; It may take a year to start actual work. I have received the same information twice and was asked to verify the information that I have sent awhile ago. Orientation was informed one day in advanced."


"Company doesn't have its act together to better position itself in the language services marketplace. What they tell you and what the environment actually is... VERY DIFFERENT!"


"Lots of blaming, lack of organization & mistrust. The ones who stick around are either too afraid to speak up or have nowhere else to go."

Former Employee - Operations says

"The CEO is her own worst enemy. Once she feels you don't agree with her your days are numbered. Get everything in writing UPFRONT! Document, Document, Document"


"Sneaky, lying hiring staff, professional communication is in embryonic stage, ridiculous pay, treat bright talented people as ordinary or below average. Company uses term "freelancing" but is not fully aware of true definition. Much of misleading info or omission is presented during initial meeting between company and the employee and many surprises after that. No benefits at all, no career opportunities, I was also told by senior employees there are NO RAISES regardless of the employment term."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The owner is her own worst enemy No planning Constant turnover because of the owner"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a "female minority owned" business. And, the owner will constantly remind you of that. The sole problem with this company is her. She is overbearing and uses people as if they are pawns, rather than assets. The turnover rate at this company is astronomical!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Anyone with any professionalism or integrity...stay away. The CEO has terminated the entire management team several times within the last couple of years. Demanding and unprofessional If you read the job descriptioni carefully, there are major red flags written in it. NothingCeo"

Spanish Medical Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Few hours. Not e very organized Company. Nice coworkers. Small company . All the work assigned was at the best place "Cleveland Clinic. A great place to work for.Provide trainingYou have to pay for it"

Interpreter (Current Employee) says

"The job is a nonemployment job and it as needed as a PRN job and considered a temporary job. l team up with many interpreters from the same and different cultures and it is a nice job but without good benfit"

HR Manager (Current Employee) says

"My co-workers are great. The management team needs some work. The CEO changes her mind often and doesn’t trust those working for her. I’ve learned a lot about other people’s jobs."

PMO Manager (Current Employee) says

"Undergoing a lot of change, following recent take over by Mastercard. A growing company which is expanding globally should lead to plenty of opportunities"

Learning & Development Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This role had me operating from three different locations form time-to-time, which eventually became untenable for me due to personal circumstances. There were clear cultural differences in the different locations, especially as this had been a merger between a southern company & a northern one that I was originally employed by. I did get to present quite a bit during this job, running the company's orientation program at the different sites & thoroughly enjoyed that.Fulfilling presenting roleCultural differences between sites"

Solution Architect (Former Employee) says

"Voca was quite good at keeping up to date with new technologies. The culture at Voca was highly political. I did make some good friends there. Material rewards were very good."

Korean Interpreter (Current Employee) says

"Mostly worked in health care area. There are good training programs for interpreters and management's expectation on service quality is high. But for some languages having low demand, there's not much job opportunities enough to make money and would not be enough support."

televendeur (Current Employee) says

"le travaille en groupe il permet de l’avancement d'une durée très courte .le travaille en groupnon actuellement"

Jack says

"Sent my phone in the original box with nothing wrong with it they then say theres a problem and can only pay me less than half, i then say they need to return it to me. They then eventually return it without the original box and still nothing wrong with the phone , nothing but hassle"

Ivor. says

"Sent 3 items, all working prior to sending, on line prices offered were good, But surprise surprise the small mini iPad suddenly had white dots on the screen? Well it certainly didn’t when I powered it up at home, so that will be £10 Sir. Moving onto the iPhone 6 , again a good offer but back comes the message, won’t power up so that will be £5 Sir. It powered up at home, it had to so I could delete the information, I have asked for the iPhone to come back but wonder whether it will get the benefit of some extra voltage up its input socket prior to coming out again? I have used this company previously and never had any problem, I suspect it has been taken over which the girl on the phone absolutely denied, however you only need to go and read glass doors which is a review site for X employees to leave feedback and indeed the company was taken over recently and everything has changed in order to drive the bottom line much harder with fewer staff. I guess I’m not surprised about the way it’s now run, consequently our little iPhone 6 and iPad mini where only worth £10 ! They had No chance of getting through."

Ragan Main says

"The initial offer was £75.00 due to locked network. The phone is 2 years old but perfect condition when sent to them: no cracks or breakages, screen working as well as when I received the phone. Once they had the phone they sent a revised offer of £10.00 due to "screen burn". This is certainly not true so I rejected it and asked for the phone to be returned. It seems like they use underhand tactics to make sure they never pay the initial offer."

Ben William Hickman says

"never use these clowns they give you a price and then once they receive you phone offer you a ridiculously low offer making up problems like screen burn. i repeat do not use. they returned my phone after I refused the laughable offer to the wrong address now my phone is lost and won't accept responsibility AVOID AT ALL COSTS ROB DOGS SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN"

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