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Vivint Smart Home, Inc. is a US public smart home company in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Keith Nellesen and Todd Pedersen in 1999. Vivint delivers an integrated smart home system with in-home consultation, professional installation, and support delivered by its Smart Home Pros, as well as 24/7 customer care and monitoring.

A very disappointed customer shares his experience on, "After being a Vivint customer for over 8 years I think my patient has run out. I've had numerous problems and after a tech has come to my home on numerous occasions, the final answer was "WE ARE AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM AND WE ARE WORKING ON IT". Well, it has been months and they are still working on it. Whenever they wanted me to pay for an add-on to my system they quickly mailed it to me and I had to install it. Now, I only need a security panel battery because mine stopped holding a charge, but they told me, "they can't ship that to me". The only reason is that they want me to commit to a 5-year contract and I said NO. If I commit, they said they would dispatch a tech to my home. I asked if they have any certification of their health (because f what we are all going through) their answer was the techs were all healthy, but with no proof, masks on or gloves when they arrive, but they asked me on the phone if I and my families members have been home and healthy before they would come to my home. Am I missing something here? I told them I have not left my home for over two weeks, but their techs are in and out of homes, in and around possibly dozens of customers' homes without any proof of their health other than their word that their techs are "HEALTHY". Time to get a new security company, NOT VIVINT."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Terrible work environment, toxic management culture, stressful calls."

Former Employee - Customer Loyalty Specialist says

"You kind of feel bad about not letting people cancel they're contract."

Former Employee - Scheduling Professional says

"The company is very disorganized. Regarding scheduling, there are too many different computer software needed in order to complete 1 task."

Former Employee - Customer Support Specialist says

"No real advancement opportunities, they always make it seem like everything they do is a favor to you while in reality they just want to milk as much out of you as they can. They do not care about the turnover rate and therefore do not care about the employees because they can easily just get a college kid as a replacement."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Lowest pay in the industry"

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"Terrible culture, not family friendly"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"they make u work so long"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"long days, 6 days a week of knocking doors"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"there are honestly so many cons its hard to list"

Current Employee - Technical Support (Work From Home) says

"Low pay , stressful training, stressful once you are done with training , unreasonable expectations . You can easily feel like you will lose your job every single time . No work schedule flexibility, doesn’t seem you can work earlier shifts a lot evenings and overnights , seems like hard request a day off . Angry customers everyday ! Some threaten to sue . Product doesn’t seem to work for customers a lot . You can get written up for smallest thing. There is way bigger problems with this company ."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The managers here only care about whether you were making them money. Lots of favoritism. Lots of drama. Lots of threats to be fired. Dropped in a neighborhood for 10 hours a day with no time for proper amount of sleep, laundry, grocery shopping, or any chill time. Management is extremely close minded and do not care about you. I highly do not suggest this job. You will make little to no money. Don’t waste your time. If want to try sales go for solar."

Installation technician (Former Employee) says

"Poor place to work. They remove the best and lie to you the entire way. The Company is built on lies. Better off working for ADT where you're not lied to and treated like garbage if you're not gargling your managers sack lol vivint is a turdhole and im glad to say I've taken every customer I installed for them away!!!"

Salesman, Manager (Former Employee) says

"Employee be aware...deceptive compensation and luring practices. Be aware of favoritism. They are always reducing compensation as the years have gone by. Not muchMgmt"

Technical Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"To start things off, this company is like a pile of sneaky snakes. The way they do things is super dishonest and they trick people into signing contracts that they do not know they are signing...not to mention, the workers then have to deal with it after when the customer calls in frustrated and then we have to pay for it. All while the company CEO is getting rich. I know his son (I grew up in the same city that he lives in) and he is super stuck up, greedy and he's not nice. Like father like son I guess. Second will never succeed in this company and you will constantly feel like you are not appreciated for your hard work and trying to help the customer and ACTUALLY FIX THEIR ISSUE, not just sugar coat it like most of the reps do. There are certain requirements we have to meet in order to not "get a coaching" and meeting this requirement is the way we make our bonus money. Well, I was in the troubleshooting department and my biggest issue that kept me from getting this bonus money was sending technicians out. We have a "flow" we have to follow for each call and each problem and at the end of the flow with certain issues, we are instructed to send technicians if the issue has not been fixed with the equipment. Often times people get lazy and instead of going through the entire flow, they will just send techs but not me. I promise you when I say I followed EVERY SINGLE STEP in EVERY SINGLE FLOW and I did each one carefully and thoroughly but it still seemed like for every few phone calls I took, I had to send one out to fix the security system. Then every week I would"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Company had great ideas but was poorly managed. Inexperienced leaders that didn't have a clue about security.The technicians who did the most work were the least paid.Company VehicleMicromanaged"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from this company they micro manage every aspect of the job now. Management is terrible they lie and only care about sales numbers. There salesmen lie and con customers into contracts it’s a very bad atmosphere."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"They will screw you. They also are very corrupt and do not care about their employees whatsoever. Our manager had a history of of pedophilia and the upper management never batted an eye. Very sketchy."

Smart Home Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Whatever they promise you about the pay that you will make in the summer it’s all BS. The people actually make that money is management. If I were you just stay away from this job they’re very devious on how much you get paid and how you get paid. no benefits for health, it’s a cool gig if your not going to college after high school. Average person makes 12k a summer. I know this well enough"

Loyalty Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you want a secure job, don’t work here. I had a one on one meeting with my supervisor and he told me that I was his most loyal, hard working, and trustworthy reps he has ever had and that he would have my back if I ever needed it. Two days after, they canned me because a call got disconnected due to computer issues. They do not care about their employees and will discard you whenever they feel the need. Horrible place to work. Poor management and leadership."

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company and management used to focus highly on integrity and honesty. In fact practiced these attributes religiously, to why I was drawn to this field of work. Absolutely loved it. Unfortunetly the company has become sales based and has made a mandatory metric for field technicians to sale the company to a new customer or undergo a write up. If the managers have a bad day they'll write you up for a discrepancy that occurred 5 months ago. Not a people I would entrust either with my family or my life. If you decided to work here keep long term notations on your personal phone and screen shots of inventory, write ups, phone calls, text, time arrived onsite etc. Management personal integrity is at an all time low."

Account Specialist in office/Remote (Former Employee) says

"This company only cares about the sales reps. They reward dishonesty and are disloyal. They are a shady company. They don't value ones hard work in tge company"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Vivint has a great product and really nothing else. MICRO MANAGERS WITH LAYERS AND LAYERS OF ACCOUNTABILITY that you can and will be be picked apart. Given loads and loads of equipment and tools and no hands on training on how to ise them. Immediate managers are hands off and bust balls, no praise just. 14 hr days are normal. Forget employee focus at all. Bad management."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company itself bets against those that work for them. They lost a considerable amount apparently one year and it was due to them not expecting their employees doing a good job. They expected their employees to do a bad job. They changed the pay scale multiple times over the course of two years. The initial pay for an install was marketed as 100 dollars, that changed to 90 upfront, and 10 on a "back end" check. the way it stands now is less than 50 up front, and the rest on the back end. The "quality matrix" that the back end was dependent on kept changing to try and let the company keep as much as possible.requested time offreliance on sales, being on call throughout the day, higher management not caring about customers or employees"

Account Manager/Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"The company appears to be a great place to work but don’t let that deceive you. I worked for the company for a year and I learned a lot. The company constantly changes their policies without telling their customers (ex:cancellation policy, incomplete install policy, equipment downgrade policy) and charges customers company operating fees (ex: cell maintenance fee). Their equipment and services are extremely over priced and the only reason upper management ever gave me was that equipment can be replaced under the service plan. The supervisors are extremely unhelpful and lack knowledge on why policies are given. Employees and superiors are extremely tardy especially for morning shifts. I felt employees care more about making commission than helping the customer and giving the “customer excellence” they claim to have. It is extremely easy to find dishonest notations from representatives and multiple customers are locked into contracts due to sales representatives leaving out or lying about key agreement details. The company refuses to admit that shady sales are done everyday. On the opposite end there are employees who really try and do their best, but due to poor company polices performance is hindered. There are so many company imposed call metrics it is hard to keep up with what matters. In addition to all of this they have started to outsource jobs to other countries. They previously stated that employees will not lose their jobs(this email was sent to all departments), but just recently a large lay off occurred in the solar department weeks before Christmas. ThisFree lunches, flexible work hoursDishonesty, poor business practices, poor policies"

Smart home Pro (Former Employee) says

"I was injured on the job and treated very badly. No help while working. Don’t care about employees I was lied to many times and was told to deceive customers to make them buy. All lies and cons"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"No Advancement Lies about compensation Unpaid extra hours Terrible schedule Horrendous management Overall bad experience, abusive management, too many lies about compensation, no advancement opportunities and got tired of selling cheap equipment at a high margin and screwing customers."

Customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"List company only cares about money and that's it. They have such a high turnover rate that it's ridiculous. They are always firing people before hiring new people and of course the extra work goes on the people that are still there. Their quota system is all messed up. They said these unrealistic expectations and standards that you can never live up to in order to cheat you out of the bonus that they dangled in front of you"

Dth (Former Employee) says

"I use to work for this company. I was lied to when I was brought on. Told our pay was one thing for it to chang at the beginning of the year. I feel like I waisted alot of time getting screwed. The bosses don't trust you and most of the time will let you go on first mistake. I would never recommend anyone to work for that company. Upper management looks at you as a number they truly do not care about the workers or how we get treated. And just to be clear I left on family medical emergency. I was in the system as medical family leave. Well when backends come around I was actually fired beyond my knowledge. So I know I could sue and honestly that's probably what I going to come too. Wouldn't waist my time with them anymore. Now I make more money at adt.Absolutely nothingEverything, No home time, Reps literally lie about everything, As a tech you gotta clean that up and if you can't and the account closes, Just know it's your fault and you'll lose your job."

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Bunch of kids horrible company they don’t care if your sick or have appointments and management are kids don’t work here free food was the only good thing"

Account creation (Former Employee) says

"Management is a boys club. They expect perfection from employees but play ping pong and throw manager birthday parties. Completely unprofessional. Management does not follow company policy when letting people go. Should be sued."