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Vival, sometimes referred to as Vival by CASINO, and Vival, viva la vie, is a brand of local grocery shops run by Groupe Casino. Vival can also sometimes be found at petrol stations, such as in the Aire de service des Haras on the A28 motorway in Normandy.

A former employee mentioned, "The prices charged by the central purchasing body Vival (Casino group) are higher than those charged in a Géant Casino. There are delivery costs which range from 4 to 6% of the amount of the goods delivered. The quantities delivered per item are too large; this generates a loss because the sales deadlines are reached. A Vival is not a hyper market; the package should be smaller. The recommended sales prices are too high; if he has a Leclerc, an Intermarché or a Super U nearby, it's dead. In the event of financial difficulties, casino blocks deliveries and demands payment of outstanding amounts. Which ends up sinking the case."


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Freelance SEO Copywriter (Current Employee) says

"The amount of research and work they expect you to put in, relative to what they pay per post, amounts to well below minimum wage. Editors give no real support, in fact they frequently send "resources" that are inaccurate, out of date, or worthless. Or they send, say, a wellness story assignment based on junk science, and if you can't make a workable post out of that, too bad, because you get a number grade for every post you write. But again, the standards are insane compared to what they pay, and there are appears to be no such similar accountability for editors or whoever on the content team sends you junk story ideas. Cons: Poor pay"

Freelance Writer (Former Employee) says

"The pay may seem decent at first glance, but there are three separate CMS platforms to navigate, photos to be sourced and uploaded, and many, many guides to read and rules to follow (plus links!). Way too many hoops to jump through. Yes, editors can be inconsistent, but that is expected for this type of content generation system. The quality of work they demand does not align with what they pay (they do pay on time though). Work loads can double without warning and communication is cold and impersonal. Judging from their BBB profile, their customers aren't too happy with their aggressive sales tactics."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible job, when I worked there nothing was organized our sales goal was unobtainable, my department changed multiple times and they do not work well with people of color. Cons: Management"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The worst work experience I have ever had. I been in sales for about 15 years, there was no true training the managers don't do any work, they want you in meetings before the shift begins and count your restroom breaks it was the worst place i've ever worked at to say the least don't work here, avoid this job at all cost please aviod this job I Mean IT. Cons: everything."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Regular 9-5 job in all departments. Everyone looks miserable. For a tech company the culture is very shallow. Stressful. No room for growth..........."

Account Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Vivial is a very stressful place to work. Management has no idea what they are doing, they were unable to give any direction. It felt like being in high school all over again. Cons: Its like being in high school all over again"

Writer (Former Employee) says

"Company is a communications company but fails to communicate with people. Would not recommend them AT ALL. If you do apply or go to work here, expect no feedback on work you do."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company is rotten from the top down! They are money hungry and do not value any employees. They have racist and sexist tendencies. They don't pay any rep nearly enough, and don't value hard work- only numbers- which would be ok, except they set their reps up to fail."

Senior Digital Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Leaders are the failure they hire through buddy system not through talent or education and have no clue what they are doing and selling to customers. Cons: Leaders are the issues because they are such failures they create failure in their employees"


"Work culture is below standards. Goals are to high and they keep u on write up to motivate you. High stress with lil reward. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY... Cons: Everything else"

Freelance Writer (Former Employee) says

"Lowest salary possible for the freelance writer position. Not worth the time for so little pay. If the salary was higher it might be worth the time and effort. Cons: Lowest possible freelance rate"

Ad Tech Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Expectation is first sale within 60 days. Cons: Bad product, bad management"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"This product has so much potential, but I don't see much hope for it. The product and the business of account based marketing requires organization, experience and an active and regular investment in talent. Instead, the organization focuses its resources on being a "sales organization", setting unrealistic targets (and then not paying bonuses) and then seem surprised when our turnover and retention rates keep steadily worsening. Cons: People are NOT valued."

Account Executive/Outside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management with no prior skills. Cut-throat environment, always micromanaged, you never new if you would have a job or not. Hard sell, very competitive market. Cons: management, micro-management, cut-throat, 10:1 ratio men to women, good old boy club"

QA Lead (Current Employee) says

"The company says they are a New York Based Tech company. But all their decision are made in the mid-west. They do not appreciate their employees in new york city."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"When they hire you, you think your going to do one thing, but you end up in a total different position. They have a new hire class every 5 weeks to keep up with everyone that leaves or gets fired."

Writer/Editor (Former Employee) says

"This company seeks an extremely young work force (read: want people right out of college with no work experience so they have no idea they're being trampled and used). Because of this, their middle management is extremely poor and dictatorial. They have no life experience and an inability to temper themselves. This company is money-deiven and this creates a poor working environment. Employees are driven like pack mules and the supervisors and management are blind to anything but money, money, money. They are completely non-responsive to employees and their needs. Also, there are no annual raises. Employees are told to seek another position in the company for better income. However, the opportunity to advance. Is non-existent. There are some older people working there but they are being pushed out in favor of a much younger work force, probably to save money as there is no loyalty whatsoever from management.. They don't seem to see their employees as people, but as cogs in the machine. Also, if you're a customer-driven person, don't go here. Being so money driven, they routinely over sell customers and then abandon them when it doesn't work for the customer. Finally, management will send out periodic emails to employees requiring them to post positive reviews to the job sites.. Honesty is not their strong suit. Cons: Manipulative managers who micromanage to the nth degree"

Marketing technology sales consultant (Former Employee) says

"Working at Vivial is like being a contestant on Survivor Island. People drop like flies. This is due to poor management. Poor management and awful micro-management. Not to mention the two week training is hardly adequate. There was a pro to working at Vivial however. I learned that there are many awful and unprofessional jobs like this out there. I realized going back to school and furthering my education would be a beneficial move for the rest of my life. My advice would be not to work here unless you need a steady check. Cons: Awful managment, terrible training."

Digital Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The company has a reputation of low pay but AMAZING coworkers. If you’re coming straight from college and this might be the job for you if you want to barely afford your rent your groceries and the cost of living in Dayton. Management is fantastic if you get stuck with the right one. The higher ups don’t listen to what you have to say about compensation or your workload. Do you not work at Vivial unless you are only there to get experience to move on."

Writer (Former Employee) says

"As a writer I can appreciate standards. However the rate of pay does not equal their expectations. Especially with editing. Though editors are polite it seems even when your writing is grammatically correct they have to find something wrong with your writing for their job security or ego. I'm not sure. It got to the point when standards were met they pick apart where you implemented your grammatically correct sentence. There are so many other places and people to write for that will expect good writing however they will appreciate the time and what it takes. Some editors were disconnected from the topic so much that in the notes when the client didnt want something it was sent back anyway saying it didnt matter that the client doesnt want to push a product doesnt mean we dont write about it. I would say clients should spend elsewhere and writers who even pass their test you are better off working elsewhere. Cons: Deadlines and disconnected editors"

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