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Vitagliano Orthodontics is a West Islip and Massapequa, NY orthodontist providing braces for children, teens, and adults.

A patient called ML V. from New York, NY shares his/her experience at Vitagliano Orthodontics is a review posted by YELP: "Both my children have been here and are finally done thank god. We are going elsewhere for maintenance. Dr "Joe" doesn't even work on the patients he just tells the technicians what to do and he leaves. Not sure what he does. He has acknowledged me about twice in the several years we've been coming here and even then didn't call me the right name! He'll look at my kid's mouth, tell the technician what to do, and then he moves on not even saying hello. I've been overcharged and told that's what I agreed to when I clearly didn't. I wouldn't recommend it's a factory and they are all about the money."


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