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The Villa Group is one of the largest business entities in the Maldives. The holding company Villa Shipping and Trading Company Pvt. Ltd is a private conglomerate which is amongst the largest private business in the Maldives with major operations in Shipping, Import and Export, General Trade and Tourism, fishing, media, communication, transport and education related Businesses. Foundation of Villa Group can be traced back to 1986 when Qasim Ibrahim registered a Shipping and Trading company named 'Villa', the common trade name. mentioned the most common Villa Group Timeshare complaints, "This is a list of the most common complaints that we have received from purchasers of the Villa Group timeshare: At the airport, you are offered a free trip as long as you attend a timeshare presentation. When you arrived to any resort of the VG timeshare, the timeshare salespeople load you up with Champagne and lots of false promises, and before you know it, you buy a timeshare. They force you sign the timeshare agreement under the influence of alcohol. If you try to cancel when you realize that you were forced to sign the contract, they just ignore you until your rescission period has expired. Timeshare salespeople at VG timeshare don’t tell buyers that they have 5 days period to cancel their timeshare contract. They say you can make timeshare exchanges with other timeshare owners, but there are clients that never were able to do such a thing. If you already own a timeshare, they promise you to sell your old timeshare, but at the end you own two timeshares. Timeshare maintenance fees increase every year. Customer service at VG timeshare is totally awful, they never answer the phone. If you had a problem with your timeshare, they tell you can fix it by paying up whatever fee. They charge timeshare fees for everything. They say that have a VG timeshare is a lifetime investment, but a timeshare is NEVER a good investment. These are just a few complaints about this fraudulent developer, there are many more. People need to be aware of this fraudulent practice at Villa Group timeshare."


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Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working at The Villas and neither did a lot of my co-workers. Working at The Villas was stressful and everyone lacked at their job because there was no authority there and they treated their staff and residents poorly but it was really the residents who suffered because of it."

Canterfield Assistant Living (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work management staff is horrible. Will not recommend anyone to put elderly parents or grandparents at this assistant living. Too many & not enough caring staff."

Houskeeper (Former Employee) says

"We were understaffed, overworked, and underpaid just apply somewhere else. If you do end up working there (bad choice) just show up scrub some toilets and leave, and know your rights as a worker to protect yourself."

Charge Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Management was just horrible Cons: Cut throat work environment, no job security"

Dietary Aide (Current Employee) says

"Very busy job hard work always doing something. You always have to do something make sure the residents have everything they ask for. It can be stressful not many hours unless they decide to call you in. Cons: Minimum wage less hours hard work"

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) says

"The Staff, Nurses, co-CNAs was friendly & accommodating. The building clean, spacious & free parking. The only thing i don't like the management, hard to take vacation."

CNA/Med Tech (Current Employee) says

"I love working with the residents, high management and employee turnover rate. Cons: high management turnover rate"

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"The patients are amazing as well as the management. Schedulingis terrible and isn’t cooperative at all. They are not understanding if you have a sick child or other emergency. They over work you and underpay you."

Leasing Agent (Former Employee) says

"It was stressful whenever it gets very busy. Phones rang non-stop, having to keep on the move. Tuns of innformation to put into yardi, multiple applicants. ect. But overall it was a very nice place to work.Though it was private owned,and i didn't recieve benefits, they were very nice. I actually worked with the direct owners Cons: 1 full hour break"

Registered Nurse (Former Employee) says

"No structured orientation period, lots of favoritism, and lots of micromanaging by certain nurse managers. Jovan was an excellent nurse manager, easy to talk to, very compassionate and caring. DON didn’t seem like she cared about anyone. Everyone was overworked and underpaid. As an RN, I never took lunch breaks, bc no time. After asking around, I found out none of the other nurses took lunch breaks either on day shift. SO MUCH overtime (which was required) and you have a 16-18 patient load as an RN with an admit almost every shift (maybe even 2!). Everyone was so overworked that they ended up calling out and the floor was understaffed a lot. CNAs are so amazing, but they’re heavily overworked too. When you’re sick, management will call and ask why you’re sick, and it’s up to their discretion if they think you can come in or not. I was told on occasions to “Take Tylenol and come in to your shift.” High turnover rate, so always hiring new people. The job does get less stressful with time, but still very difficult environment. The company is very new, so hopefully in time it improves. The facility in general is very clean and professional. The nurses and CNAs help each other and are very competent. You will get good care here as a patient, but as a worker it is difficult."

Custodian/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Friendly,safe place to work not enough hours for the job expected,good place to work,work at your own pace hours to start are very good building is friendly environment Cons: Not enough hours"

Snow-tubing operator (Current Employee) says

"Mediocre job at a Mediocre company. This is the stepping stone of all stepping stones. The job does however teach the employees about working with the public quite well."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"villas is a good place to live at everyone is friendly the mangement is really nice and cool to get along with. they work with you on rent if you do not have on time."

housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"pay is low very low but the other parts are great i liked working there very much but wished it payed better i loved the enviroment Cons: pay"

Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"Collaborative and hardworking team ethics to achieve common goals for the business Manaakitangata, Whanaungatanga, and Kotahitanga. Cons: Only Casual Work Available"

Gita Willams says

"Great UI but bad Customer Service don't book from them"

Phillip says

"I booked a hotel via but due to pandemic, I was unable to get there. I requested a refund but took no responsibility and simply passed the buck to the hotel who offered a 12 month credit as a "refund". Surely must have some relationship and responsibility with customers? They are in breach of UK CMA guidelines and from the very poor reviews, it is clear many people are unhappy. Had I booked with airbnb, they are offering no quibble refunds up until early June, not this lot. When this is all over, they will not be getting any more business from me. Very disappointing."

Alex says

"Worst customer service ever"

Jurgen Smith says

"Stole our Vacation
Had to cancel 2 bookings due to the pandemic. There was no other way to secure a booking than to pay the full amount for the whole stay duration. With lockdown being imposed in less than 30 days before our reservation, we lost the money we paid.
After losing our seaside vacation, we need to deal with losing the money we paid for it as well. Will never use their service again and will definitely not recommend these thieves. Yes, thieves, because if you pay for something without getting the goods, stole your goods. owe us a vacation and after lockdown, our employers won't give us the time off soon."

Customer says

"They do not even deserve one star. Am in lockdown & cannot get to London to stay in booked hotel. Phone the hotel why my contract is with you. They still want their pound of flesh. Have e-mailed the CEO Glen Fogel twice. No reply no surprise there. Will NEVER EVER use these disgraceful people again"

Paul moss says

"Looking like lots of people are experiencing the same problem and not been allowed to cancel, they couldn’t give a dam about the virus that’s spread worldwide or their customers. They think they can just ignore basic common sense you should be ashamed of your stance in these uncertain times. I have been a loyal customer for years not anymore. Please boycott this company"

Morag Anderson says

"Booked through this company for a week in Poland. World in lock down and borders closed. They will not answer telephone calls tried emailing. I wAs looking for a refund or at the least postpone booking until a later date SHOCKING. I have used them for many trips in the past with no problems but we have not had a pandemic before of this scale Will never book through them again SHAME ON YOU BOOKING.COM"

marie says

"Trying to cancel my trip due to Coronavirus. No luck! IDK where is the PIN number, without the PIN I can't do anything...NEVER AGAIN!"

Rahela says

"This company allows the owners to hassle you after they taken your money. I stayed in so called Rock Villa in Colombo made booking trough this company. After having lots of trouble with the woman who carry on harassing me trough the apl and after she took all my money, I had to leave her property book hotel and not got my money back. allowing this woman to keep messaging me, while they are not solving any issue put to stop all this and to get my money back. I will report them to Trading STANDARDS soon as I am back in UK"

Ihab shaloun says

"3064332353 you are the biggest Lier, and steal money from poeple. SHAM ON YOU and you Customer.."

Daniel Lordan says

"I cancelled a hotel which the site indicated that it was free to cancel. I got charged £150 anyway. not interested in refunding my money.
I will never use them again."

Daniel Lordan says

"I cancelled a hotel which the site indicated that it was free to cancel. I got charged £150 anyway. not interested in refunding my money.
I will never use them again."

Ali Dogan Demir says

"you are gonna get husseld"

Sean Facer says

"I forgot how bad there customer service was.

I'll never forget this time.

Can't believe I used them again.

Stay clear! Any issues with your booking even if they can clearly see the correspondence sent through their own system. You will struggle to get any feedback from them, let alone your money.

If you feel like a fight for information, contact their customer service and ask a question."

Betty ButlerCarter says

"Wow searching for a hotel on I got rerouted somehow to a different state than I was searching and when I try to cancel or transfer my reservation it was not possible drop the ball the hotel drop the ball which was Quality Inn and Suites in Saffotd Arizona. A supervisor at the hotel will not even speak to me about transferring the reservation to a hotel .Same Hotel in Myrtle Beach is where I want to go. I wasn't allowed to talk to a supervisor at the hotel. It was prepaid they got the money and when I couldn't cancel the reservation they even told me via the desk clerk that I will be charged additional charge if I didn't show up
What a rip off. So now they get to keep my $300 . Charge someone else for the room again on the same dates as I reserve and charge me for a NO Show. Wow
Watch out consumers"

Danielle says

"I wish I could be writing a good review for a service that initially seemed so convenient. Unfortunately, became just the opposite. When it comes to their ability to accommodate for a last minute cancellation, due to "technical problems" they are quick to find what they call and equal comp. Unfortunately, in my experience it was anything but equal. My booking in London was cancelled 12 hours before my party was suppose to arrive. Their suggested comp (which we did quickly book seeing that we had no place to stay) was a 4th floor unit without A/C and required us to pickup the keys at a different location than where we needed to check in as well as a later check in time. Much different than the 1st floor unit with A/C and an earlier check in time that we had booked. This resulted in an uncomfortable and inconvenient stay which caused us to miss a $70 tour that we had already booked. When we contacted to discuss all of the issues we encountered, they informed us that they couldn't and wouldn't do anything for us."

Thomas Albertson says

"COMPLETELY didn't like booking here! Low prices are actually just a way to attract your attention and after that start emails with offer to pay extra money! Customer service team even didn't responce my complaint!"

Kim Nielsen says

"Very often the prices are incorrect. Several times i have been contactet after i have made a reservation, with the message that it is more expensive than told on the booking."

Thomas Zimmer says

"The distances to the place you booked through are 99% wrong because they just tell you the CROW!!!! In my case the place i liked to stay was only 3,4 km from the booked hotel....bud between there was a lake. So distance 3.4 km if you swim. To drive it was 56 km! Cancellation fee: EUR 50!

I NEVER EVER trust the pictures at anymore. Because they are - as I have often experienced - totally wrong. The tells you then: SORRY we count on the honesty of the hotel as our partner.... (-; - so no fault at
I booked an apartment in Italy. Pictures where showing balcony, Lakeview etc. in reality was the apartment in the basement without any chance of sun and NO Lakeview at all. Cancellation fee: EUR 90!!!

I checked a lot of reviews about For myself I'm sure, that they write most of this reviews themselves. There is no other explanation, because in the meantime I met a lot of people that made the same experiences like me."

Lee says

"Good service

Booked hotel in NYC , they had nice service , good feedback Lee"

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