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Vertbaudet is a pure player and a European leader in the world of children, with 8 different sites, more than 100 million visits and 20 million products sold per year. With our expertise and creativity, Vertbaudet has developed exclusive ranges which meet the needs of children and mums: Fashion, Home, Nursery, Toys and Maternity Products. Vertbaudet has 3,500,000 customers across Europe.

A customer they lost talks about "Vertbaudet is a joke. Dealing with them is waste of your money and time. Absolutely no client centricity, no responses to client inquiries and compliants at all. They are pure liars and deliver clothes far beyond what they promise. You would sew your own clothes faster than they deliver what you have ordered. I would shut them down, for ever".


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Lucy72 says

"Despicable customer service. I bought some wall stickers for my daughters bedroom and when I took them off, very carefully I might add, they caused considerable damage to the wall. Several layers of paint was stripped down to the plaster and even some of that came off. An absolute mess and requires a full on repair and paint job. I contacted customer service and after sending lots of pictures of the damage they came back with this: "Using the product for domestic purposes: We will be responsible for any loss that you suffer as a result of a product’s failure, provided the reason for its failure was reasonably foreseeable by both you and us when the contract was completed. The feedback regarding the constraints caused was escalated and analysed internally. After analysis, the company does not find the circumstances thus described to allow any further action on its own capacity. As the wall damage was not reasonably foreseeable by both the customer and the company when the contract was completed, we reached the unfortunate conclusion that the compensation request will not be fulfilled. I mean really?!!!! If I had foreseen any potential damage, do you really think I would have put them on the wall in the first place? I'm absolutely flabbergasted. It's actually laughable that a company should respond like this. All I wanted was a bit of a contribution to the paint! Or even a small voucher to spend back with the company? Just a gesture that recognised that the stickers really did cause me a complete headache. Wish I could post pictures on here. So beware of this company. Certainly their stickers! Shall not be using Vertbaudet in the future and I wholeheartedly cannot recommend them. (sorry for the long read)"

Louanai says

"I purchased something there and they sent me a wrong item. It took them over a month to "investigate". Finally, I am allowed to send it back. Now it's taking a month again to be refunded... My order was placed back in October and I'm still waiting for my refund...."

Roua Soliman says

"I got two orders both with damaged pieces, contacted them over and and over and no response, very disappointing!! No response since august .. i have pictures and everything did everything they asked for ."

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