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Vermont ( (listen)) is a northeastern state in the New England region of the United States. It borders the states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, and New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Vermont is the only state in New England that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont is the second-least-populated U.S. state and the sixth-smalles


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IT Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"State government does not recognize profit and loss or competitive advantage in the decision making process; which changes the fundamental business approach to measure success. Cons: Pay"

Mental Health Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worked at the "hospital", drained me of life essence till I burnt out. I can give no insight as to the rest of the state, could not get anywhere else, even after 10 years. Cons: Everything."

Part Time Employee (Former Employee) says

"Seriously , no evaluations, no pay increase, work as little as 2 days a month for10 years! No advancement, no benefits, , no vacation, work every holiday, no appreciation from managee, co-workers. The State,is ,hiring more and more part time to avoid paying benifits and giving them extremely little hours which makes it not livable and employees must seek other supplementsupplemental work to survive. Cons: Unable to pay bills due to too many other paet time co-workers"

Temporary Correctional Officer (Former Employee) says

"Waste of your time to even apply for this job. They keep you as a temporary employee for as long as they see fit. Work you all the hours they want on whatever shift they want. All the while never giving you benefits or any sort of holiday pay. You have to constantly watch your back with fellow coworkers out to get you for anything and everything. Management will only deem you fit for full time if you are a complete over-time hound and drink their koolaide."

State of Vermont Corrections (Former Employee) says

"The people here, for the most part, are all about themselves. They do not care about their employees, only how someone can benefit them and there advancement."

Community Corrections Officer (Former Employee) says

"They ask you to do more than your trained to do and imply a promotion. Then you don't get it but they expect you to train the person they hired instead of you. They decided with little notice that all in my position would go to second shift. With 3 kids school age I cant raise them only seeing them 2 days a week. Didn't matter, my career or my family. Cons: work hard or not you get the same reward."

Child Support Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible, dishonest. Management does not like people who speak up or challenge. Frequently cherry picks people for advancement without posting positions for others to apply. Office of Child Support is a very toxic organization. Cons: Dishonest management"

custonian (Current Employee) says

"I feel that I am walking on pins and needles and not comfortable working for the state it is because of the supervisor yelling at employees in the hallways"


"I was hired as a temp and treated poorly by many of my colleagues . The training was lacking. No benefits and too many systems issues. They laid off all the temps and then reposted the jobs again. Unclear and confusing management info. Cons: Short breaks"

Programmer Analyst, System Developer III (Current Employee) says

"VDOL - No structured project management. co-worker conversations are discouraged. These people have a job to do and are too busy to be disturbed. Cons: low pay for the skills required in IT, little inscentive to do a better job."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"There is so much government waste that I witnessed while working for the State of Vermont. So many employees I encountered sat back doing as little as possible just to collect their salary and benefits. And the worst part is that because of the union it is nearly impossible to get rid of bad employees unless there is an egregious offense like sleeping with a client, and even then I’ve seen people be hired back after it happening more than once. Cons: Explained below"

Correction Officer (Former Employee) says

"Watched inmates Cons: not for every one"

Travel ambasssator (Current Employee) says

"Would not be searching for new position if hours had not been cut so drastically Cons: can be boring during off seasons"

Temp officer (Former Employee) says


Correctional Officer (Current Employee) says

"Unethical leadership, corruption, favoritism, under paid, they will hire almost anyone."

State of Vermont (Current Employee) says

"Working for the state is fine, you will learn a lot on your own, must be self motivated, and get little guidance from management. not very flexible with time off or coming in early to leave earlier."

Program Technician II (Current Employee) says

"This was not what I thought a law office environment was going to be like. This was a very dysfunctional office and while I'm grateful for the expereince I am glad that I moved on."

VT Healthcare Service Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"Was hired on to be trained to do something no one was trained for and given a very short leash to grasp and learn position. In a regular office setting this could have been accomplished not during a pandemic work from home environment that was and is not set up for work from home. Manager's expectations unrealistic given the circumstance but expected results. Training was not great, people that trained me not great. Not a great situation for me didn't work out. Cons: Training, trainers not good or patient expectations unrealistic."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"The work is reasonable but the Directors and above are clueless, none have actually done the work they supervise. Seem to read an article on a new trend in management and take off with it."

Eligibility Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The state of Vermont is quite an interesting and controversial topic in many realms.its a wonderful place to have great colleagues, gpwever; the politics of it all can be a bit messy. Cons: Politics"