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Global Personals is an online dating company founded and headquartered in Windsor, UK. Part of the Venntro Media Group, Ross Williams, a UK businessman, started the company in 2003 and it has since grown to have three additional offices located in London, New York, and Melbourne.

A former employee said this in a review: "Management is the worse, Global Personals does not promote growth as much as when they first advertised the job. Do not work here".


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Monica Latanya says

"Oh God, if you have ever been on the receiving end of Venntro Media scam business then i feel for you, they send you around in circles trying to trip you up, all I wanted was to cancel my subscription, but they don't understand English, they DON'T understand 'cancel' in fact what they do is 'ignore' it and think that you want to carry on with the subscription. So it makes me ask 'which bit of 'cancel' don't they understand! I will endeavour to get my hard earned 'Venntro Media subscription' money back via my bank, because Venntro, truly are a bunch of"

lynda sutton says

"When I first became aware of Venntro Media group I assumed that it had something to do with the TV sites I was using during the lock down.But when I began to look at my Bank account details I realised that they were taking small amounts of money each month then a larger amount every three months so I checked the site and read the comments there realising that my subscription to dating sites had left me wide open to this sort of scam in all I have lost £189.70 over the course of 10 months. My bank is now working to recover this money for me."

TonyandChris Somervell says

"I echo others' poor experience with these dating sites although I do believe there may be a small percentage of genuine people seeking genuine friendship. My experience with Venntros's "Senior Christian Dating" repeats their apparent Shameful Schemes to mix all their 'members' data across their sites to ensure maximum 'members' interaction. So how can an 18 year old atheist be a Senior Christian? That's the $64,000 question 🤔 There are 18, 20, 22, 31 year old women joining the Seniors every day, eh? I enquired how they could be and got 4 pat responses saying they have several memberships and 'cross-fertilize' members (not their words!) Hmmmmm. They hook you in, and require payment to get 'better benefits'. Fair enough, but it's expensive imho. However, I did get refund because I complained during 14 day 'onboarding' period (forgotten correct term) My 'best' date turned out to be a scammer, asking for £50 mobile top up despite saying she was financially independent! I researched the photos she sent me via image check facial identity sites (highly recommended for ID / "catfishing" check) and the photos were of a famous actress (!) Once challenged, the member became rude and abusive accusing me of ruining their reputation... Hmmm Once bitten, twice shy... You live and learn... Big money in these dating sites... Due diligence, proceed with Caution! Venntro: I suggest you don't 'mix and match' your multiple members - instead, keep your categories clear and show some integrity, e.g. not allowing 18 year old atheists (no offence, good to declare what you believe) to join a Senior Christians Dating Site! It's totally incoherent imho. Also, as other reviewer wrote, deleting account button is NOT currently available on the site - I did it via 'reply' message to support. P. S. My ID from previous Facebook joint profile, not edited to just Tony, divorced since 2019... Now I have to do a trustpilot for Facebook who clearly haven't changed my ID name from TonyandChris to just Tony 😱😱😱"

Carl Asiedu says

"They corporate thieves. They send spam messages and then rip you off your account monies under the terms of reference. They are 'robbers'"