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Vendio Services, Inc. is an American Internet software as a service (SaaS) company that provides sales management software by subscription. A majority of customers use Vendio for its programs and tools designed to increase sales volume on eBay, Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, OpenSky, Facebook, online stores and mobile devices.

Vendio has an unfriendly interface with poor tools and has limited content for a high price, according to John Huffs at

" SUCKS! paid $900 for 3 months and got almost nothing. their interface is unfriendly, their tools are poor!"

User "Azpb" writes a negative review about the Vendio service on the "WebRetailer" website on June 8, 2019: "Cancer. Disgusting Service.

What were the positives? Nothing, literally. It will not link to Amazon, the USPS integration has been broken for 3 weeks, they will not provide a refund or credit for the time lost due to their own incompetence.

Any negatives? They are absolute garbage! If they even gave one care about their customers they could do better. Overall

The one time I needed support they ignored me and closed my account. There is literally nothing more appalling than this service."


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Associate QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good company Good talent Good place to work Good values Work life balance"

Paolo says

"I bought a cable modem type DPC3008. I was sent a DPC3010 inside the box of a DPC3008. After contacting customer service I was told they could not find my order , that it was too late and had my trouble ticket closed by the customer service as resolved issue. These guys are plain and simple dishonest The cable modem DPC3010 is a lot harder to sell because it is not compatible with many cable service providers. The DPC3008 instead is an easy sell. Just fake the marking on the box and ship it! They speculate that credit card companies will not initiate a dispute for small charges (modem cost about $50). Buying from these guys is like doing business with a scammer who says he found a million $ on a bank account and he wants to give it to you for a small fee! Just trust him! Notice that yoursourcedirect does not have a open review system ... you can imagine why! This company is just simply dishonest."

James E Carden says

"I purchased two Arris Modems which had problems interfacing with my cable provider. The first ticket was created December 17, 2014. A reply was received 0n 19 December which did not address the issue. No response since. Now January 21, 2015. The second ticket was created December 22, 2015. First response was 28 December 2014, which did not address the issues. A followup on 2 January 2015 indicated I would be receiving a replacement. It is now 21 January 2015 and I am still waiting on the replacement. There is no other means of communication. Phone number listed goes to Voice Mail, which does not result in a return call."

Bobbie Chabino says

"STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY!!! Received a unit (very slow shipping) that wasn't working, even though it was advertised on their website as new (it was scratched and obviously wasn't new) and I had to pay the $15 shipping to return it, was told on the return authorization that they would refund me, only for them not to refund my money, then weeks later they shipped me another unit and thought that I again needed to pay the $15 to ship it back to them. I had to go thru all kinds of hoops to get them to issue me a postage paid label. They also do business under the name "Good as New Electronics""

Eric Arnold says

"I ordered a refurbished Roku from them. After three days of not receiving a shipping confirmation, I submitted a help desk ticket. A day later, I received a response indicating the item was out of stock and asking if I wanted a refund or to wait. I responded asking how long of wait. Another two days go by without a response. I ask again and within a few hours, I get a notification of a refund being issued. I go back to their site, and the same Roku is being offered, however, it is now almost $10 more than the price I purchased one for. So which is it Do you not have the product in your warehouse, or did you figure you'd sell it for more?"

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