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Valmet Oyj is a Finnish company and a developer and supplier of technologies, automation systems and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet has over 200 years of history as an industrial operator. Formerly owned by the State of Finland, Valmet was reborn in December 2013 with the demerger of the pulp, paper and power businesses from Metso Corporation.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horribly ran operation, worst management team that I have seen communication, no standards, everyone just goes through the motions. Management blows up in your face one day and the next day you don't even get a hello. This place needs help, fast..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Valmet is the worst company I have worked for in my 20 plus years in the workforce. I would recommend not working for this company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management, no idea of how to generate new business."


"Revolving door of Middle and Senior Management. extremely understaffed departments to support a lean enterprise puts enormous amounts of pressure on the employees. No follow through or accountability at each level of the organization. No training or support provided when requested."

Senior Manager says

"No leadership ... Those in leadership positions (Atlanta) are clueless."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Once they have you they will grind you for working time expecting long hours without compensation. The employee reviews are non-existent just a series of abstract KPI's. The Finnish Managers are very cold with poor people skills. The customer is king, if you have one bad experience they will come down on you like a ton of bricks."


"they don't take care of or have any respect for good workers. have to go through an act of good to get parts to fix or do anything. over all it's a joke."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Micromanagement and bullying (also from the executive team level) - Management does not let experts to use their expertise fully and wants to keep the control in their own hands, which results in poor decisions - Deceiving management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Politics by the people in Gurgaon office specially in Finance and Service Sales - Very limited scope to grow - International policies are not effective in India - Lavish spending of company's money on party's - Old people with insecurity issues"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor quality of top management, do not follow their own code of conduct. Values are stated but not followed in everyday work."

Project Manager - North American Paper Improvement Projects (Former Employee) says

"Valmet only cares about it's Finnish employees. The company bails on American employees. They are disorganized, contracts are all over the map and the workers are expect to just figure it out.Free coffeNo training, no continuous improvement"

Comprador (Current Employee) says

"não tem compromisso com terceiros. Empresa não oferece oportunidades.localizaçãoclima e compromisso"

Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"It was a horrible environment and culture. The engineering manager talked down and belittled the guys from the shop daily as well as other designers/engineers. The culture was extremely toxic and none conducive to advancing. I'm all for talk with the boys but the amount of profanity towards other employees and the conversations around female employees was unheard of. There was no direction from management to the designers which in turn lead to horrible details to the shop. Hard to think of.Constant accidents in the shop, no time to design work, no control over what drawing revisions were received in the shop"

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 6 months as a “machinist” if you’re an actual machinist this isn’t the place for you... plant manager will lie straight to your face, there’s not an employee in this place that likes him.. all production machining (if he tells you different) low pay, good vacation time, and good coworkers but management and the actual work are completely terrible I wouldn’t come back for $100 an hour"

Quality Control Manager (Former Employee) says

"No true management support. They do not do what they say nor follow through with any positive actions. Very low employee job satisfaction, managers talk down to the employees.CompensatoinStressful place to work"

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Highly "corporate" environment but office policies were unclear. Job required extensive and protracted travel. Workload was high but compensation was poor. Turnover was high."

Operations (Former Employee) says

"Strong culture that is not adept to change or new ideas. A seasoned well cultured leader with work history outside of the paper industry may feel life balance is great, there are some good people to work withDeep cultural norms, Political Climate, limited accountability"

Production Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Do as much as possible no matter what it takes. The plant manager they brought in after I began was not a good manager and it is evident. Toxic work environment."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Expectations are to high with very limited resources and unrealistic expectations. Corporate policies that were implemented prevent divisions from being successful.Good pay and benefitsUnrealistics expectations"

Mill Sales Manager - MSN (Former Employee) says

"What was 5 persons in the territory, became 1. Meeting with potential customers became secondary to keeping database updated. Very two faced, people are overloaded, but told only to work 40, but needed to work weekend to try to keep up.Regional freedomUnrealistic Budget targets, ever increasing work load."

Técnico de manutenção (Former Employee) says

"Parte mais difícil do trabalho: Horário Parte mais agradável do trabalho: Equipa onde estava inserido"

Supervisor, Covering and Grinding Operations (Current Employee) says

"This is a decent place to work. It is an international organization with locations throughout the United States and the ability to transfer to different locations as space/positions become available."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"there is no motivation and no mentor programs for you to feel like you can move up in the company. Co-workers are great but management is micro manager with no people relations skills."

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Union job, good pay, nice co-workers, management is useless and will jump down your throat in two seconds. Faced many situations where management would bang on tables and scream at employees over issues with the shop."

Machinist Operator (Current Employee) says

"Is a good place to work; good benefits, good pay. Management needs a lot of help though. Has gotten stuck in a rut in Columbus and is on its way out of it; but still isn’t a bad place to work."

Field Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"A work week starts early at 4am Monday morning, travelling to the airport or driving 8 hours to a customer. It ends with you arriving home Friday night late. Customer reports & travel receipts have to be done on the weekend.meals provided while on traveltoo much travel"

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No surprises, just like most other equipment manufacturing. Never enough time to properly design and document equipment. Equipment design was often based on products made in the 1980's.could often work from homeeverything is rushed and only was allowed to use 3D cad."

koneasentaja (Former Employee) says

"oli aikoinaan hyvä paikka,ei enää olekkaan sitä,oppi asennuksiakonepajakoulupalkat siihenaikaan huonot"

Angestellter (Former Employee) says

"Das Unternehmen als internationaler Arbeitgeber kann man durchaus als gut bewerten. Modern mit allen Möglichkeiten. Die deutsche Niederlassung hat nichts davon. Alte, diktatorische Strukturen, die nicht jedem liegen. Wer angagiert ist und berufliche Visionen hat, sollte sich woanders umsehen oder in Finnland anheuern."

Senior Technical Specialist Specialist (Former Employee) says

"VEry talented in their profession of machine manufactur4ing for the paper industry. Very talented work force, worked long hours but enjoyed my job. I saw a decline when the company went on trade for stock, the Finnish goverment was outstanding and great to work for. Treated employees very well. When the bought Beloit an american company, I saw a great decline in how the company treated others, I think the bought some of the Beloit mentality they needed to have stayed away from.Benifitsamount of travel"