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Valideus helps brand owners, communities and businesses get the most out of the opportunities presented by dot brand, geographic, and generic Top Level Domains. We are a consultancy that helps guide you through the application process and helps you launch and manage your new domain. Valideus is actively involved in the different activities, conferences and policy making initiatives of ICANN.

An article titled: A Private Equity Firm Is Blocked From Buying .Org on The New York Times by Steve Lohr shows how close the ICANN was to sell a domain that serves nonprofit organizations, "Maarten Botterman, the chair of ICANN, wrote in a blog post that after all the considerations were weighed, rejecting Ethos’s proposed bid was “reasonable, and the right thing to do.” Ever since the planned sale was announced in November, the deal had stirred fierce opposition. Dot-org is best known as the cyber neighborhood to nonprofit organizations with civic missions like the Red Cross (, Human Rights Watch (, and NPR ("


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