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Current Employee - Senior Staff says

"No retirement Expensive medical Low salary Horrible upper mgt"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"The culture was very toxic and behind-the-times"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Absolute control over your schedule."

Current Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Management, Worker Appreciation, Company Money Management"

Former Employee - Recruiting says

"Nasty attitude, false accusations and clueless management."

Current Employee - Leadership Development Program says

"Poor leadership direction from Merger with Continental."

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"schedule not easy to manage with family life"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"No real job security. Employees with 30+ years of service are the few who have protection. Work environment is not always safe having to deal with hostile passengers and receiving no real support from the crew on board or your company. Basically the company wants you to not make a fuss about anything that happens and just allow yourself to be a physical and emotional punching bag so they can keep making money. And this includes taking racism from your coworkers especially pilots who are treated as if they can do no wrong. The company has protected those accused of sexual assault, being intoxicated on the job, and making racist comments. But if you dare to expect to be protected or treated equally they will take any opportunity they can to get rid of you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They will ruin your career. If you work here, you better be someone’s favorite."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"corporate culture that rewards covering up problems like Me Too incidents, using threats and actual retaliation to drive out those who remember what ethics are."

Warranty Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Moving all the time. Hiring of un- qualified people. Not promoting people in place. Terrible place to work, back stabbing people only looking out for themselves."

Flight Attendant (Current Employee) says

"No one cares about safety and it is evident. I was a part of the safety committee and everything was minimized. The company merged and never did integration.training so therefore safety was not a priority. Supervisors speaking to grown women and men like they are children. The company does not value tenure and has no respect for their employees. Everything is outsourced can’t reach payroll or anyone during covid and beyond. This company is just greedy and has the union in their pocket. You’re just a part of their worker bee mentality and behavior. Flying privilegesHigh healthcare insurance, harassment from management"

User Experience Designer (Former Employee) says

"As a contractor, I got to experience the company while considering full time employment. It was one of the few jobs I have had in my career where I would not recommend the company. Everything was outdated, processes were overly complex or disorganized, and the company dealt with all issues on the design team with layoffs.Terrible place to work"

Infrastructure Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I spent my time with United Airlines on a plane, in an airport or a hotel. Traveling may sound nice, but you are not really traveling, you are commuting by plane."

Warehouse Agent (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place to work management is very poor they don't care about employees they can have 5 to 6 managers and 6 to 8 leads in one department but less employees all they want is the job gets done with no equipment to finish your job...horrible place to work..it's a lowest pay department of United Airline...I been there 13 years and still get paid under $13/he...not good still12.....$12/hr...notggoodgoodsome"

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management and toxic co-workers. All it takes is one person on the team who is protected by weak managers. Incompetent leadership. Reliance on out sourced resources that never deliver."

Payroll Representative (Current Employee) says

"Finance department is not very encouraging towards certain demographics. The advancement is all who you know, not your qualifications.To make a position as a long term position is not an option unless someone referred you. It is best to work and stay to yourself until you find another employer."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Most employees are complacent and concerned more about where they are flying next than they are about doing innovative and interesting work. Not at all customer centric."

Lead Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"cant trust the boss he played favorites and continues to do so. hours are horrible. Cant get time off .not able to help passengers hands were tired."

Ramp Agent (Former Employee) says

"Very bad environment and management!!! You'll get consume and it will destroy your life and the life within you, after I lost my child and helped others they only see the bad part like most people dies they dont care about your hard work and honesty!!!!"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They do abuse of you as person, they will make you do more than your supposed to do, they will force you to work on your days off and they will force you to stay longer hours after your shift even if you’re part time they don’t care if you got life or if you have a second job they say United has to be your priority"

Transporter (Current Employee) says

"One of the worst companies to work for. Turnover is unbelievable No support. No adequate training. Sink or swim. Pay scale is miserable.. Met a lady there. After 5 years she was making 13:69 p/hr!"

Passenger Agent Service (Former Employee) says

"UA in Charlotte is operate by a staffing agency that needs a lot of supervision or management replacement. The Staffing company is the works company I had ever worked for."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Was hired in January 2019 as customer service rep. Training was bare bones no hands on whatsoever. 6 month probation is a joke. You're evaluated by people who you've never worked with or met before. The coaches don't coach they harass, the supervisors don't supervise, god forbid you show initiative or intelligence, you get reprimanded and/or blackballed. If you are a mindless idiot who cannot think for themselves UAL is the place to be at the entry level.not muchCoaches that are arrogant and disrespectful."

Cargo Agent/Forklift (Former Employee) says

"Bosses/Manager - Don’t communicate. Almost universally, this is viewed as one of the worst things a boss can be or do. Whenever possible, be open and honest with your staff. Suffer from narcissism. With terrible bosses, it’s all about them — how employees’ work reflects on them, how someone’s problems or successes will affect them. There’s no ‘I’ in team, people — and that goes for bosses too! Micro-manage their team. Some bosses need to have control over every single aspect of their work. If you can’t stand to let your team work on their own, you might need to consider whether you should have a team at all.n/aenvironment, benefits"

Flight Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Why would an employer expect an employee to attend six weeks of unpaid training? Terrible excuse of an employer. They are exploiting their workforce."

Purser/Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for. Rated lowest in customer satisfaction every year. They go after the good employees. Why? Dont know. Its a flying subway in the sky."

post (Former Employee) says

"bad places management awful military style no help rude not a good place to work stay away run.. the coworkers are not nice..........................there is none"

Catering ops (Current Employee) says

"The company doesnt care for paying it's people a decent living wage. You could very easily get fired for being late one time. Too much hard labor for little pay. Flight benefits are just ok it's all stand by you pay taxes and fees but may take forever to get on a flight. I work in catering ops which is responsible for the food on the planes and it's like were forgotten some people hasn't seen a raise in 15 years"

Ramp Agent (Former Employee) says

"Managment plays favorites and makes rules just to get people fired. Super fake, I dont recommend working here. If you apply I only recommend part time to use the flight benefits"

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